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An Old/New New Year’s

In salutation of 2019, Nicole examines the (surprisingly complicated) historical origins of the January 1st New Year. The intro and outro songs in this episode are "Idea" and "Remedy for Melancholy," respectively, by Kai Engel.


Fr. Tay’s Story

While doing his chaplaincy training, an Anglican priest friend of mine was once called to the deathbed of a pre-term baby. It was the hardest death he ever attended to, and we're sharing it in honor of Infant Loss Awareness Month. May God remember all departed infants and the families who grieve them. Fr. Tay has been the priest at the Anglican Church of the Messiah in Toronto for 12 years. The interludes of this episode featured prayers from the Orthodox funeral service for an infant, which...


Facing Death Through Catechism

The call to remember death is a constant in ascetical theology. But how exactly does one put this virtue into practice? Fr. Theodore Paraskevopoulos has made this question the focus of his pastoral ministry - and doctoral thesis. Check out Fr. Ted's podcast iSermon. If you're interested in hearing more about Fr. Ted's thesis, complete with practical suggestions for catechists and catechumens alike, you can find our uncut conversation here. And here's his YouTube channel.


My First Death

Just as death entered the world through one man (Adam, according to Romans 5), so death typically enters our personal experiences through one person. This first experience with death has a profound impact on how we view not only death but also life. Today I talk about losing my grandpa, Wilson Lyon, when I was five


“Death is Coming!” Introducing Season 4 of Time Eternal

Meet some of the guests (and questions) that will feature in Season 4 of Time Eternal. Philip Roth once wrote that "in every calm and reasonable person, there is a hidden second person scared witless about death." This episode is dedicated to all those "calm and reasonable" folks out there who are secretly scared out of their minds when it comes to death. In this episode, I mentioned "Death in Orthodox Tradition," a course I am co-teaching with OCA priest Fr. Geoffrey Ready at the Orthodox...


Evening and Morning

Nicole reflects on recent #TemporalTuesdays posts that revolve around the liturgical mystery of the first day of creation. Special thanks to Basil Roccas for help with the voiceover in this episode! Help me produce better Time Eternal content for the upcoming Church year by taking this free and anonymous survey. The intro and outro of Time Eternal are Kai Engel’s “Idea,” and “Remedy for Melancholy,” respectively. His songs “Aspirato” and “Mist and Clouds” are also used in this episode....


“Desiring the Kingdom” in Lent

Nicole talks about one of the books she's reading this Lent, Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation, by James K. A. Smith. Among other things, she discusses the formative significance of liturgies—both in the Church and in the world—and her addiction to tea and sweets. This episode features the following songs, available by attribution license: "Had You Been" and "How it Fades" by Scott Gratton "Nocturne Op. 48 No. 1" by Podington Bear The intro and outros are...


“Humility and Patience to Thy Servant”: Time and Despondency in Lent (Weeks 1 and 2)

This Lent, I'm walking through my book, Time and Despondency, in tandem with the free Lenten study guide available through Ancient Faith Publishing. In weeks one and two, we're talking about finding God at the grocery store, conquering the protagonist syndrome, and learning to inhabit life without the defense mechanisms of pride and impatience . You can follow along with the book and the free study guide here: http://store.ancientfaith.com/time-and-despondency/ This episode contains the...


Shame, Despondency, and a New Year

Does the new year bring up feelings of shame and apathy? Do all those perky new year's resolutions people annoy you? Or are you frustrated by your failed attempts to do better this time around? In this brand-new season of Time Eternal, we talk about the connection between shame and despondency, particularly as it relates to the new (civil) year. Plus, Nicole announces the launch of her book, Time and Despondency, on January 15. Last but not least: Time Eternal just turned two! With that,...


Falling Upward after Job Loss

The day I began reading Fr. Richard Rohr’s book Falling Upward, I had just been fired from my job. This episode is a close reading of his book against that backdrop, as well as an exploration of the struggle for meaning, growth, and encounter in times of struggle.


Mennonites, Memory, and Marking Time

My friend Kerry was born in a conservative Mennonite community in rural Manitoba. As she grew up, that community gradually assimilated into the wider culture. But looking back, she says that the temporal rhythms and cycles she still held to during her youth provided a "secure sense of reality." In this episode of Time Eternal, we talk about her experience growing up Mennonite, her life today living in the largest city in Canada, and what she misses about the sense of time she experienced as...


Time in Transit

Public transportation is my temporal kryptonite--it brings out my impatience and inability to cope with the time I “lose” commuting. But a few months ago, I had an experience on the subway that really put things in perspective, a painful reminder that no time is every truly wasted. (For quotations and other information from this episode, make sure to check out the shownotes in the file attachment above or subscribe to the Time Eternal blog.)


A Time for Illness, with Elissa Bjeletich

When my friend Elissa’s daughter was still a baby, she had to undergo a risky liver transplant. Elissa and I think back on that time, and the way our experience of time changes during times of illness, whether it’s we who are sick or a loved one. (For quotations and more information shared in this episode, make sure to check out the shownotes in the file attachment above or subscribe to the Time Eternal blog.)


“Making” Time with Fr. Robert Holet

Today I’m with Fr. Robert Holet, host of the podcast “First Fruits of Christian Living.” We’re talking about our volition to make time in a fast-paced world of distractions. Part two of this episode will air on Fr. Robert’s podcast, so check it out! (For quotations and other information from this episode, see the shownotes in the file attachment above or subscribe to the Ancient Faith blog.)


Sites of Eternity: The New Time Eternal Podcast

In this new, relaunched version of Time Eternal, I walk the meditation trail at Antiochian Village and consider what it is we are called to do and become in time. Listen to the end for a special giveaway that ends September 15, 2017! (For quotes and a picture from this episode, see the shownotes in the file attachment above, or subscribe to the Time Eternal blog.)


A “Sneak Listen” to the New Podcast and a Giveaway

This episode is a behind-the-scenes look at what's happening around here at Time Eternal: the relaunch, a giveaway, recording in the dark (aka laziness), and a whole minute of me mispronouncing the word "Akathist." Happy summer!


Reflections on AFCon 2017 and the Upcoming Relaunch of Time Eternal

Nicole looks back on the biggest thing she took away from the 2017 Ancient Faith Conference, and discusses some changes that will hit the Time Eternal podcast in the fall. Have a blessed summer!


Why the World Must End

Today we're talking about apocalypticism. Whether we realize it or not, we all need an apocalyptic story to tell—regardless of our ideology or faith.


Looking Back on Lent: Lessons at the Gym

Nicole reflects on how the askesis of Great Lent strengthens the tiny, barely perceptible muscles of faith more often than the big, flashy ones.


Introducing my Forthcoming Book: Time and Despondency

About a year ago on this podcast, I started a five-part Lenten mini-series called Time and Despondency. I'm happy to announce that I've turned this series into a book to be published by Ancient Faith sometime in Fall 2017. As I finish up the manuscript, I reflect on the intersection between time and despondency. Interested in listening to the original series? Check out Part I (of 5) from last year.