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Conversations at the table about life, faith, and being human. Hosted by some misfits, rebels, and dreamers trying to bridge the gap between faith and culture.


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Conversations at the table about life, faith, and being human. Hosted by some misfits, rebels, and dreamers trying to bridge the gap between faith and culture.




Curiosity, Whimsey, and God’s Delight with Matthew Paul Turner

How do you talk to your kids or loved ones about God when you feel like you don't have all the answers? When you have big questions of your own? How about when the story books and church lessons don't seem to fit with what you know about faith, and God, and Jesus? Author Matthew Paul Turner began writing children's books because he faced those same challenges in talking to his own kids about God and faith. Listen in as we hear his story, and talk about some great ways to engage discussions of faith for our kids, and even ourselves! What if we weren't afraid of questions? What if we embraced the idea that God delights in us? What if we were curious? What if we stepped into a bit of whimsey? On a personal note, our whole team and our kids have been blessed by Matthew's books. We highly recommend them! And... We say it every time, but this was such a good convo! Don't miss it. :) And don't miss Matthew's latest book: What is God Like? , co-written by the late Rachel Held Evans. Check out Matthew's other books at matthewpaulturner.com Find Matthew on social media @matthewpaulturner Support the show


Take a Breath with Meghan Pattison

How much to you think about breathing? If you're like the Uncommon crew you are about to find out the answer is: not enough! This week we are joined by our friend – and Breath Work Facilitator – Meghan Pattison. In addition to hearing about her work in wellness and healing through breath, we also talk about the spiritual side of it all. And before you think "this is too woo-woo for me", take a listen. Because we also dive into the science of breath, and talk about some amazing theological parallels between breath, faith, and the Spirit of God. And we have a lot of fun along the way. So come to the table as we explore how walking in faith can be as simple as taking a breath... Find Meghan on Instagram @megcp Here's the main book she mentioned: Breath by James Nestor Support the show


Wild Hope in Wild Times with Carlos Whittaker

Have you ever had one of those weeks that just keeps getting worse and worse? Like, no matter what you do, the crazy just keeps coming... Well, our guest, Carlos Whittaker had a wild week like that. And it ended with some wild WILD hope. You will not believe what happened after one of the worst week's his family has ever experienced. We also talk about the power of community and a phrase Carlos uses often: "Don't stand on issues, walk with People." Carlos is one of our favorite voices on the interwebs. He uses his Instagram platform to bring hope, have important conversations, and welcomes everyone to the table with love and respect. This was a great conversation and we are so stoked to share it. Find Carlos on Instagram @loswhit Buy his latest book: Enter Wild Support the show


@sharonsaysso - Our Come Back Will Be Greater than Our Setback

Watch this episode on Youtube This week we sit down with the leader of the #factrevolution, shepherd of the #governerds, a and host of the Sharon Says So Podcast, Sharon McMahon. Better known on Instagram as @sharonsaysso. We cover a lot of ground! Including Sharon's story, her huge fundraising efforts for people in need, debunking conspiracy theories, how to find truth, how to have helpful conversations with people we disagree with, and... our favorite part... hope of a bright future for humanity. Do. Not. Miss. This. Episode! Find Sharon here: @sharonsaysso on Instagram www.sharonmcmahon.com Support the show


Awesome and Awful

Is anyone really doing okay right now? Maybe its okay to not be okay. Maybe if we acknowledge that we are not okay, it actually helps others be real about how they are doing. Maybe, just maybe, showing up as our authentic, messy selves is exactly what the people in our lives need... so that we can all feel less alone in this crazy time. And maybe, choosing to sit and keep each other company in hard times is kinda like what Jesus did. Meeting people where they are, and keeping them company. Let us know how you are doing! Email hello@uncommongoodsd.com Here's the Jen Hatmaker Episode we mentioned Here's the Brene Brown video on Empathy Support the show


Life After Church Hurt with Kristen LaValley

Okay! Every once in a while we find a kindred spirit who speaks our language and has been through some of the same stuff we have. Just a couple of minutes into this convo we knew we had found just that. Author Kristen LaValley shares about the hurt she and her husband experienced which led them out of the church walls to find God in the "wilderness". Which in their case is an RV traveling across the country... with three kids and another on the way! Kristen drops some wisdom on us about how to reconnect with God after your faith gets turned upside down, how to be spiritual leaders in our families, and what she thinks is the #1 problem the Church in America is facing. Don't sleep on this episode, guys! Find Kristen on IG @kristen.lavalley Check out her website: www.kristenlavalley.com Buy her books: Kristen LaValley on Amazon Support the show


