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21 - Andre Rabe

Andre Rabe joins the podcast today! We get to know Andre and ask him what his responses are to various ways in which we, as people, speak condemnation into our being. We also talk about desire versus need which is an amazing teaching from Andre's new book Desire Found Me. Visit Andre Rabe's website


20 - Resurrecting the Trinity w/ Dr. James Sawyer

On this episode of the Trinity Happy Hour, Dr. James Sawyer joins us! Dr. Sawyer is a theologian, author, and traveling teacher. We talk about the beauty and goodness of the trinity and why it still matters today, the caricatures and false ideas we often hold about God, and Dr. Sawyer's latest book: Resurrecting the Trinity - A Plea to Recover the Wonder and Meaning of the Triune God. More information about Dr. Sawyer and his work can be found at Sacred Saga Ministries.


19 - The Shack - Part 3

Paul Young (Author of The Shack) joins the podcast today! Kester, James and guest host Bill Winn talk with Paul about The Shack, lies we believe about God, the timing of the Lord, and more. Listen to more Trinity Happy Hour and join the conversation at


18 - The Shack - Part 2

Kester and James reflect on their life experiences due to the impact of the book-and-now-movie The Shack. We go through deep and personal stories and how we shape those stories based on the God we see in Jesus. Listen to more Trinity Happy Hour and join the conversation at


17 - The Shack - Part 1

Bill Winn joins us this week as we begin our three part series exploring the story, emotions, theology, and meaning of the book-and-now-movie The Shack! (Part 3 will feature our interview with The Shack author William Paul Young!) We have a great conversation with Bill, James, and Kester exploring what it means to say that God IS love. We are also exploring what we mean when we say God is just, and what His justice looks like towards us and the people we love. We also share some deep...


16 - State of the Union

The Trinity Happy Hour is back! After a half year break, we are starting our second season! We are diving right in to the crazy world we are living in, and trying to turn our attention to the only State of the Union that matters: The Trinity! This episode we talk about how people have responded to the show, how much we missed you all, and how to respond to a sometimes-very-backwards world. We will take a look at: The Union between Father, Son, and Spirit; our inclusion in that union;...


15 - Kenneth Myers - Atonement - Part 3 of 3

Bishop Ken (again!). Ken joins us for our last episode in our atonement series, and it happens to be our last episode for Season 1 of the Trinity Happy Hour podcast. Today, we’re going over the most common questions people have regarding the atonement and penal substitutionary atonement. Ken helps us tackle these questions using biblical knowledge and early church teachings. SALVATION VIDEO SERIES: Part 1 of 7 - RECOMMENDED READING: Bishop Kenneth Myers...


Kenneth Myers - Atonement - Part 2 of 3

Bishop Kenneth Myers joins the podcast today in Part 2 of our Atonement series! Ken is the author of “Salvation and How We Got It Wrong” which is available on This book placed Kester and James on the trajectory toward understanding the major differences between penal substitutionary atonement and what the early church believed. Ken hails from Texas and travels the globe to teach on subjects like atonement and the Trinity. Follow Bishop Ken BOOK BISHOP KEN FOR SPEAKING...


13 - Atonement - Part 1 of 3

This week we begin our three part series on The Atonement. We take a deeper look at how God has united Himself to us, what exactly happened on the cross, and what this means for all of us. This episode, Kester and James lay the groundwork for our discussion by defining terms, discussing why this topic is so important, and giving an overview of the major modern and historical theories of atonement. This may sound a little technical, but you don't want to miss it! This series, we push to...


12 - Bill Winn - Sacred v Secular Dichotomy

Bill Winn is back! This week, Bill teaches us the importance of how not to divide what's sacred vs. secular in this world. Simply put, many of us grew up with this idea that life and vocation outside of typical church jobs or ministry programs is somehow two completely different things. How can an accountant or a plumber consider his/her work to be "sacred"? Bill gives us insight into how that's possible because of who God is and how he works through everyone in the world regardless of job...


