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We Three Witches is a collaboration between Heather Woodward, Maria Isoldde, and Nathara (aka Charlene) – three witchy friends who have been practicing their crafts for decades each, have a wide breadth of experiences, and a wide variety of interests. And OPINIONS.

We Three Witches is a collaboration between Heather Woodward, Maria Isoldde, and Nathara (aka Charlene) – three witchy friends who have been practicing their crafts for decades each, have a wide breadth of experiences, and a wide variety of interests. And OPINIONS.
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We Three Witches is a collaboration between Heather Woodward, Maria Isoldde, and Nathara (aka Charlene) – three witchy friends who have been practicing their crafts for decades each, have a wide breadth of experiences, and a wide variety of interests. And OPINIONS.




Tony Robbins 🤦‍♂️ NXIVM💥 Predators Exposed in the Self Help Community #metoo

Tony Robbins was accused of sexual misconduct by four women in a Buzzfeed article. Now, more women are starting to come forward. Plus, a video of him using racial slurs as has also surfaced. Kieth Raniere is on trial for using his now-defunct self-help empire, NXIVM, to hide an elite sex cult complete with sex trafficking, kidnapping and a tier of slaves. He used his influence and power to pressure his followers into sleeping with him in the guise of helping them heal their sexuality. Both...


Spiritual Bypassing ✨ Shadow Work ✨and Byron Katie

The Witches deep dive in the caustic waters of spiritual bypassing. They share some of their own experiences where they were shamed for having emotions or reacting to someone else's negative behavior. Plus, they question Byron Katie's "The Work" and explain why doing shadow work should be non-negotiable. Mentions in this Episode: The Lavender Lemonade Incident Article Byron Katie's The Work Mirror Work by Louise Hay Heather's Podcast Ep about Cheaters ********** If you would...


Shenanigans, Copy Cats and Thievery in the Tarot Community

WARNING: This podcast is a rant and it has lots of explicit language. A solo podcast from Heather Woodward venting her frustration with some events that have been happening in the tarot community in the last year. This is a very personal and angry podcast so listen at your own risk. Psychic Hotlines Webinar: https://youtu.be/ALEfy_-wBI8 How to Create Your Own Tarot Deck Webinar: https://youtu.be/outKSyyHtw0 How to Use Tarot or Oracle Cards for Spirit Communication:...


A Response to Doreen Virtue's Fake Apology Video #sorrynotsorry

Doreen recently put out an apology video that felt more like an​​ indignant excuse for her bad spending habits than a realistic redemption moment. Plus, she has been busy ​​schooling her converts on how to keep their intuition safe from ​​the devil. (Insert eye roll here.) The Witches have some opinions about her new videos and are going to go deeper into the vortex that is Doreen's conversion. We have some corrections and updates from our last podcast. ​​AND we are going to be reading some...


When the Wiccan Rede Goes Too Far 🔮 Or Why the Rule of 3 is B.S.

The Witches talk about the dogma behind the Wiccan Rede and why it impedes some witches from reaching their full potential. Plus, how some Wiccans even use it to judge and ridicule other witches who do not believe in it or want to perform “darker” spells, regardless of their reasoning. Hang out with us in the We Witches Three Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wewitchesthree/ The Wiccan Rede Bide the Wiccan Laws we must In Perfect Love and Perfect Trust. Live and let live....


Becky and Her Sage 💥 Spiritual Elitism

The Witches talk about the “Becky and Her Sage” Meme that has been going viral on Facebook and Instagram. They discuss how it keeps newbie witches from joining the community and why it’s considered a form of spiritual elitism. Plus, some banter about spiritual bypassing, Wicca and Lightworkers. The Beck and Her Sage Meme "I miss the days when witchcraft was underground. Now Becky thinks she's a witch just cuz she buys sage at Whole Foods" ********** If you would like to support us please...


🔮 Hoodwitch's Smashbox Collection ✨ Kat Von Ds Tarot Debacle and Insta Witch Kits 🔮

The Witches talk about Hoodwitch’s latest crystal inspired make-up collection and why they feel it got a “pass” from the community. Whereas, Pinrose’s Sephora Witch Kit and Kat Von D’s tarot inspired sketches got raked through the coals like a pagan during the inquisition. We have opinions. If you want to see the pictures of the products we refer to in the podcast go to this...


John Oliver VS Psychics - A Response to his episode about Psychics and Mediums

On February 25th, John Oliver talked did an episode of Last Week Tonight about Psychics – specifically about Mediums. He had a LOT of things to say, and, as the usual on his show, none of it was very nice. Normally I’m on board with what John Oliver says and his staff does some great research, but we definitely had some opinions about some of the things that he said on this particular episode – and we feel we MAY have more experience on the topic. Watch the John Oliver Episode here:...


Why Being Heart Centered is B.S.

You may have heard of “heart-centered” businesses or “heart-centered” management or leadership – but what IS that? What makes it different from “normal” business, management, or leadership? We explored the issue and discuss our experiences both as customers receiving “heart-centered” services and INSIDE the marketing industry for “heart-centered” service providers – and it’s BS! We’ll tell you why! ********** If you would like to support us please consider subscribing to a perk on our...


SERIAL KILLERS ARE NOT COOL 👎Review of Netflix’s Ted Bundy Tapes

Ted Bundy is back in the news because of Netflix’s “Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes” and Zac Efron’s portrayal of the killer in “Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile.” Many women are glorifying him and commenting on his “good” looks. They say he is a good catch or that he is sex worthy. In this podcast, we talk about why Ted Bundy should never be glorified and why women fall in love with serial killers and awful men. Referenced Links: “Women Who Love Serial Killers:...


Doreen Virtue: False Prophet? 🔮 A Response to her A to Z List Blog Post

In her list, she denounces Fairies, Feng Shui, Affirmations, Unicorns and Everything Cool Doreen Virtue converted to Christianity a couple of years ago and since then has denounced the New Age Community. A community she molded and shaped for over twenty years selling metaphysical courses and publishing over 50 works in 38 languages. Nathara (CrowSong Lodge), Maria Isoldde and Heather Woodward talk about her descent into fundamentalist Christianity and how her latest post bashing everything...



REAL WITCHES REVIEW TV/MOVIE WITCHES! We have to have fun SOMETIMES and every time some new TV series or movie comes out featuring a witch prominently, the witchy parts of the internet get all… a flutter. Sometimes angry, sometimes excited, sometimes… very confused or conflicted. A flutter, for sure. Suffice to say, there are feelings and opinions EVERYWHERE. And we’ve seen a couple “real doctors review medical shows” type videos and thought – HEY! How about REAL WITCHES review...



A Four Day Fake Exorcism Kills Pig Farmer’s Wife… Why did nobody go to jail for the death of a woman was killed in a fake exorcism? Host, Heather Woodward, Maria Isoldde and Nathara (CrowSong Lodge) talk about the Joan Vollmer exorcism case and how misogyny and social class play their part. Joan was tortured, starved and beaten for days by her husband and a fake exorcist. They believed they were doing the work of the lord and expected her to be resurrected after her death. They were so...