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Your Soul is Knocking is a weekly podcast dedicated to facilitate healing from within so that you can discover your soul's true purpose and create the life you are meant to live. Tune in weekly for insight, inspiration and to ignite your passion.

Your Soul is Knocking is a weekly podcast dedicated to facilitate healing from within so that you can discover your soul's true purpose and create the life you are meant to live. Tune in weekly for insight, inspiration and to ignite your passion.
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Your Soul is Knocking is a weekly podcast dedicated to facilitate healing from within so that you can discover your soul's true purpose and create the life you are meant to live. Tune in weekly for insight, inspiration and to ignite your passion.




Beyond Quantum Healing | Life in Between Lives | What happens after we die?

Today is a sorta kinda solo episode. We are going to go into some IRL past life regressions/BQH sessions I’ve done BUT with a twist. I’m sharing stories of their life between lives. You’ll get to listen in on: - What happens after you die? - Is it the same experience for everyone? - What happens on the other side? - What do you do on the other side? - What is the new earth and what is it like there? - When is new earth coming? - What is Pleiades like? - What do Pleiadians look...


What’s Your Energy Type? | Human Design with Sarah Salinas

Sarah Salinas joins us on today’s show. Sarah is an intuitive Human Design reader who combines her Human Design knowledge and infuses it with spirituality and her intuitive gifts. We are going to dive deep on each energy type, so if you don’t know what your energy type is, make sure you pull yours up on We are chatting it up on: - How Human Design kept showing up in Sarah’s life and taught her to surrender - What is Human Design - What’s your energy type - What...


SACRED Power Rituals to Perform Throughout the Day to Change Your Life with Carla White

On today’s episode, we have Carla White. Carla is the first woman to launch an iPhone app (top of the charts for 10+ years), success coach and happiness cattle prod who’s helped countless people transform their personal and professional lives via her apps, public speaking, newsletters, seminars and books. Her #1 bestseller app, Gratitude, has been downloaded by thousands, featured on Oprah, NBC, NYTimes and countless other publications, and continues to grow in popularity around the globe....


A Conversation with an Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Source Energy Channel - Cathy Weiss

On today’s episode, we have Cathy Weiss. Cathy is a naturally gifted intuitive, clairvoyant, and source energy channel. She guides purpose-seeking people to align with their heart and soul-centered lives, providing high levels of clarity and direction on how to move forward in life. The results of her Intuitive Energy Readings include feeling aligned, emotionally lighter and more confident. Cathy also works with entrepreneurs and businesses as an Energy Management Consultant to increase...


Body, Mind and Spirit – It’s All Connected | Health + Wellness | Superfoods | Heal Your Body

On today’s episode, I talk about why it is so important to improve our health to connect to your mind and spirit. Announcements Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review. Take a snapshot and email me to let me know and be instantly entered to win a Purium CBD oil valued at $129!! Do it now!!! Find out more about Purium - 25% off code - healwithjen Connect with Me IG @iamjenshin Email


Shame is Always Underneath Everything | Authenticity, Vulnerability and Shame with Sarah Buino

On today’s episode, we have Sarah Buino LCSW, CADC, CDWF. Sarah is the founder of Head/Heart Therapy, Inc. She is a licensed clinical social worker, certified addictions counselor, Certified Daring WayTM facilitator (Brené Brown’s shame-resilience curriculum), and adjunct faculty member at Loyola University and Fordham University. She holds a masters degree from Loyola University in Chicago and specializes in shame and substance use disorders. Sarah integrates her knowledge of...


Heal through Trauma and Be the Change with Sue Sexton

In this week’s episode, we have a special guest, Sue Sexton. Sue is an Intuitive, Trauma-informed Licensed Psychologist (MA) for 15-years in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sue has created a humanitarian project called The 11:11 Peace on Earth Movement. She is writing a corresponding book series called Peace Pals and building the Peace Pals Program which will publish and launch in 2020. Sue also created the Water Bottle Challenge based on Dr. Emoto’s water research. Globally, Sue created the BE THE...


Step Into Your Sacred Feminine Flow with Joni Advent Maher

In this week’s episode we have a special guest, Joni Advent Maher. Joni Advent Maher, MSW is a mystic, spiritual midwife and transformational teacher and healer with over 25 years’ experience guiding others back to their ultimate Source of well-being and creative power. Joni currently supports others in practicing deep trust and partnership with Life and the sacred feminine essence within their body, heart and soul. She also mentors wise women in developing and sharing their soul work with...


