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In each episode of this podcast, professor and pastor Timothy Paul Jones interviews church and community leaders who are exalting Christ by serving people in urban contexts.

In each episode of this podcast, professor and pastor Timothy Paul Jones interviews church and community leaders who are exalting Christ by serving people in urban contexts.
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In each episode of this podcast, professor and pastor Timothy Paul Jones interviews church and community leaders who are exalting Christ by serving people in urban contexts.






Diversifying the Church's Discipleship: Kevin Jones

GUEST: Kevin Jones One of the most beautiful aspects of urban ministry is its diversity. Ethnic diversity! Racial diversity! Socioeconomic diversity! But this diversity can also be a challenge when it comes to evangelism and discipleship. The gospel and the Word of God are the tools that God uses to transform people’s lives, no matter what their background may be. And yet, the ways that we make these truths understandable change depending on our context. If you have a passion for seeing...


What Stands in the Way of Diversity in the Church?: Jamaal Williams

GUEST: Jamaal Williams There is in the New Testament a trajectory toward diversity. Jesus begins by calling together a group of Jewish males and then his circle of disciples expands to include women and Samaritans and then the risen Christ commissions his disciples to make disciples of all the nations. Throughout the book of Acts, people from an increasingly diverse range of colors and cultures gather together in local communities of faith in the name of Jesus Christ. And yet, despite this...


How Christians Can Become Partners in Public Education: Kevin Jones

GUEST: Kevin Jones Urbanization! It’s happening all around us. In 2010, for the first time in human history, more than half of the people on this planet lived in urban contexts. In the past, many churches have taken a “rescue mission” approach to lower-income urban areas, providing charity for people in need. But there are other ways that believers in Jesus Christ can be present in urban areas! One of these ways is to teach in urban schools. In this episode of the Urban Ministry Podcast,...


Loving Your Neighbor in the Inner City: Jamaal Williams

GUEST: Jamaal Williams If you’re the pastor of an inner-city church, should you live in the same neighborhood as your church? And, if so, what are some of the unique challenges and opportunities of living in the inner city? That’s what we will be exploring today on the Urban Ministry Podcast. If you want to learn more about what it means to serve God in the city, then this episode is for you.


Learning to Love Your City: Charles Shannon

GUEST: Charles Shannon God did not create us as disembodied or decontextualized creatures. He created us as physical beings who live in particular places. And, in the beginning, he called Adam and Eve to cultivate their physical space and to create culture in the context where he had placed them. If you’re called to serve God in the city, how can you learn to love the context where God has placed you? That’s what I’ll discuss today with urban church planter Charles Shannon.


Caring for Your Family as a Church Planter: Nick Nye and Charles Shannon

GUEST: Nick Nye and Charles Shannon What you do for God beyond your home will never typically be greater than what you practice with God within your home. Whether you’re single or married, with children or without, your family has a profound impact on your ministry. That’s why one of the qualifications that Paul gave for pastors was “to manage his own household well.” So how can you as a pastor or a church planter care for your family well? I have with me today two urban pastors to discuss...


Developing Deep Community in Urban Contexts: Brad House

Suppose God has called you to plant a church in the city. You’re struggling simply to gather a core group. When someone asks you about small groups, you wonder, “Do I really need to think about small groups? Why isn’t enough simply to have an outstanding Sunday morning worship experience and deal with groups later, after the church is growing?” Today, our guest is Brad House, the author of Community: Taking Your Small Group Off Life Support and the coauthor with Gregg Allison of the book...


Caring for the Souls of Singles in Urban Contexts: Lilly H. Park

There are more than 100 million single adults in the United States. In 2016, 53% of adults in the United States were unmarried, and 64% of these individuals had never been married. Since an overwhelming percentage of singles are moving into urban contexts, urban congregations must learn to minister effectively with single adults. In this episode of the Urban Ministry Podcast, Lilly Park—professor of biblical counseling at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary—joins Timothy Paul Jones to...


Caring for Your Soul in the City: Nick Nye and Charles Shannon

GUESTS: Nick Nye and Charles Shannon Ministry is exhausting! But God’s calling is for us to “fight the good fight, keep the faith, and finish the race” well. If you want to finish the race well, it’s essential that you learn to care for your soul—but many of us have never received guidance when it comes to caring for our own souls. On today’s episode, I’ll be talking with two pastors—Nick Nye from Apostles Church Union Square in New York City and Charles Shannon from The Mission Church in...


What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Urban Ministry: Charles Shannon

GUEST: Charles Shannon Ministry is filled with surprises—but the types of surprises you face in ministry will be different, depending on your context. Paul urged Timothy against “myths and endless genealogies” in Ephesus—but the warning he gave to Titus in Crete was against “empty talkers and deceivers.” This week, our goal is to help you to pay attention to the unique challenges of the context where God has placed you. On today’s episode, I’ll be talking with Charles Shannon about the...


How the Inner City Became the Way It Is: Kevin Jones

GUEST: Kevin Jones The inner city is defined by poverty—literally. The inner city has been defined as a region in a metropolitan area in which 20 percent or more of households live in poverty and where the median household income is 50 percent or less than that of the region as a whole. But how did the inner city become the inner city? In this episode, we’ll discuss this issue with Dr. Kevin Jones, chair of the school of education at Kentucky State University. If you want to understand the...


Why Does Urban Ministry Matter?: Lilly H. Park and Timothy Paul Jones

According to the book of Hebrews, “we do not have a lasting city here; we seek the city that is to come.” And yet, between now and the time when God reveals that lasting city that is to come, we are called to proclaim the gospel in every place, and that includes urban contexts. Today, Dr. Lilly Park talks with Dr. Timothy Paul Jones, director of the Dehoney Center for Urban Ministry Training, about why an urban ministry podcast is needed and why urban ministry matters.


Partnering with Existing Churches in Urban Contexts: Jamaal Williams

“‘Teacher,’ said John, ‘we saw someone driving out demons in your name and we told him to stop, because he was not one of us.’ ‘Don’t stop him!’ Jesus replied.” These words from Mark chapter 9 remind us that, whenever we arrive in a particular place to proclaim the gospel, there very well may be others who were there long before we arrived. And so, when planting a church in an urban context, how should we engage the congregations that are already there? That’s the topic that we’ll be...


Partnering with Other Organizations in Urban Contexts: Jesse Eubanks

The gospel that we proclaim as believers in Jesus Christ is an all-sufficient message for salvation--but the compassion of Jesus conveyed to us through the gospel calls us not only to seek the salvation of people’s souls but also to assist them with their physical and emotional needs. In urban contexts in particular, these needs always seem to be greater than the resources we have available. So how can Christians partner with organizations in their community to provide comprehensive help for...


Preaching in Urban Contexts: Jamaal Williams

A sermon is far more than merely a speech that tells the truth about a biblical text. A sermon also applies this truth to people’s lives in a particular place. If that particular context is urban, the application changes even though the truth remains the same. Joining us today on the Urban Ministry Podcast is Jamaal Williams, lead pastor of Sojourn Community Church Midtown—a congregation that God has placed in an inner-city neighborhood in Louisville.


What Is Urban Ministry?: Kevin Jones

In 2010, for the first time in human history, more than half of the people on this planet lived in urban contexts. That’s why urban ministry matters, because people matter. But what are we really talking about when we use the word “urban”? And what does that mean for urban ministry? In this episode, we’ll be talking to Dr. Kevin Jones, professor of education and chair of the school of education at Kentucky State University.