Undivided with Charles Clemons - #twentytwentyONE

A few days after the attack on the Capitol Building on 1/6/2021, we sat down with Charles Clemons, author of the book Undivided: A Biblical Response to What Divides U.S. Not only was it a timely convo for recent events, but it also is a perfect launching point for our focus this year: TwentyTwentyONE, where we will be talking a lot about unity in these very divisive times. We're stoked to dive in! Now here's some more info about our guest and where to find him... Charles Clemons has served as a youth pastor and lead pastor for African American and multi-ethnic churches. Additionally, he has worked in relief and development for a Christian charity organization with programs in Africa. During the last decade, Charles has worked with families in crisis in hospitals and, currently as a chaplain. Learn more on his website. Buy Undivided on Amazon Support the show


The Whirlwind with Laura Haver - Pt 1

When we find ourselves in a whirlwind, we have a few choices... get angry, play the victim, or... ride the storm, and hopefully make peace with it... Such a great convo with our friend, author, mom, creative, and yes... Beach Tennis Pro, Laura Haver. We talked about the fun things she's been doing with her family during the pandemic, Netflix, self-forgiveness, her upcoming book, and a little thing called Hedonic Adaptation... And if you're like us and didn't know what that meant, you need to! Plus we filmed this one so you will get to watch us on the Youtubes. You can find Laura on her website: laurahaver.com And on Instagram @lauramhaver Support the show


Scary Grace

Most of us love the idea of grace for ourselves. In theory, it's great for others, too. (Until we have to give grace, that is). But have you ever thought of grace as scary? Well, we think a real understanding of grace can be frightening for those of us who love to control and measure our own growth and progress. Join the team as we struggle through this concept of scary grace... We also mention our new Uncommon [good] Spotify Playlist. It's a collection of songs that have been meaningful for us in this 2020 life. AND it's collaborative, so you can add songs to it! We'd love to hear what songs have been keeping you sane and giving you hope these days. Go add some to the playlist! Support the show


Coming to the Table with Nothing

Do you feel like you have nothing to bring to the table these days? Between homeschooling, trying to work, staying healthy, and just managing life in 2020, we sure feel spent at the end of the day. Kinda like we have nothing much to offer. Well, in this episode, Ryan springs a topic on us (after we start recording) and something sure comes from nothing. Support the show


Scary [Good]

Some things are so good they're scary. Listen in on a real-talk convo about the scary good news of life, faith, truth, grace, and... what can keep us anchored in scary uncertain times. Wanna talk more about this goodness? Shoot us an email: hello@uncommongoodsd.com Support the show


Light in the Wilderness

In this episode we talk about what's lighting us up during this strange and often dark 2020. Which leads to an awesome convo about how God often shows up in the wilderness. What's filling you up during these wild times? Check out what our team shares... Ryan The Bible for Normal People PodcastThe Book of James (The Message Version) Cody The Reclaim StudyThe Slow Down PodcastThe Table NetworkJohnnyswimAndy SquyresLecraeNathaniel RateliffKyle ReynoldsCarlos WhitakerEnter Wild@lostwhitDawn For the Love (with Guest Brené Brown) Fierce, Free and Full of Fire Scriptures to check out: Luke 4:1-30Genesis 14Hebrews 5 & 6Big Words: MelchizedekChristophany Support the show


Out of Control

The Uncommon [cast] is back! In this episode we talk about control in the midst of a 2020 that is wildly out of control. Yes, so much of this year has shown us how little control we actually have. So the Uncommon [team] wants to encourage you with some hope and advice on where to place your footing on the shaky ground that is 2020. Also Ryan shares about nearly getting in a fight with a disgruntled resident near the beach where he surfs. That alone is worth the listen! ;) Connect with us: uncommongoodsd.com IG: @uncommongoodsd FB: @uncommongoodsd Support the show


Rest - A [GOOD] NIGHT Conversation

In February 2020, we had an event where we talked about Rest. And we enjoyed the conversation so much that we decided to post the audio. During the night we reference a few things, but especially a book called The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry by John Mark Comer. We strongly encourage you to read it... and when you do... COFFEE ON US!!! We'd love to talk with you about what you learned and what you got out of the book! Support the show