8 Different Ways Your Soul Communicates With You | Intuition | Inner Knowing | Soul Remembering

In this week’s episode I’m sharing all the different ways your spiritual team and your soul communicates with you and what it feels like! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review. Let me know via email and be instantly entered to win a free Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis session with me! Connect with Me: IG @iamjenshin


Break Through Your Limiting Beliefs with Ilyse Soutine

In this week’s episode, we are talking to Ilyse Soutine. Ilyse Soutine is an author, speaker, and subconscious transformation coach. She helps entrepreneurs become more confident in their ability to make more financially. She accomplishes this by uncovering her clients’ deep, subconscious limiting beliefs around money so that they can fulfill what they were born to contribute to this world and get compensated generously for doing so. Ilyse’s signature method, The Subconscious Shift Call, is...


What the Heck is Eclipse Season and Why is Everyone Talking about Mercury Retrograde? | Astrology with Whitney Levesque

In this week’s episode, we are talking to Whitney Levesque. Whitney is a professional astrologer who’s been studying astrology for 9 years. She is also the host of, “The Space Witch Podcast”. In addition to astrology, Whitney is a tarot reader, spiritual teacher and magical practitioner. Today she talks all about: + How a crush on a boy started her journey to astrology + Being a self taught, professional astrologer + What is eclipse season and why are we feeling this way this month +...


Time to Fly with Angie Knight

In this week’s episode, we are talking to Angie Knight. Angie has studied yoga, meditation, shamanism, and other healing arts for 20 years. She has taught over ten thousand public and private yoga classes and leads teacher trainings, mentorships, inspirational seminars, and retreats, both nationally and internationally. She considers herself a student of life and has learned to embrace what is happening in the moment as the ultimate guide to living. Her teaching is light hearted and funny...


5 Steps to Manifest Intentionally | Abraham Hicks and the Law of Attraction

In this week’s episode, we are going to talk manifestation: + How manifestation is speeding up + What does ascension have to do with it + Abraham Hicks + Law of Attraction + What the heck is a vortex + 5 steps to manifesting intentionally Resources: Abraham Hicks - Announcement: Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast, review and send me an email that you did so to enter to win a FREE BQH session with me each month. Connect with...


What's Up with the Energy Right Now? | 6 Ways to Ground Yourself During this Process | Ascension Energies | Awakening | New Earth | 5D | Solar Storms | Energy Waves | Schumann Resonance | Ascension Symptoms

In this week’s episode, we are going to talk about what’s up with the energy right now: + What is Ascension + Ascension Symptoms + What’s happening to Earth how does it affect us + Schumann resonance + Mass spiritual awakening + Why it is important to ground + 6 fun ways to ground yourself Resources: Aluna Ash - Dr. Joe Dispenza’s blog on Schumann Resonance -...


Past Life Regression | Guided Meditation for Past Life | Past Life Hypnosis | Quantum Healing

In this week’s episode, we are going to dive into your past life, so get your pen and notebook ready and let’s travel through time and space! Connect with Me: IG @iamjenshin


The Woman that Changed My Life | Vulnerability | Daring Greatly | Brené Brown

In this week’s episode, I talk about the incredible woman that has changed my life, Brené Brown: + How vulnerability and courage is synonymous + How she’s changed the word vulnerable from a negatively charged word to a positively charged word + Why she’s the person I credit for me starting this podcast Links + Resources Listen to The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown on Ted Talks - Connect with Me: IG...


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Quantum Healing

In this week’s episode I talk about all things BQH: + SPECIAL giveaway announcement + How to prepare for a session and how it’s really important to prepare and do the work for a successful session + Why you should release all expectation of how the session will go + How QHHT has evolved into a new modality called BQH + How to choose the right practitioner for you + Who/What can show up in your session + How to receive a full body healing during a session + How to release past life...


How I Lost 15 Pounds with Intuitive Eating, CBD Oil, EFT

This week I discuss how I lost 15 pounds in a year using intuitive eating, CBD oil, tapping, iodine supplement and how spirituality and diet are related. Resources: EFT for increased metabolism - Charlotte's Web CBD Oil - Iodine supplement -...


How Will This Podcast Serve You?

On this episode, I tell you a little bit about who I am, why I started this episode and how I hope this podcast will serve you. Connect with me on IG @iamjenshin You can find me here - Thanks for listening!