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Teaching and Preaching podcast; proclaiming a simple gospel that works, produced by Tony Broome Ministries.


Henderson, NC


Teaching and Preaching podcast; proclaiming a simple gospel that works, produced by Tony Broome Ministries.




Ministering To The Gentiles

Oh how happy it was that day in the heart of Father God, when the good news of the gospel came to the Gentiles. This session is about that. The title is: Ministering To The Gentiles.More


What Makes All Things Possible?

This session share a devotional message which was given on location at a recent men’s fellowship ministry. The title is in the form of a question: What Makes All Things Possible?More

Reverence And Godly Fear

There was a time when the fear of God was the rule in America and the nations of the world. People speak about the fear of the Lord today as though it were a scary or wrong thing. But, Scripture teaches it. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, the Proverbs say.…More


The Holy Ghost Waiting Room

Most people go to the doctor only because they have to. Before they even get there or make the appointment, they dread the registration, the waiting room, the question drill, and the examination. Come to think of it, I cannot come up with anything about it they like. And, on top of all of that,…More


From Gory To Glory

The apostle Paul was he who said, I can reckon that the sufferings of this present life, and we may add, however bad they are, cannot be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. This session features a sermon which is part of a Friday evening prayer meeting service, where people get…More


A Glimpse Of Tribulation Judgment

There is an evil time that is coming on this world, which many people are not aware of. God has promised to rescue his people from the terrible coming Tribulation judgment. This session is about the judgment and wrath of God that will come upon the ungodly, those who refuse to serve God and receive…More


Commitment To Commit

Have you had a hard time getting much of anything done lately? I am not implying that you’re lazy, rather, I’m speaking of you trying to get something done where someone else is involved in it. It seems that hardly no one has the initiative to do much of anything, especially as an act of…More

He Finished Before He Started

God is the only one in the universe who could end before he actually did anything. If this sounds confusing, you will appreciate the session this time, from on location at Senior Citizens nursing home of Henderson, North Carolina. The message title is: He Finished Before He Started.More


Why Are There three Persons In The Godhead?

Have you ever wondered about the Trinity. Does the Godhead confuse you? It may sound hard to believe but, when you think about it from a scriptural standpoint, it’s not complicated at all. This session answers the question which is used for the title: Why Are There Three Persons In The Godhead?More

Why Does God Speak To Man?

There are so many religions in the world today. But, none of them except for Christianity, which is not a religion, but a relationship, have the ability of actually talking to and hearing from the god they claim to worship. Because our God is the only true and living God, he alone can talk to…More


No Longer Available

How frustrating it is to go somewhere to find something, only to be told that it is no longer available. You try substitutes, but somehow, that good old trusty thing you have come to like or depend on was always so much better than the flimsy things they offer to replace it with. You will…More


The Day Of Disasterous Declaration

I have been known to have some sermon with some strange or unusual titles. Perhaps, the sermons themselves are strange as well, but I hope not, rather than only in the humorous way, of course. Here is a session with one such unusual title: The Day Of Disasterous Declaration.More


Putting Off Salvation

There are some decisions that you can put off for a day or two without making the world come to an end. But, there are some decisions which do not need to be played around with. The most important of these, is that of salvation. Will I receive God’s offer of eternal life? Or, will…More


What Makes Us One?

An expression used commonly nowadays is, We’re better together. But, how can we be together if we’re not one? And, how can we be one, if we are constantly going in different or opposite directions? This sermon, from John chapter 17, is about some of the things which make us one as followers of Jesus…More


Make Up Your Mind

People give women a hard time about it being so hard for them to make up their mind. But, ask a guy what he’d like for supper. He will likely say, It doesn’t matter. His wife might even tell him, Why Honey, I don’t remember us buying any of that. This session from Romans chapter…More


How Do You Know?

There are many things in this world we may never know. but, in the kingdom of God, you can know for sure that you are saved. There are other things and experiences in the Christian life of which you can know and be assured of. This sermon covers it all. The title is: How Do…More


What Happens When Someone Goes To Hell?

Hell is not a very pleasant subject. It’s not something we think about a lot and it isn’t something we like to talk about. But, the church and our world needs to hear about the reality of hell and the urgency of getting right with God so as to be able to avoid that awful…More


My Ways

People excuse their peculiar ways and strange actions many times, by simply saying something like, Oh, that’s just my ways you know. The session this time is sent forth to help all of us better our ways. the title is: My Ways.More


Not My House

I have always liked Psalms 101. David takes a bold stand as to what he will and will not allow to go on in his house. Since all of us have houses or homes of some sort, it is a great encouragement for us to know that if God would help David accomplish his goals…More


How God Grows The Church

It seems as though everybody and his uncle is writing scores of books on how to do everything, from cleaning your coffee pot, to brushing a dog’s teeth. There are an endless number of books on how to live as a christian and especially, on how you should grow your church. I am excited for…More