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Episode #16: Lee Fields - Let's Talk About Millennials!

Millennials... it seems that everyone has an opinion about this very unique demographic, even (especially!) the Church. But what if we have it all wrong? What if Church leaders pulled a "Paul & Timothy" approach; so rather than mining for what's wrong with Millennials, and instead started focusing on how to understand them, resulting in embracing, encouraging, and equipping this emerging generation of leaders? CJ and Brad welcome in a "typical" Millennial (if that's such a thing!), Bayside...


Episode #15: Scott Harrison - Quenching The World's Thirst

In this episode, CJ and Brad chat with Charity Water founder Scott Harrison, who's leading the charge in many ways to promote cutting edge and creative technology, to provide clean water for the almost 600 million people around the world with no access. As a leader, you'll appreciate Scott's gifts, insight, and ability to scale his own daunting water provision task, as it's similar to the "no end in sight" dynamic of ongoing ministry. His latest book, "Thirst", available with bonus...