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Where women unite through faith, family, and community and are empowered with hope, tools, and connection. Women talking about topics through the lens of faith.

Where women unite through faith, family, and community and are empowered with hope, tools, and connection. Women talking about topics through the lens of faith.
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Where women unite through faith, family, and community and are empowered with hope, tools, and connection. Women talking about topics through the lens of faith.






Your Message Your Way - Tips for Taking Your Craft to the Next Level while Maintaining Authenticity

Have you got a dream you want to pursue, but feel everyone else does it better? Ever wanted to be a speaker, to know what it's REALLY like, and how to get there? Do not miss my FANTASTIC interview with Clint Pulver, "The Millenial Speaker," chock full of incredible insights, information, and real-deal experiences.


The Keys to Agelessness

The year you were born doesn't change the fact that you matter and that you have something special to share with the world. Life as a woman does NOT end after children leave the house, after they have reached 50, after retiring from a career. Age is nothing but an idea and cultural limitation. Mary Louise Zeller is 75 years old, living life, traveling around the world, learning and growing in her personal and professional life, and teaching others to do the same. In her breakout session,...


Living Vibrantly after Surviving and Recovering from Trauma

Life isn’t what things happen to us, but instead what things we make happen. Leta Greene, aka The Hotness, is a mom, wife, speaker, best selling author, make-up artist, and sexual abuse survivor. She says while that last piece is good to talk about, her goal is to change the focus of those effected from triggering their trauma or even minimizing their trauma when they compare it to other’s stories to recovering and becoming confident. Even after more than 12 years of abuse. Leta is happy,...


Marital Intimacy is No Longer a Question

Have you ever wanted a place that wasn't crude but talked openly about marital intimacy? Since this impacts every marriage- we thought it was high time to talk about it and we couldn't think of anyone better than Laura Brotherson. In this podcast meet Laura and learn more about how to create a positive, mutually enjoyed experience that you look forward to rather than feel obligated to. As a certified marital and sex therapist Laura Brotherson shares the surprising truths and tips her...


Steps to Finding Your Personal Purpose

One of Jen's passions is helping women find their personal purpose and live their legacy now. Jen shares thoughts on how women work through the constant need for the balance of all or nothing and avoiding the “Mom Guilt”. She expresses the need for first having women who love themselves as they love and give to others so that they can rise higher and expand their horizon and talents. She talks about the space of acceptance of what works best as a wife and as a mom in your family. If you...


His Abundance in Our Scarcity

As a transplant from Indianapolis, Keichun gives back to her community and through her Non-Profit after realizing the impact she could have in serving others even when she didn’t think she was in a position to do so. Having grown up with the blessing of exploring different faiths, Keichun’s curiosity enabled her to have a foundation of faith which she would be able to come back to during her college years after she found herself on a path of destructive behavior. After a series of events,...


Eat Cake, Be Brave with Melissa Radke

If you haven't heard of Melissa Radke- you will my friend. She will most likely be a household name in the next few months as her show on USA network will be released in May. She already has a very successful podcast called, "Ordinary People, Ordinary Things", and a huge following on social media with viral videos such as "Red Ribbon Week" getting over 14million views alone. Melissa is real, authentic, and relatable. She has had her fair share of challenges including infertility, health...


5 Tips to a Better/Work Life Balance

Wanting to stay focused on what matters most? Not sure how to make it happen as a Mom and ____(family, work, church, community, and more)? Get these great real-life tips from speaker, author, and marketing genius Michelle Mccullough


Lifting and Loving the Next Generation

Nubia Pena is someone that by all accounts should have been a statistic. The way she was living as a teen very well could have put her on track to being in the system, pregnant, or on drugs. However, she rose above that lifestyle and decided to help others that are a product of their circumstances. She spends much of her time protecting and providing hope to those that feel broken- helping them to catch glimpses of their magnificence inside. You are going to love this story of hope,...


Our Stories are the Same, but Different

Tapping into her heart work, Jodi's career went from journalism and writing hard stories to connecting and writing the stories of everyday people. Jodi has recognized that our stories are the same, but they are different. Jodi helps people to validate and love their life stories while at the same time learning to do the same for her own life.


When the World is On Your Shoulders

There are times in life that it seems unbearable. That there is no way out and happiness and joy seem like a fading memory. What do you do? How do you heal? Elsebeth Green has lived this story. She found ways to rise above it and is now the owner of the Green House Center for Growth and learning and teaches over 550 people per week how to do this as well. Are you ready to learn how to find happiness again?


The Light in Your Leadership

Actions are louder than words, or so the saying goes right? After many years of being an educator, wife, and mother, Michelle knows that there will be moments when you encounter anger, confrontation, and even malice. Working with a diverse population her faith helps her get up and live each day with compassion and temperance. She has learned how to lead in remembrance of her divine identity as a child of God. Join Amanda as she introduces Michelle Love-Day, one of our Breakout Speakers for...


How to Recognize and Move Forward on Your Purpose!

How did one pot of chili change one woman’s life and help define her purpose? In this episode, get real with YGT! Board Member Toni Ragsdale and learn, laugh, and love the reality of your life, and what you can do to make a difference today.


Keeping On the Armor of God

Shantel McBride knows challenge and adversity. When she lost nine of her close friends and family members in three months- she learned how to do hard. However, she found her greatest gifts in her darkest hours and is now paying it forward as a Chaplain- helping others through grief and sorrow. In this episode, she will share some ways to keep the armor of God on always- and share a glimpse of her presentation she will be sharing on March 23rd.


A New Kind of Faith through Grief, Loss, and Heartache

Developing a whole new relationship with God after the loss of her son, Amanda shares how her faith was changed for the better through the experience of grief and loss. Her grief journey became her faith journey and opened the door to new experiences, new insight, and new capabilities when she would look up to Heaven and cry out for help. This episode is a reminder of hope and outreach for those who have been touched by grief and loss.


Rising Above Financial Stress

Life has a way of throwing financial curve-balls, and one of the greatest challenges we face as a human race is the constant concern about meeting basic needs. When it's hard to get ahead, it's time to discover tried and true principles for enjoying peace of mind in any economy. Listen to Leslie's Introductory Podcast and learn about what she'll be sharing in her Breakout Session at the Conference!


The Mom Game Changer Ann Romney Taught Me

As women, we really don't need a lot. We're like those tomato plants, you neglect it, you give him a little bit of water and they're like, thanks, and then they pop right back up. You just need a little bit and you will be shocked at how quickly you will start to feel that joy to vive. You'll feel that feeling of life. This is just one of the tidbits I learned from Ann Romney, what to know what else I learned? Join me in this podcast to find out what mom game changers that have helped me...


Claiming Abundance as Your Birthright

Want to discover more abundance in your life? It sounds very appealing, right? How would you feel if you constantly lived in the "overflow of life" rather than feeling any sort of scarcity in your life? Is it even possible? The answer is definitely yes. By birthright, you are entitled to abundance in all areas of life. Learn how by listening to this latest episode and watch the blessings flow!


The Miracles Behind the Movement

Starting the You Got This Women!was nothing short of a miracle. What began as an idea- truly a movement. Women breaking down barriers. Women talking about topics that impact us all- but through the lens of faith. Women uniting and lifting each other up so that we can be the best versions of ourselves. Women supporting each other through tough stuff like parenting, depression/anxiety, health issues, and Hear how the same principles that created You Got This Women! can also be...