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Weekly astrology forecast, plus listener charts & questions, astrologer interviews, world events & more. One of iTunes' top astrology podcasts. An astrological education!

Weekly astrology forecast, plus listener charts & questions, astrologer interviews, world events & more. One of iTunes' top astrology podcasts. An astrological education!
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Weekly astrology forecast, plus listener charts & questions, astrologer interviews, world events & more. One of iTunes' top astrology podcasts. An astrological education!




Harmonious Venus-Neptune-North Node Grand Trine

A harmonious Grand Trine with Venus, Neptune and the North Node smoothly supports inspired creativity and awakened consciousness. That's one of two featured events the week of October 14. The other is an electrifying Jupiter-Uranus sesquare. Plus I announce a new level in my AstroShaman Astrology Mentoring Membership, available at a significantly reduced price.


Aries Full Moon: This Week in Astrology Oct 6-13 2019 (#507)

An Aries Full Moon strongly squared by Pluto and Saturn headlines the week of October 7. We also have an electrifying Jupiter-Uranus sesquare and a challenging T-square. Fortunately, all this intensity is softened by two Grand Trines built around Neptune and the North Node!


This Week in Astrology 9/30-10/6 2019 (#506)

Pluto, Mister Power, Wealth and Shadow Work himself, turns direct this week. We also have a Neptune-Juno opposition and one major aspect pattern: a peaking T-square featuring Ceres, Juno, Jupiter & Neptune.


This Week in Astrology Sep 23-29 2019 (#505)

The week starting September 23 features the Fall Equinox. Its chart gives a sense of the new season’s energies, and it features a potent T-square that includes most of the personal planets as well as Saturn, Pluto and the lunar nodes. We also have a Libra New Moon that’s one of the least aspected lunations of 2019. But the two aspects it does have are important! There's also the third T-square in the series highlighting Saturn and the lunar nodes, a new Thor's Hammer and a peaking Envelope.



Not only does Saturn turn direct this week, we also have the third and final occurrence of one of 2019’s most powerful aspects: a Jupiter-Neptune square. We also discuss 2 new T-squares featuring Saturn, Pluto and the lunar nodes aligning with Mercury and Venus. This forecast only includes the most important astrological events of the week. I’m extra busy right now – I’m hoping to launch my new online memberships — group astrology mentoring and “Awakening Plus” — on October 1. Because of...


Sept 9-15 2019 Astrology Forecast: Pisces Full Moon

A heavily aspected Pisces Full Moon highlights the Sept 9-15 forecast week. We also have Mars and Neptune in 2 peaking aspect patterns: a Mystic Rectangle with Mars-Saturn-Neptune and the Lunar Nodes, and a T-square featuring Mars-Jupiter and Neptune. I hope to launch my Online Astrology Mentoring Group within a couple of weeks! Learn more at


This Week In Astrology #502, Sep 2 2019

4 Jupiter-Neptune T-squares * Harmonious Saturn-Neptune Mystic Rectangle * More!



August 26-Sept 1, 2019 Astrology Forecast Why is the August 30 Virgo New Moon “deeply personal”? Because it forms a Grand Stellium with all five personal planets. This gives the second half of August a Vibrantly Virgo Vibe, perfect for serving others, health, and detail work. Not only that, all these Virgo personal planets help create powerful T-squares and Mystic Rectangles at the end of the month. These aspect patterns are great for spiritual awakening, inspired creativity, Law of...


August 16-25 2019: Big Changes to this Podcast! (#500)

Big Changes to this Podcast! * Venus-Mars Conjunction in Virgo * Sun Enters Virgo * Free Session Winner * More! Radical change has come to this podcast, starting with this edition! Episode #500 – a huge milestone – is the perfect time to shake things up! Changes include: weekly forecast episodesadditional bonus episodes Full details are in this episode. I hope that these changes help you enjoy This Week in Astrology more, and make it more useful to you. This episode's main...


August 1-15 2019: Jupiter Direct (#499)

Jupiter Direct * Uranus Retrograde * Aquarius Full Moon * Interactive Listener Consultation * New Astrology Mentoring Membership! * Free Session Winner Jupiter turns direct and Uranus turns retrograde in the first half of August. We also have an Aquarius Full Moon loaded with relationship aspects, the Sun and Venus aspecting almost every slow planet in the sky, and two new aspect patterns! Grant wants to know his ideal career. In our Interactive Listener Consultation, we have a novel...


July 16-31 2019: Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (#498)

Capricorn Lunar Eclipse * Leo New Moon * Mercury Direct * Save $40/hr thru July 16 * Rare Sextuple Yod! Two lunations bookend the second half of July: a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse and a Leo New Moon. We also have Mercury turning direct, the Sun entering Leo, and several powerful aspect patterns – including an extremely rare Sextuple Yod! This podcast includes only the most important astrological events. You can read my complete forecast here. Subscribe to the FREE AstroShaman News. It...


