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$20 for your data? (Facebook thinks that’s a fair price)

On this episode of WKLY, we look at the recent news from Facebook. Recently, several stories released that some of the “research” apps were paying users $20 a month to gain root access to their mobile devices. In the spirit of Yearly Themes (and namely awareness as James’ theme) we tackle the issue of privacy and how we can respond to the world around us when we are aware of these issues. You can interact with the podcast on twitter (probably not checking FB too often after this episode) at...


My Apple Watch told me to do it

Technology can be a great tool to help you reach your goals. It can also be a time-sucking monster that eats away at your productivity and connection with other human life. In this episode of WKLY, we talk about the positive side of technology (epically the Apple Watch) and how we can use the tools we have to create some guardrails to keep us on track to meet our 2019 goals. If you are new to WKLY, be sure to follow the show on twitter ( @WKLY_Pod ) and follow James as well ( @jameseaton)....


Yearly Theme - 2019

In this Episode of WKLY, we are talking all about Yearly Themes. I share my theme for the year and some of the background of how I came to the place of choosing this theme. If you want to follow along and develop a Yearly Theme for yourself, share it online! You can find James on twitter as @jameseateon and WKLY is on twitter as @WKLY_pod. Be sure to subscribe to WKLY to get new episodes delivered to you each week in 2019. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this...


Tracking your progress in 2019

In this episode of WKLY, we are talking about time tracking and becoming aware of how we interact with the world. This is the first episode of WKLY in 2019, and is somewhat of a prequel to the next episode on Yearly Themes. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with all-things-WKLY. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wkly-podcast/support


NaNoWriMo 2018

2018 was the year where I really accomplished some of my big goals. One of those goals was to develop the habit of writing regularly. I’m this episode of WKLY, we talk about the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project and what it feels like to achieve your goals. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wkly-podcast/support


WKLY. It’s been a while

Sorry for the long delay. How about a rapid-fire update to fill in some gaps from 2018? This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wkly-podcast/support


WKLY 108(GA Justin Dean)

This week’s episode of WKLY is with Justin Dean. Justin lives in Atlanta, GA and leads That Church Conference. That CC is a conference for creatives, marketers, social media managers, and technology savvy (or want-to-be-savvy) people. Justin has a heart for the church and helping others develop PR strategies that actually work. He has created so many resources through That CC, his book, and even through his social media feed. Justin is a wonderful example of what is looks like to equip...


WKLY 107(OR Cory Sanders)

Episode 7 with Cory Sanders. Cory lives in Portland, Oregon and is a part of a church plant in the city called Remedy City Church. Several families from East TN set out to Portland a few years ago to plant this church in the city of Portland. Cory and I had a great conversation about chasing your calling, engaging with your community, and how much we both love coffee. You can find Cory on twitter at - https://twitter.com/corysanders11 Remedy City Church - http://remedycitypdx.org Remedy...


WKLY 106(Kansas w/ Eric Davis)

On this episode of WKLY, I sit down with Eric Davis. Eric has become a really great friend over the last few years, and I am exited to have him on the podcast again! Eric spent his early years in Kansas before moving to East Tennessee during high school. We talk about life in Kansas, ministry, worship, and his brand new live album that releases this week! Enjoy this interview with Eric and be sure to check out "Name Above" from Eric's church (Preaching Christ Church) Name Above album...


WKLY 105(AZ Jon Edmiston)

Episode 5 - Arizon w/ Jon Edmiston This week on WKLY we have Jon Edminston. Jon works for Spark Development Network, the makers of Rock RMS. Jon has a huge heart for people, ministry, and technology (which are a few of my favorite things as well). We had a great conversation about Rock RMS, caring for people in a digital world, and what life is like in AZ. You can find Jon on twitter at - https://twitter.com/jonedmiston And you can find Rock RMS at - https://www.rockrms.com James is on...


WKLY 104(Jay Kranda and George Holleway)

Episode 4 - Church Online Roundtable with Jay Kranda (CA) and George Holleway (Texas). On this episode of WKLY you can hear some of an episode from the Church Online Roundtable with Jay Kranda, George Holleway, and James Eaton (host of WKLY). You can see the whole episode (with video) of the Church Online Roundtable here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEXiaVWO4u4 Jay Kranda - https://twitter.com/JayKranda George Holleway - https://twitter.com/GeorgeHolleway James Eaton -...


