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A mental trip into Christian theology, apologetics, morality, and culture, with a dash of politics.

A mental trip into Christian theology, apologetics, morality, and culture, with a dash of politics.


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A mental trip into Christian theology, apologetics, morality, and culture, with a dash of politics.




017: Abortion pt 10 - Personhood Theory pt2

I continued my critique of personhood theory/functionalism, offering three more reasons to reject this philosophy of human value: (1) It involves circular reasoning; (2) It cannot be consistently applied; (3) It cannot ground equal rights and equal value.


016: Abortion pt 9 - Personhood Theory pt1

I explore personhood theory, which holds that there is a distinction between being human and being a person - and only personhood has moral value. I provided three reasons to reject this theory: (1) The Law of Identity; (2) It is subjective and arbitrary; (3) It values the exemplification of certain functions rather than the being who has the capacity for such functions.


015: Abortion pt 8 - Human Value

Having determined what the unborn is, we turn to the question of value. Do the unborn have moral value? What gives humans value? Is value objective and intrinsic, or subjective and intrinsic. Theists argue for the former, whereas non-theists the latter. Theists believe value is inherent to being human, whereas non-theists argue that it is based on humans' ability to exhibit certain functions. Virtually everyone agrees that born have value. If you are going to maintain that the unborn lack...


014: Abortion pt 7 - The Philosophical Evidence

In philosophy, the Law of Identity holds that something is what it is. It's identity remains the same over time despite changing properties. I show how this argues for the humanity of the unborn. I also explore the liability of defining humans in terms of their properties rather than their kind, and correct a misunderstanding of human development that sees humans as being constructed rather than built. Humans are not the kinds of things that emerge only after a number of pieces are assembled...


013: Abortion pt 6 - The Scientific Data pt 2

I continued quoting various medical experts that human beings come into existence at fertilization, followed by exploring the reasons the scientific community makes this claim. The Law of Biogenesis as well as genetics make it clear that the unborn are human beings.


012: Abortion pt 5 - Simplifying the Issue & The Scientific Data pt 1

Abortion is emotionally complex, but morally simple. The abortion debate can be simplified if we break it down into four distinct questions, the most important of which concerns the identify of the unborn. What is it? Since the act of abortion is targeted toward the living entity growing in the woman's womb, the morality of abortion depends on what that living entity is. I offer a syllogistic argument for the pro-life view, followed by an examination of what biologists know about embryonic...


011: Abortion pt 4 - The Biblical Teaching

While the morality of abortion does not depend on religious presuppositions, as Christians, the Biblical perspective on abortion should be determinative. While the Bible does not directly address the issue of abortion, it does so indirectly in that it prohibits the murder of human beings, and considers the unborn to be human beings.


010: Abortion pt 3 - Intro and Statistics

In my intro, I talk about the objectives I hope to accomplish through this series and share the topics to be covered. I begin with an examination of abortion statistics: Who gets abortions? When are they performed? How many abortions are there? What do Americans believe about abortion?


009: 2000 Mules movie review

My take on Dinesh D'Souza's new documentary film, 2000 Mules, regarding new evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.


008: Abortion pt 2 - The Pro-Life Case in a Nutshell (One and Done)

In this one-and-done episode, I lay out a high-level argument for the pro-life point of view, showing how both science and philosophy demonstrate that the unborn are valuable human beings from conception. I finish the episode by addressing five major objections to the pro-life view.


007: Abortion pt 1 - RIP Roe, Personally Opposed to Abortion but...

SCOTUS appears poised to overturn Roe. I talk about the legal and practical ramifications of this decision, and how the fight against abortion is just beginning. I also address the "personally opposed, but" view, which holds that while abortion is morally wrong, it should nevertheless be legal. I show that such a view either misunderstands the relationship between church and state, misunderstands the purpose of law, or misunderstands the logic of the pro-life view.


006: Freedom of Speech & the Power of Boycotts

Freedom of speech is on the decline in America. Fewer Americans value free speech, while more are calling for government and corporate censorship. In light of this trend, I talk about a 2021 Pew Research poll, the government's new Disinformation Governance Board, and Twitter. Freedom of speech is central to a free democracy, so we must fight for it in every generation. I also talk about the power of boycotting et al. If we want to see change, we must make our voices heard.


005 - Forgiveness: The Misunderstood Virtue, pt 3

In this final episode in the series, I address various objections that are (or could be) raised against the view of forgiveness I outlined in parts one and two.


004 - Fox Hires Jenner, Preferred Pronouns, and Theological Anger

Fox News jumps the shark by hiring Bruce Jenner as a contributor. They are on the journey toward the Left and away from conservatism. This also raised the issue of preferred pronouns. I make the case that while conservatives can use someone's preferred name, we must not capitulate to using their preferred pronouns. Pronouns are gendered and ought to match one's sex. Finally, I talk about the phenomenon of theological anger. Why do we get angry at those we disagree with theologically? There...


001: What to expect from the TTB podcast

This inaugural episode explains what this podcast is all about, who should listen, what to expect, and a little bit about me. Visit the TTB blog at


002 - Forgiveness: The Misunderstood Virtue, pt 1

Forgiveness is a misunderstood virtue. This episode covers two misunderstandings: (1) Forgiveness is a matter of personal psychological health and requires an emotional change; (2) Forgiveness can be achieved wholly by ourselves through prayer. Visit the TTB blog at


003 - Forgiveness: The Misunderstood Virtue, pt 2

Forgiveness is a misunderstood virtue. This episode covers the third and final misunderstanding of forgiveness: (3) Forgiveness is unconditional. I argue that the Biblical data as well as God's example demonstrate that we are only obligated to forgive those who have repented, and that forgiveness without repentance is morally wrong. Visit the TTB blog at