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Episode 12: Midget Wrestling in Detroit, Manliness, FOCUS, Post-Modernism

Midget Wrestling: It was a great time. Twisted? Naw, just fun. Don’t deprive midgets of their agency, and you can’t judge someone else’s sense of humor as long as it’s not unkind. Detroit: Its rise from the ashes continues, but it’s still a gritty place and rings “authentic.” Contrast that with downtown Chicago. Lightning Segments: All about The Manly Handbook, an absurd little book from the early 1980s that cracks me up to this day. FOCUS: The Fellowship of Catholic University Students...


Onanism, Off-Color Humor, Seventh Century, Taoist Anarchy

Self-Abuse: The Atlantic ran a long essay about the “sex recession”: kids are having less sex these days. Why? One answer: masturbation. Sex Jokes: Is ribaldry dialogue okay for Catholics? Maybe, maybe not. You decide. Lightning Segments: El Cortez in Las Vegas, Elvis drummer, the Horn Effect, more. The Seventh Century: The Dark Ages have begun, but what exactly do things look like? Khazars, Pepin, Franks, Etc. Taoist Anarchism: Taoists are anarchists. For good reason: Wu-wei; non-action.


Black Friday, Puritanizing Marijuana, Poustinia, Fools for Christ

Black Friday and the Gorillas: Are Black Friday shoppers near descendants of the gorillas? Albert Jay Nock would seem to think so. A sense of superiority is an unsettling trait of many libertarians. Puritanizing Marijuana: The marijuana industry is booming, but there is a conscious effort to imbue it with the Puritan work ethic and otherwise mainstream it. Thaddeus Russell wouldn’t approve. Lightning Segments: Eight Mile, a list of Great Men, other snippets. Poustinia: My experience with...


Las Vegas and Marijuana

I spent the week in Las Vegas, attending the annual Marijuana Business Conference (“MJ Biz Con”). Consequently, I didn’t have any time to put together a normal podcast, but I accumulated a lot of interesting discussion subject matter. This episode breaks down, from a Catholic perspective, Vegas and the blooming marijuana industry.


The Year 650, Thanksgiving, and the Playful Tao

Listen on Youtube Listen on Apple Podcasts Listen on Stitcher Listen on TuneIn 650: So, if the Roman Empire didn’t fall in 476, when did it? Nobody really knows, but it’s probably safe to say that, by 650, Rome was gone and the Dark Ages had begun. Thanksgiving: November has a lot to recommend it, but perhaps nothing as much as this: it’s the month for giving thanks. With the attitude of giving thanks, comes many blessings. Lightning Segments: Hot Scandinavian women, a king’s life, who can...


Taoism, Europe in 486, Mo-Fo, Russell Kirk

Taoism: The laid back outlook of Lao-Tse and Chuang-Tzu. Lisieux-like. A very short introduction. Bogus Historical Atlas: A run-down of a bogus map of Europe circa 486. I wish I could find my copy of that book. It might have been a Rand McNally historical atlas. No matter. None of those “kingdoms” considered themselves kingdoms in 486. Burgundy, Franks, Visigoths: They were all controlled by barbarian generals who considered themselves part of the Roman Empire. Lightning Segments: Henri...


Halloween, Short History of Early Zen, the Fall of the Empire and BLM, Riggenbach

Halloween: Okay to celebrate? Of course. Without appreciating evil, you can’t appreciate good. Short History of Zen: Shakyamuni through the Bodhidharma to Hui-Neng: We sketch its earliest history to the seventh century, where it first noticeably took on its mature form. Mahayana Buddhism + Taoism = Zen. Lightning Segments: Two Russian jokes, Jeff Riggenbach, Albert Jay Nock Does the Fall Matter? The Fall of the Roman Empire isn’t just interesting for nerds. It tells us something about...


The Problem of Induction, Totalitarianism, Saint Month

Weekly Episode from September 30, 2018. David Hume and the Problem of Induction. What it means for religion. Totalitarianism in Modern Democracies Saint Month Permalink


Autumn, The Virgin Eye, Magic, and More

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