WKLY 103(Pennsylvania. Chris Norris)

My guest this week is Chris Norris. Chris live in Pennsylvania and works at Mercyhurst University and is also an Online Campus Pastor at McLane Church ( http://www.mclanechurch.org ) We had a great conversation about church online, community, building relationships, and the power of social media to reach out to those in need. If you want to follow Chris(which you totally should), you can find him on these channels. twitter - https://twitter.com/cnorris_10 instagram -...


WKLY 102(Tennessee, Kami Eaton)

Episode 2 of Season 2! This week, my wife joins me for a special conversation about goals for 2018, a recap of the last year of our life, and all kinds of other fun conversations. We talk about jobs, faith, personal growth, going to counseling, and our relationship over the last year. If you want to follow Kami on Instagram (which you totally should...), she is @kamicrosseaton ( https://www.instagram.com/kamicrosseaton/ ) Also, you can follow me on Instagram, @James_eaton (...


WKLY 101 (Texas, with George Holleway)

It's the first episode of WKLY in 2018! On this episode of WKLY, I have a conversation with George Holleway. George and I got connected through twitter, and it's only fitting that he is my first guest on WKLY this season. George is an Online Pastor for a church in Texas and we had a great conversation about technology, outreach, and online ministry. You can find George on twitter at @GeorgeHolleway We sure to follow WKLY on twitter as well at @WKLY_Pod New episodes of WKLY will be released...


WKLY 021 (wrapping up 2017. Season 2 info)

We finish out 2017 and talk about the year ahead for the WKLY podcast. We have a HUGE year planed for WKLY next year as I interview someone from every state in the United States over the next 50 weeks. It all starts next week (first week of January 2018). Keep a watch on the feed (Season 2 will be on the same feed as season one!). This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wkly-podcast/support


WKLY 020 (WKLY is back!)

Well, I'm back. Sorry it been so long (I know, it's been months..., BUT I have plenty of things to catch you all up on since the last time we talked. This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wkly-podcast/support


WKLY 019(Podcast Preview With Brian Sharp)

Episode 19: In this episode, you will get to hear a preview of the newest podcast that is coming to Thought Box Podcast Network!!! Brian Sharp's NRRD (Nerdy Retro Renaissance Dad) Podcast is coming this week, and WKLY listeners get the first listen! If you like what you hear (and want to hear a super fun interview with his daughter), you can find the whole episode here- https://soundcloud.com/brian-sharp-94713912/nrrd-podcast-episode-0-51817 Want to stay up today with the podcast (and all of...


WKLY 018(Seeing Clearly Pt2)

Episode 18: Seeing Clearly Pt. 2 On this episode of WKLY, I talk about my experience getting a pair of Enchroma glasses! I am colorblind (have always been), so this was a pretty incredible event in my life. If you want to watch a video of me trying them on for the first time, you can find it on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/jamesgeaton To learn more about Enchroma, you can visit their website at http://enchroma.com If you are colorblind and have a pair of Enchroma glasses, please...


WKLY 017(Seeing Clearly)

Episode 17: Seeing Clearly In this episode of WKLY, I talk about getting glasses, adjusting to that life, and some cool spiritual connections that came up this past weekend at the LIFT Conference in ATL. Follow WKLY on Twitter at https://twitter.com/WKLY_pod And be sure to "like" the Thought Box Podcast Network on Facebook.https://www.facebook.com/ThoughtBoxPod This podcast is sponsored by Anchor Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/wkly-podcast/support


WKLY 016(Hustle and Muscle - preview)

Episode 16. This week on WKLY, I am so excited to share a snippet of a brand new show that just launched on the Thought Box Podcast Network! It's called Hustle and Muscle, and you can find it on iTunes... right... here. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hustle-muscle/id1230799334?mt=2 Also, be sure to "like" the official Thought Box Podcast Network page on Facebook. All kinds of good things are coming your way this summer with Thought Box (like deals on beard oil from Ruddy Man!)....