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In each episode, we hold powerful conversations about the intersecting themes of spirituality, social justice, creativity, business and leadership.

In each episode, we hold powerful conversations about the intersecting themes of spirituality, social justice, creativity, business and leadership.
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In each episode, we hold powerful conversations about the intersecting themes of spirituality, social justice, creativity, business and leadership.




Ep023: Rachel Ricketts On Spiritual Activism

In this episode, I speak healer, coach, and activist Rachel Ricketts. Rachel Ricketts is a writer, intuitive guide + grief coach and spiritual activist. Combining her wealth of experience as a lawyer, intercultural communications educator + trainer, loss + grief professional and her personal experiences navigating the world as a Black woman, she curates difficult but necessary conversations with compassion. As an outspoken champion for women of colour, Rachel is passionate about creating...


Ep022: Sonali Fiske On Women Of Colour Raising Our Voices

In this episode, I speak with speaker, mentor, and sacred activist, Sonali Fiske Sonali Fiske is a Sri Lankan-American & the founder of Pick Your Platform & Raise Your Voice. As a leadership guide to underrepresented & womyn-identifying women of colour (WOC) leaders, her passion is to center the often suppressed and sidelined stories of women still considered on the margins of our society. She also speaks internationally, is a workshop leader and conducts a monthly tele-call entitled...


Ep021: Sara Haile-Mariam On Race, Music & Learning to Love Ourselves

In this episode, I speak with writer, storyteller and musician, Sara Haile-Mariam. Sara Haile-Mariam is the front woman and drummer of Makeda!, a band on a mission to reclaim rock and roll. Sara was inspired to politics by then Senator Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign where she worked as a grassroots organizer and youth surrogate for the campaign while attending New York University. Following the election, in 2009, she moved to DC and worked at a progressive think tank. Unwilling to...


Ep020: Omkari Williams On The Power of Storytelling & Reclaiming Our Stories

In this episode, I speak with speaker, coach, and podcast host, Omkari Williams Omkari is the host of the Stepping Into Truth podcast, where she takes her unique and multi-layered perspective as a black woman who isn't African American, and speaks to conversations about social justice, race, and gender. Her experiences as an actress, political consultant, and executive coach all inform her work with women’s stories. Her work seeks to encourage women from all over the world to share their...


Ep019: Kristin Iris On Standing In Our Creative Power

In this episode, I speak with creative mentor, speaker, and coach, Kristin Iris Kristin is a creative mentor whose mission is to challenge oppressive power dynamics and systems by inspiring Black and Brown creatives to find the power in their voice. She is here to ignite socially conscious Black and Brown creatives to step into the amazing capacity to make big shifts and radical changes in the world. Kristin main goal is to help every Creative of Color embody and live to the fullest...


Ep018: Catrice M. Jackson On Doing Anti-Racism Work With Becky

In this episode, I speak with international speaker, anti-racism educator, and best-selling author, Catrice M. Jackson Catrice is the global visionary leader of the Awakened Conscious Shift, the CEO of Catriceology Enterprises, an international speaker, and a best-selling author. Catrice is a straight up, on the rocks with no chaser voice for racial justice who is unapologetic and unflinching with her anti-racism message. She is the catalytic creator of SHETalks WETalk Race Talks for Women...


Ep017: Graeme Seabrook On Helping Mothers Reclaim Their Humanity

In this episode, I speak with motherhood life coach, post-partum depression advocate, writer, and speaker, Graeme Seabrook. Graeme is a Motherhood Life Coach, whose approach to coaching is based on the belief that you must be a priority in your own life in order to thrive. Following a traumatizing birth experience and falling into post-partum depression (without realizing it), Graeme began a healing journey as a mother and a woman. That healing journey led her to creating The Mom Center, a...


Ep016: Melissa Toler On Opting Out Of Diet Culture & Reclaiming Our Wellness

In this episode, I speak with former wellness coach turned writer, speaker and educator, Melissa Toler. Melissa has had a really fascinating journey from dieting and fitness fanatic, to completely opting out of the wellness and diet industry. Melissa's journey began - as it has for many of us - with dieting to lose weight. She then began training for fitness competitions, and later became certified as a wellness coach. However, the further along she traveled in the wellness industry, the...


Ep015: Leesa Renee Hall On Exploring Identity & Writing Expressively

In this episode, I speak with writer, storyteller and diversity advocate, Leesa Renee Hall. Leesa Renee Hall is my sister-writer and sister-storyteller. Her Patreon page is one of my favourite accounts - I devour every piece she publishes. After writing half a million words over 365 consecutive days, Leesa discovered that words can help one find their true purpose. Leesa helps spiritual and business leaders use curious inquiry to question their views on diversity so they can become...


