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Zachrilege Cast is an interview series with atheists and other awesome people.

Zachrilege Cast is an interview series with atheists and other awesome people.
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Zachrilege Cast is an interview series with atheists and other awesome people.




Zachrilege Cast #168 -- Alex Moreschi

What does this minister and chaplain do after the end of No Religion Required? Well he’s constantly on the lookout for community and he’s still banging the drum (or a beer bottle) for the atheist community. We talked about his upbringing, becoming a chaplain, why community is important, what’s more important than listening (not much) and what faith communities can learn from non-faith and vice versa. Find Alex Moreschi on Facebook. He’ll friend you. Even you, weird but awesome...


Zachrilege Cast #167 -- Jen and Shea of Waiting 4 Wrath

Waiting 4 Wrath is a news, beer, more news, more beer, and generally four people having a great time. I had on two of the hosts a long, long time ago and I'm finally getting to complete my set with Shea and Jen. We'll talk Wyoming politics, how you should mix your beer with your podcasting and how to influence people and make friends in the atheist podcasting community. Waiting 4 Wrath links Original show episode 13 with Aaron and Steve...


Zachrilege Cast #166 -- Mickey Dubrow

Mickey Dubrow is the author of the recently published American Judas. In this happy tale we see America shattering the wall between church and state. I know, even more than in our current reality. Mickey’s been in the writing game for a while and this is his first traditionally published book. Please support him and get it because it’s a quality read. We talked about his thoughts as a Jewish person about the term Judeo Christian, I’m not quite sure he liked my comparison of the Old Testament...


Zachrilege Cast #165 -- Unapologetix

It’s refreshing to hear new voices. Unapologetix is Nikki and Brent, a couple living in Florida (one of our most “American” states), do a bi-weekly show that’s ⅓ atheism, ⅓ humanism and ⅓ nerd. I think they might be 35% nerd at least. We talked about how they met cute, becoming atheists together and how true nerds afford the current comic book movie craze. Unapologetix links: Brent’s...


Zachrilege Cast #164 -- ReasonCon RIP

This week we heard that ReasonCon, an atheist convention in Hickory, North Carolina would not return next year as promised. I attended the second and third versions of the conference, after hearing about the first one on No Religion Required. It was a great gathering in which I met a lot of my online friends and now we need to find a new place to get together. I can't track down that recording at the moment but if I find it, I will add it to the notes. I included the link to the...


Zachrilege Cast #163 -- Delissa McAdoo

I met Delissa aka Your Majesty at a Black Nonbelievers meeting in Atlanta. We'll talk about her work with financial ministry, how she found out exactly where in the Bible it says you should tithe, and what it's like to be the nonbeliever in her family Black Nonbelievers cruise Black Nonbelievers Delissa interview 50 Bold...


Zachrilege Cast #162 -- Karen Garst

I bring back The Faithless Feminist Karen Garst. You knew I wouldn't be able to fight the urge to talk about the 2018 Mythicist Milwaukee conference. I hope they call it something else next year. Karen was on stage this year with Karen Straughan and Melissa Chen so we'll talk about the "evolution" of the conference from her POV and what was it like being on the stage. Plus we'll talk about her new book Women v Religion. Karen...


Zachrilege Cast #161 -- Aron Ra

I have never felt worse for shortening the interview portion to 45 minutes than this week. Aron Ra created his nom de plume as a nod to the original monotheistic god of wind, air, but not volcanoes because that’s Yaweh’s corner. He was raised in a family that was Christian and Mormon and never fell for it. He became an activist about 20 years ago and turned a popular youtube series into a book I recently read, Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism. Is Aron afraid of bats? You will find...


Zachrilege Cast #160 -- The RFK Tapes

For a radical change I thought I would bring on someone to talk about another podcast. The RFK Tapes is a podcast based on some conspiracy theories about the assassination of RFK. Do we believe them? Were there multiple guns? Can I find a polka-dot dress to wear for the live recording? We'll find out. Shadow Play by William Klaber (co-producer of The RFK Tapes): A Disturbance of Fate by Mitchell Freedman (alt history...