July 1-15 2019: Total Solar Eclipse! (#497)

Total Solar Eclipse w/ powerful healing opportunities * Mercury & Chiron retrograde * TWO free session winners * Mars square Uranus * Eclipse special! A Total Solar Eclipse can catalyze powerful healing opportunities in the first half of July. We also have Mercury and Chiron turning retrograde. Uranus also contributes electrical intensity as it squares Mars. There’s also much more in this busy forecast! I announce TWO free session winners! One is the monthly 60-minute Astrology+ session...


June 16-30 2019: Neptune Power! (#496)

Neptune squares Jupiter, sextiles Saturn and turns retrograde! * Potent Summer Solstice Chart * My amazing business transits analyzed * Sagittarius Full Moon * 3-Question Survey w/ free session giveaway* More! Neptune is the undisputed star of this forecast. A Jupiter-Neptune square and a Saturn-Neptune sextile – two of 2019’s most important aspects — are exact in the second half of June. As if that wasn’t enough, Neptune also turns retrograde! But that isn’t all. We also have a potent...


June 1-15 2019: Quantum Leaps! (#495)

Quantum leaps w/ Jupiter-Uranus sesquare * June 6 "start it now!" electional opportunity * Free session winner * Gemini New Moon * July eclipses * More! Quantum leaps and unexpected awakenings are catalyzed by a Jupiter-Uranus sesquare. The first half of June also features a Gemini New Moon and relationship transformation under a Pluto-Juno opposition. Three new aspect patterns kick off, and Mars aspects three slower planets on the same day! Instead of interpreting a listener chart, we...


May 16-31 2019: Relationship Growth Opportunities (#494)

Relationship growth opportunities * Scorpio Full Moon * Interactive listener consultation * 6 new aspect patterns * Sun enters Gemini * More! Relationship growth opportunities are catalyzed by numerous astrological events in the second half of May. These include a Scorpio Full Moon and most of our six new aspect patterns. We also have the Sun entering Gemini, as well as Neptune aspects encouraging inspired creativity and spiritual awakening. Our interactive listener consultation...


May 1-15 2019 — Jupiter-Pluto: This Time it’s Personal (#493)

Jupiter and Pluto team up to aspect 4 personal planets! * Taurus New Moon * Interactive listener consultation * Long-lived Uranus-Neptune semi-square * Free session winner * 2 Cradles * More! In the first half of May, potent Jupiter and Pluto team up to aspect four personal planets!* These aspects and their various meanings headline this forecast. We’ll also interpret a Taurus New Moon, a long-lived Uranus-Neptune semi-square, two new Cradles, and more! * All five personal planets,...


April 16-30 2019: Retrogrades Highlight Wealth, Power, Release & Restructuring (#492)

Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde * powerfully aspected Libra Full Moon * interactive listener consultation * magical quintiles * More! Pluto and Saturn turn retrograde in the second half of April, highlighting the themes of wealth, power, release and restructuring. We also have a powerfully aspected Libra Full Moon, a potent new T-square, and many magical quintiles! Our interactive listener consultation features Palmyra, who lives in Greece. She has a difficult relationship with her...


April 1-15 2019: Potent Aries New Moon (#491)

Aries New Moon * Jupiter retrograde * free session winner * Venus aspects 4 slower planets in 6 days * 4 aspect patterns start the same day! * Listener Chart * More! A potent Aries New Moon, which powerfully echoes January’s solar eclipse, headlines the first half of April. We also have Jupiter turning retrograde, Juno aspects highlighting committed partnership, and Venus aspecting four slower planets in six days. We also have four new aspect patterns – all starting on the same day! Our...


March 16-31 2019: Potent Spring Equinox Chart (#490)

Spring Equinox Chart * Mercury Direct * 20% Off Special * Libra Full Moon * Quadruple Yod * Listener Chart * More! The second half of March is loaded with juicy astrological events. The Spring Equinox seasonal chart is bursting with opportunity … and aspect patterns! Mercury turns direct. A Libra Full Moon is strongly influenced by its aspects. And four interweaving “Fingers of God” combine to form a potent Quadruple Yod mega-aspect pattern! Our listener chart features Jane. I explain...


March 1-15 2019: Uranus Enters Taurus For Real (#489)

Uranus enters Taurus * Mercury Retrograde * Pisces New Moon * Free Session Winner * Listener Chart * More! Uranus makes its definitive entry into Taurus – where it will stay for over seven years – in the first half of March. We also have Mercury turning retrograde under strong influence from Chiron, a powerfully aspected Pisces New Moon, and much more! Our listener chart features Amanda. I explain how she can make the best use of the Pisces New Moon lining up on her natal Mars and...