Ep014: Alexis P. Morgan On Anti-Capitalism, Oprah & Spiritual Healing

In this episode, I speak with artist, writer and professional troublemaker, Alexis P. Morgan. Alexis P. Morgan is the Abbess of the Church of St. Felicia, where her work as a writer, artist, and ritualist serve her community and the pursuit of Truth, Justice, and Liberation. Alexis is one of my favourite writers. Her ability to write with both fire and love inspires me - both as a writer and as a black woman. Alexis describes herself as the, 'pole-dancing, troublemaking, pro-heaux,...


Ep013: Latham Thomas On Owning Your Glow

In this episode, I speak with author, birth doula and celebrity lifestyle maven, Latham Thomas. Latham Thomas, aka Glow Maven is a celebrity wellness/ lifestyle maven and birth doula- transforming not only how women give birth to their babies, but how they give rise to the best version of themselves. Named one of Oprah Winfrey’s Super Soul 100, Latham is helping women embrace optimal wellness and spiritual growth as a pathway to owning their power. She is the founder of Mama Glow...


Ep012: Desiree Adaway On Leading Difficult Conversations On Race, Class + Gender

In this episode, I speak with nonprofit consultant and facilitator, Desiree Adaway. Desiree is a Principal of The Adaway Group. With over 20 years experience creating, leading and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries, she is uniquely qualified to partner with talented leaders to successfully navigate through integrations, reorganizations, and all stages of organizational evolution. Desiree has held senior-level roles in...


Ep011: Sharona Lautoe On Race, Spirituality & Motherhood

In this episode, I speak with modern day soul midwife and writer, Sharona Lautoe. In addition to being one of my dear sister-friends, Sharona is an author, intuitive guide and modern day Soul Midwife. She live in The Netherlands and is the single mother to her young daughter Luna. She combines motherhood with running her own mystic practice serving women around the world. Her most potent gift is is the ability to birth in her clients a truth that burning to be accessed, but often cannot...


Ep010: Andrea Ranae On Coaching As Activism

In this episode, I speak with vision-led coach and facilitator, Andréa Ranae. Andréa is someone whom I respect deeply and whose work in social justice, personal growth and conscious business I have been following for quite a while. Andréa works with entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that want to be more inclusive and impactful in their work do so through their approach to leadership, their brand and their company culture. Andréa is also the creator of Coaching As Activism, a course...


Ep009: L'Erin Alta On Being A Warrior Soul

In this episode, I speak with soul guide, shadow diver and spiritual teacher, L'Erin Alta. L'Erin is a spiritual mentor for resilient women who have survived a great something and cobbled their lives back together. She guides women deep into their spiritual journey, helping clients surrender their facades, shed their fears and finally come home to themselves. She has travelled to 23 countries to study healing in backwater ashrams, jungle temples and mountain monasteries, working with...


Ep008: Lara-Rose Duong On Becoming A Rich Witch

In this episode, I speak with traditional financial advisor turned Modern Money Witch, Lara-Rose Duong. Lara-Rose, also known as LRD, helps women heal their money stories, dissolve their financial blocks and embrace their inherent worth with love. Over the last few months I have been working with LRD both in her 1:1 mentoring and in her Rich Witch Coven in healing my relationship to money. What I love about LRD's work is that she combines spiritual tools (like numerology, energy healing,...


Ep007: Nadia Munla On Sensual Nourishment & Embodied Living

In today's episode, I speak to health & sensuality coach, Nadia Munla. Through her work, Nadia guides women to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body voice. Through her live Embody Dance Classes, her immersion workshops and 1:1 coaching, Nadia leads women to return back to their embodied essence - so that they can feel vibrant, alive and free again. Nadia is passionate about understanding and teaching the spiritual and scientific roots of...


Ep006: Miki DeVivo On Writing & Parenting Out Loud

In today's episode, I speak to poet and story-witnesser, Miki DeVivo. Miki is a writer, a mum and a truth-teller. who is passionate about changing the cultural narrative around what parenting is “supposed” to look like so that we can all see ourselves in it. Miki believes need more true stories. Deeper, more nuanced stories. Stories that make space for all of us and include the whole range of our experiences and emotions. Stories that normalize our challenges and release us from the shame...


Ep005: Maria Palumbo On BodyLove & Healing Healers

In today's episode, I speak with BodyLove Goddess, Maria Palumbo. Maria helps women up to big things get what they want. She is a life changer for the woman on fire. She is the creator of Awaken To Your Magic Mentorship & the BodyLove Goddess Photo Shoot, an event that is the impetus for a body-love revolution. Maria's work has a strong foundation in psychotherapy, trauma healing and integrative health. However what really makes Maria's work standout is her devotion to truth-telling and her...


Ep004: Katie Burke On Being A Modern Priestess

In today's episode, I speak with my sister-queen and founder of the Modern Priestess Movement Series, Katie Burke. Katie is a spiritual revolutionary, writer and modern priestess. She helps awakening women ignite the power within to clarify their service and activism in the world. Her sacred contract with the Divine is to encourage and empower women to create new paradigms of thinking, feeling and serving. Katie is the founder and host of the wildly popular Modern Priestess Movement series:...