11 - Happy Minute - The Parable of the Golden Buzzer

James Lee gives us the Happy Minute episode this week! In the episode, James shares a story he wrote titled "The Parable of the Golden Buzzer." If you've ever seen America's Got Talent you will know that each judge is given one opportunity to press the 'golden buzzer' which allows a contestant to automatically be sent to the live show rather than have to go through more rounds of auditioning. The Parable of the Golden Buzzer takes aim at our identity and how we see ourselves, but like many...


10 - Happy Minute - Rules of the Road?

This week we try something new! The Trinity Happy Minute will be shorter episodes with a "thought of the week" or something brief that has inspired us that we hope will inspire you! This week Kester talks about how our theological answers and beliefs directly affect our idea of who God is, for better or for worse. We discuss how answering the "what" and "how" of theological questions often messes with the "Who" of God's character by examining a particularly poor analogy. Listen to more...


9 - Andrew Mack - Knowing and Being Known

Andrew Mack joins the podcast today! Andrew resides in Antlers, Oklahoma where he pastors a church and is married to Ambra and have three children together. Andrew grew up in the Pentecostal church but it was after he became a pastor that he discovered the Gospel of Jesus and our union with him. In this episode we talk about GINOSKO, a Greek work used throughout the New Testament that refers to an experiential knowing as opposed to an informational knowing (gnosis). You can...

8 - Vanessa Kersting

Musician Vanessa Kersting joins us this week! Vanessa is an Australian singer and songwriter. Her music and lyrics connect with a special part of our souls where she sings truth into our being and identity. James, Kester, and Vanessa talk about identity, connecting with Perichoresis, stories from the road, and even a good fart joke. Connect with Vanessa and her music online at and on iTunes and Spotify. Listen to more Trinity Happy Hour and get in touch...

7 - John MacMurray and Baxter Kruger

John MacMurray & Baxter Kruger share personal stories about life, their hardest theological battles, cosmic loneliness, and getting serious about the Trinity. John & Baxter also talk about where the Trinitarian message is heading across the world and why years and years into their journeys they are still excited about Jesus and the Gospel message. We apologize for the audio issues you’ll hear since we were on the road and had inadequate mics for Kester & James. We made sure Baxter &...


6 - Wayne Jacobsen - God's Not Mad At You - Part 2

Wayne Jacobsen joins the podcast today. Wayne continues our theme of "God the Father" by teaching that Jesus shows us what it looks like to live in the “Abba” father relationship that He has with His Father. Wayne also sheds light on some of our hang ups that keep us from understanding the true nature and love of God - hangs up like wrath, for example. We share a few stories including one beautiful story of an unwanted baby who was adopted by a nurse and her...


5 - God's Not Mad At You - Part 1

Join us as James and Kester talk about God the Father and how the experiences we have with our fathers often project an image onto the face of God, for better or for worse. We also talk about the parable of the prodigal son and focus on the father in that story to see what Jesus was teaching us about his Father. Listen to more Trinity Happy Hour and join our mailing list at


4 - Against My Beliefs: Bill Winn

Pastor Bill Winn of Richmond Grace Fellowship shares about his early days of pastoral vocation and what life looked like as he transitioned from a separation-based theology to an inclusion-based theology. The impact of his prior beliefs were challenged so greatly he was moved to repent in front of his congregation. Bill shares stories about seeing the beautiful relationship of the Triune God displayed through his family. Bill has pastored Richmond Grace Fellowship for eleven years. Here...


3 - Outrageous Hope of a Sick Saint

James and Kester focus this episode on the subject of Hope, centered around two quotes from medieval Christian mystic Blessed Julian of Norwich: "And God showed that sin will be no shame, but somehow honor for humanity… God's goodness makes the contrariness which is in us very profitable for us." “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.” Join us as we discuss the challenges and rewards of hope and share stories about loss and death, suffering, and...


2 - The Significant Three Fold Cord: Trinity

What is the Trinity? How could it possibly matter? And what's wrong with all the analogies I use for talking about God?! This episode James and Kester answer all these questions and more about the Trinity! Join us as we talk about what mystery is and how that applies to the trinity, why we care so much about the triune relationship of God, and what that means for all people. We of course poke holes in the analogies people use to try and explain the trinity, and use some bad ones...