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Preaching unto all mankind the True and Living Salvation of God our Father through Jesus Christ His Sons Death Burial and Resurrection

Preaching unto all mankind the True and Living Salvation of God our Father through Jesus Christ His Sons Death Burial and Resurrection
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Preaching unto all mankind the True and Living Salvation of God our Father through Jesus Christ His Sons Death Burial and Resurrection




Episode 18: Why I DON"T believe in the Trinity

Jesus Christ did not say He was God, but that God the Father made Him to be His equal, as does Jesus Christ make us to be His equal. The Trinity was established as Church doctrine at the Great Nicaea Council of 325 ad. for man establishing his kingdom.


Episode 17: America is the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13, the Beast that had 2 horns like a lamb and that speaks like a Dragon

President Trump is NOT the bringer of the Lord Jesus Christs Kingdom, but his kingdom. And just as the democrats are for Trumps perfection in bringing forth Rev 13, so too is it Trump who brings perfection to the 2 Witnesses witness of Rev 11.


Episode 16: Old things have passed away, behold ALL THINGS are become New

Jesus Christs Salvation creates a whole New Man within us. Our old understanding and wisdom must be destroyed and replaced by a New Heavenly Mind. Only then can we truly see and know and understand God and who He is as our Creator


Episode 15: Is God the Creator or does mankind play a part in creating life?

The idea that man creates anything of himself including believing in God and accepting God's Salvation, is because he selfishly judges according to his old sinful fallen state as being god.


Episode 14: The perfecting of President Trump is needed to prove the Truth of the 2 Witnesses

The 2 Witnesses need the Adversary in order to experience display and prove the Truth of the Salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ to the entire world by Resurrecting up from the dead.


Episode 13: The sacrifice of Jesus Christ reveals the Spiritual Sacrifice of the Father

Jesus Christ had sacrificed ALL of Himself on the cross. This reveals to us that God our Father has sacrificed ALL of Himself in order to Create His 2nd Creation. And just as Jesus was Fully Released from the grave, so too will the Father be fully released.


Episode 12: Why King David did not and could not kill King Saul

King Saul is our flesh and it serves a Righteous purpose within Gods plan of Redemption. A Son of God, King David, can not put to death ones flesh by ones own power. It takes the Lord Jesus Christs Work of the Cross.


Episode 11: The 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11

The 2 Witnesses of Rev 11 have experienced the release from ALL of their sin by the Lord Jesus Christs Death Burial and Resurrection. This is what they are going to be witnessing in GREAT POWER. Did I mention that they are a man and a woman?


Episode 10: The Gospel of Jesus Christ is NOT the prosperity gospel that is preached in the world today

To be Born from Heaven one must die to this 1st creation, including this physical body. But the prosperity gospel truly preaches that you must covet this 1st creation, and do all that you can do to save it from destruction.


Episode 09: The Sons of God within Israel shall rule the world

Salvation shall be given unto the Sons of God of Israel by the 2 witnesses of Revelation 11. The 2 witnesses shall bridge the gap of the Gentile Church and Israel, because they will come out from the Church.


Episode 08: The Bride of Christ is Predestinated to be Created as Gods 2nd Creation

God Predestinates His Elect according to the Plan of His 2nd Creation. He places His Predestinated Elect within His 1st Creation to perfect them. Gods 1st Creation is His Sacrificial environment He Creates temporarily until His Body is created. Then God undoes His work and wakes up out of His Separation.


Episode 07: The True understanding of what is a mans spirit and a mans soul

The spirit within man is a piece of God Himself. It is our power house and life. Every work our spirit produces is what makes up our soul. To be born again one must produce new works, a New Soul.


Episode 06: The Fullness of Almighty God in the Lord Jesus Christ

Only eating of the Tree of Life can a Son of God Know and Experience the Fullness of God and His Eternal Life.


Episode 05: Predestination of Gods Elect

Predestination has nothing to do with this first creation at all. The first creation is a sacrifice to perfect Gods Second Creation. It is the Second Creation which God has predetermined before the foundation of the world to come into salvation


Episode 04: The Godhead is One God working in and through 3 distinct Offices of The Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Angels.

The Fullness of God is that He is the Father who has Created all spirits within every single created being. He then Fully dwells within Jesus Christ, One of the Fathers Created Spirits, when He Raised Jesus up from the dead, causing Jesus Christ to Inherit or become One with every single created spirit of the Father. Making Jesus EQUAL with the Father. This is also our Inheritance too, in Christ.


Episode 03: Forgiving Sin in yourself and others by the Power of the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of The Lord Jesus Christ

There are two different types of forgiveness, one that is of the world and one that is of the Power and working of The Lord Jesus Christs Death, Burial, and Resurrection. The forgiveness of the world only causes a person to either become a partaker of anothers sin in order to restore fellowship or hateful judgment towards them. Jesus Christs forgiveness causes a person to be totally released from all sin and judgment, whether it is their own sin or others.


Episode 02: In these End Times God will once again use the Nation of Israel to be Glorified through

We are presently in the hour of the Lord Jesus Christs 2nd appearance. Before Jesus God had used the Nation of Israel to display His Salvation by their Physical Redemption only. After Jesus Resurrection God has displayed His Salvation in the Church by their Spiritual Redemption Only. But now it is soon time for God to display both the Spiritual and the Physical Redemption. And He will do this once again in and through the Nation of Israel for the world to see and Glorify God their Creator.


Episode 01: The True Born Again Experience by The Lord Jesus Christs Death Burial and Resurrection

Being Truly Born Again by the Lord Jesus Christs Death Burial and Resurrection causes a Believer to cast off ALL of his or her old works of sin and death. This enables one to rise completely out of their grave and walk in Newness of Life WITHOUT sin. Walk by the Faith of this truth and not by sight until it comes to pass whether in this life or the next.