Zachrilege Cast #159 -- My 9/11 Personal Journey

I wrote something for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution in January and since it’s about 9/11, I thought it would be interesting to read it. So check out my whole near-death experience, how it changed me and why not to enter a dirty garage apartment in South Carolina. AJC article Walkaway by Cory Doctorow:...


Zachrilege Cast #158 -- Felicia Entwistle

Felicia is the co-host of the Utah Outcasts, feminist, ex-Catholic and her real last name is Stormborn. We talked about her appearance on Serious Inquiries Only last year and if the conservative “center” is as bad or worse now. Felicia links: Live Read Notes Milo’s...


Zachrilege Cast #157 -- Mandisa Thomas

Mandisa made the financially dubious decision to become a full-time activist recently, so please go to her patreon and donate. She is the creator of Black Nonbelievers and was recently given the person of the year award by the UU church this year and is a board member for American Atheists. We discussed creating your own community, when it’s a good time to karaoke, and an audio book project with American Atheists that sounds pretty awesome. Mandisa...


Zachrilege Cast #156 -- Kevin Logan

Kevin’s such a weird creative dude that he gave his cat a French accent because his cat is from France. That’s so not #brexit of him. He’s a progressive Youtuber, and I’ve talked to two of them so that’s nice. He lets us know what’s happening in the Manosphere, why we should not eat Kek, and how insomnia led to him becoming a fan of American sports. Kevin Links Twitter: Youtube: Latest Let Them Eat Kek:...


Zachrilege Cast #155 -- Andi Sudler

Andi didn’t just escape a religious upbringing, she got in her tiny car and drove across the country getting away from it. She’s a beer lover (woo hoo) and a friend I met at ReasonCon last year so we reminisced about that gathering and talked about her living in a rural area of New Jersey. Andi links Untappd app (MsAnn21620) Live Read The RFK Tapes Beers from the show: Sunday Morning Stout Funnel...


Zachrilege Cast #154 -- Professor Stephen

There’s been a serious gap in the atheist podcasting community since we lost Atheists on Air. I talk to Professor Stephen about his Baptist upbringing, his amazing fashion sense, meeting Cash and getting in with AoA and why he had to let it go. Plus he announces a new podcasting venture and you get a special rant and a snake oil woo woo segment on “B-17”. Professor Stephen links The rise and fall of Laetrile...


Zachrilege Cast #153 -- Jeff Prebeg

Is Yinzer a gender-neutral term? We’ll find out as Jeff tries to get a local freethought group past the angry old white dude phase, explains how he became the atheist bald slash beard stereotype, why are fries on a sandwich and other such nuggets. He’s making a tattoo bet so check that out as well. Jeff links: Extra Life...


Zachrilege Cast #152 -- Gone for Two with Sharona

Sharona and I did a show called Going for Two for four years and it recently ended so it was my turn to have an exit interview. We talked about our favorite moments, guests, meeting in person, the ups and downs to being involved in sportswriting of any kind, and one last #overit or #nah. Sharona links Going for 2 final show Going for 2 first show (Sharona and the...


Zachrilege Cast #151 -- Sharona

Sharona and I used to a youtube show called Going for Two that initially was all about the Tennessee Titans (I was the hater, she was the supporter) and over time it morphed into us talking about just about anything, mostly sports, gaming and beer related. She’s had a tough go of it so I thought I’d bring her on to talk about depression, why sports were so important and what it was like to make that a lesser focus in life and the influence of gamergate on our culture. Sharona...


Zachrilege Cast #150 -- Episode with a 0

This was the most shooting the shut-your-mouth episode in history. I talked about how the show got started, why I’m still here, why Jeanne might still not be great at picking beer, why Chris came back to continue podcasting and what fun it can be to record a weekly show and have cool people on. We talked about beer and Chris talked about his own damn show a bit too much but that’s your typical white bearded straight guy for you. Links Podunk...


Zachrilege Cast #149 -- Michael Wiseman

Michael is barely ten episodes into his The Bible Says What podcast and he’s a big podcasting star in the waiting. He talks to pastors about what the bible actually says. I know, OMG, right? We talked about his evangelical background, finding the pastors and then getting them to talk, an ethically challenged doctor and an interesting rabbi and who he’d like to have on the show in the future. Michael...