One Word with Dan Britton

So... This episode is just one word. Super short. ;) We kid! We kid! This was such a great conversation with Dan Britton about choosing a word for your year. And how it goes much deeper than goals and resolutions. How choosing a word can make you more aware of that word's impact in your life, and more importantly, how it can help you be a blessing and have impact on others. Dan is the Co-author of One Word That Will Change Your Life and the Executive VP of Fellowship of Christian Athletes. We're so excited for you to hear this conversation and choose your word for the year! Support the show


#Goals with Ken Blanchard

Dawn and Ryan had the privilege of sitting down with our good friend [and leader in all of our lives], Ken Blanchard. As we head into a new year, we wanted to share some [good] wisdom about setting goals and achieving them from one of the best minds in leadership and goal setting. We love Ken's heart and ability to humbly direct the conversation towards Jesus and following Him. As an added treat, Ken's friend and colleague, Joe Stutson, joins the conversation AND Ken's dog, Joy, makes her podcast debut. All around an awesome conversation that we hope encourages you to set some realistic and attainable goals... and be kind as you lead yourself in the process. We mention in the episode how awesome it has been for the Blanchards (and Ross clan) to establish some family values that they operate by. We would HIGHLY encourage you to try that out with your family. And to help you out with that, we've included a document that will help you determine your family values. Maybe that is a great attainable goal to jump on for you and your family in 2020... Family Values and Mission Statement Sheet We mentioned a bunch of other stuff in this episode that you'll want to check out too, like the Blanchard's Situational Leadership model, some of his books, and another great book by Jon Acuff, Finish. Here's some links to all that: Situational Leadership: SLII Webpage Lead Your Family Like Jesus Book by Ken Blanchard Lead Your Family Like Jesus Participant's Guide One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard Finish Book by Jon Acuff Support the show


Rocks, Paint, and Good News for Everyone (with Dan Westfall)

A drifter started painting rocks in the desert where his truck broke down... and now Salvation Mountain has become a national treasure. It's made its way into films, music videos, pop culture, and even politics. Caregiver, Dan Westfall shares the story of the man who created Salvation Mountain, Leonard Knight, and his unwavering devotion to spreading the message of God's love for everyone! Such a great conversation with Dan! Can't wait for you to listen and maybe join us in visiting Salvation Mountain one day... Get more info about Salvation Mountain: www.salvationmountaininc.org Watch the Salvation Mountain video we mentioned: www.salvationmountainthemovie.com Connect with Dan Westfall: Dan Westfall H.H.P., and President of Salvation Mountain Inc. Helpmybod@gmail.com Support the show


Good News Across Cultures with Arnell Motz

This week we sit down with a leader in our life, Arnell Motz (in Ryan's nice cool dining room, not the hot sultry tree house). Arnell was one of Dawn and Ryan's professors at Bethel University. He's got an incredible story and is basically one of the most interesting men in the world. (Dos Equis, do you want a new spokesman? Or a podcast to sponsor?). By the time you hear this episode, Arnell will be in Ethiopia Pastoring a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, globally minded congregation. We were so excited to connect with him before he left to talk about sharing Good News in the context of different cultures. And how understanding the culture is the first step. Support the show


Petrified of Grace with Russ Johnson

Where do we start with this episode? Soooo good in so many ways! We sit down with one of our new best friends, Russ Johnson of the Table Network. Russ and Tony from Table have been kindred spirits of ours since we met. And in this conversation, we cover the gamut of church, culture, grace, Gospel, discipleship, reclaiming truth, and what it means to be human... all woven around Russ' incredible story of how he ended up where he is today. In this episode we reference a few important things... 1. Russ' book "Slow Down", released by the Table Network. Get your copy on Amazon. 2. The Table Network Website where you can get more resources to equip you for the living in the movement of Jesus. 3. The Reclaim Journey - A study by the Table Network that we will be leading through Uncommon [good] this Fall. If you'd like to join shoot us an email, hello@uncommongoodsd.com. 4. Our Fall Events. See what we have coming up and join in. Support the show


The Sacred in the Ordinary with Markus Watson

This was a really cool conversation with Markus Watson about finding the sacred in the ordinary things of life. Markus shares his story in a real and vulnerable way about how he came to realize that everything is spiritual. He also gives us a super interesting history lesson of why we often think that only church things and church people are "sacred". Plus he shares about the huge impact his not-so-huge church is having on their community. You gotta hear this one! Markus is a Pastor and hosts the Spiritual Life and Leadership Podcast. Find him on Instagram @markuswats0n and Twitter @MarkusWatson. Here's a list of the books Markus mentions in this episode: Life of the Beloved by Henri Nouwen Surrender to Love by David Benner Emotionally Healthy Spirituality, Peter Scazzero Support the show