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Self Deprivation

Do you deprive yourself of love, connection or feeling good? I do! In this episode I discuss how starving myself of the things I wanted or even needed has affected my life and led me to make choices I wouldn't have ordinarily made. Learn how: * Self Deprivation affects every area of your life including your relationships * What to do when you become aware of how you're depriving yourself * How self deprivation shows up * How self deprivation effects our body image, self worth and...


Manifest Love! Chakra Edition

Did you know you can use your chakras to heal core wounds and patterns that are keeping you stuck in toxic relationships? Working with our chakras is a powerful way to heal not just our hearts but our minds and bodies as well. In this episode I discuss each chakra, the wounds we tend to hold there and how thats stopping you from creating the love in your life that you desire. These are the exact tools that I used to heal my own chakras and manifest my soulmate. Remember that healing happens...


Heal Your Core Wounds - Heal Loneliness & Self Worth Issues

New Training on Healing Our Core Wounds! I've been going through this huge massive eruption of core wounds and being faced with emotions I've dismissed for years. In this episode I discuss the tools I am using and have used to become aware of my core wounds so I can heal them and move into new levels of self worth and as a result experience the life I want to live. In this episode you will learn: * Tools to help you heal your core wounds * What the most common core wounds are (the ones we...


Creating a Courageous Mindset with Regina McCarthy

In the face of trauma, a courageous mindset can be what moves us toward healing and connection. In this episode I speak with Author and Holistic Psychotherapist, Regina McCarthy, about what it takes to create a courageous mindset and how to heal and move forward from trauma. If you, or someone you know, has ever suffered from anxiety, panic attacks, bullying or trauma of any kind this is the episode you will want to listen to (and take notes)! Find out: Regina E. McCarthy, LCSW, is a...


Understanding Chronic Illness with Lauren Keller

So many people currently are suffering from chronic illness and getting little to no results when it comes to treating it with western medicine. Is there a way to integrate natural health alternatives with western medicine and achieve actual healing results? What is chronic illness and how can we better understand it so we can move toward healing? Join me as I discuss these topics with Lauren Keller, Nurse and Chronic Illness Coach. Connect with...


What Self-Love REALLY Is

In this episode I had the pleasure of speaking with Trena Jones, an amazing relationship and life coach, who has made self-love her main focus. She understands what self-love is beyond what you might see on Instagram these days and she clearly defines the difference between self-love and self-care and how all of it relates to having deep intimate relationships and manifesting true love into your life. Find out: The difference between self-love and self-care FInd out more about Trena...


Food is NOT a Fight with Jais Curry

Do you struggle with food? Do you feel like all you ever want is sweets and then you beat yourself up after you eat alll the cookies? Well, my amazing guest today is a Food Freedom Coach, she knows the struggles of dieting, binge eating and all the things around food. Today she is going to give you the low-down on why we end up in a struggle with food and help you see once and for all that food is not a fight and it doesn’t have to be from today on! As women most of us struggle with our...


Discover Your Inner Voice with Christina Gomes

Many of us are aware on some level that we have a purpose, we have a song within our hearts, a unique creative expression. But life happens, heartbreak happens and often our wounds cloud the sunshine of our deep purpose and knowing that we are here for something more. In this episode, I discuss with Christina how to discover our inner voice, the importance of play and childlike creativity and how to bring the flow of creativity back into our lives after heartache or trauma. Christina has...


Overcoming Trauma with Stasea Buettner

In today's episode I speak with Stasea Buettner about overcoming trauma - specifically childhood trauma. Stasea discusses a deep trauma she experienced as a child and how she reacted to this trauma by emotionally eating to protect herself and make herself feel safe. She also shared with me how she is healing this deep wound and all that she's learned about why we emotionally eat, and the different ways we learn to cope as children to trauma and fear. This is a beautiful story about a...


Honoring Your Boundaries with Cathy McKinnon

Setting healthy boundaries is essential to living a lifestyle of self-love and care but its not always easy or clear how to do this. Cathy McKinnon, Founder of Wellness Warrior Coaching, speaks with me on why we need to set boundaries, how to set them and how to honor our boundaries so we can show up for ourselves, our families and our businesses. We talk about THE BIG WHY and how honoring your boundaries fits into your goals and your vision for your life. If we are saying yes to...


Breaking Toxic Relationship Patterns with Kelee Love

Do you attract men that treat you like you don’t matter? They are totally love bombing you one minute and the next they are cold as ice? Do you find yourself dating the same or similar men all the time and you feel like there are no good guys out there anymore? I feel you sister! I was there my entire adult life and it sucked. My guest today is Kelee Love and we are so excited to bring you this episode where we help break down the exact steps we both took to start breaking our toxic...


Being Body Confident with Kate Dwinell

What does it take to feel confident in your body? To actually love your body? I am so excited to share this episode with you where Kate and I discuss what it takes to be body confident, to love our bodies and to change our mindset around eating, body image and past trauma that deeply affected how we see ourselves and live life in our bodies. As someone that has always struggled with my own body image this episode was not only super fun but healing for me. Kate has a beautiful and light way...


Healing the Womb with Elaine Lopez-Bogard

Our womb spaces are powerful creative spaces but so often we experience trauma and loss within our womb and that leaves us feeling disconnected from our bodies. As women this can leave us feeling guilty, ashamed, and can block us from actually being able to conceive – both in a literal and metaphysical sense. In today’s episode I speak with Elaine Lopez-Bogard, Owner of “Healing the Womb”. We discuss the role thoughts and emotions play in preventing and allowing conception. Especially...


Tapping Into Your Intuitive SuperPowers with Joanna Albrecht

Do you ever feel like you have a special intuitive gift but you’ve never really been able to tap into it? Sometimes you can and other times its so distant you just can’t get to it or use it? Do you struggle in your relationships and being able to trust yourself to make the right decision when it comes to the partners you choose? Join me on the podcast today as I talk with Joanna Albrecht – owner of UnfoldingLove and Creator of the podcast: The New Superheroes We answer all these...


Heal Your Broken Heart

Grab your free workbook and meditation with extra tools, a daily spiritual practice and more by visiting this link: https://sacredspacewithkatie.com/free-masterclass/ I know what its like to have a broken heart To feel completely alone, unworthy of love, to constantly be repeating toxic and abusive relationship patterns over and over It’s defeating. Its depressing and quite honestly NO ONE should have to live like that, EVER. I created my business because I FINALLY found a way to heal...


Healing Addiction

When it comes to healing addiction there is a lot of controversy. However, more and more we are seeing the truth about what addiction is and how its a symptom not the actual disease.


How to create sacred space for heart healing

In order to heal and release stuck emotions you have to feel safe. One of the places we should always feel safe (and comforted) is in our homes...but most of us feel anything but safe and secure in our homes and we may not even realize it...


You are NOT broken

No one on this earth is actually broken no matter how it might seem that way - we all just have a ton of crap weighing us down and that prevents us from seeing our wholeness!


What Your Home Says About You

We all want to stick around in a home that feels warm and cozy right? But what if you have no idea how your home feels to others? What do you do then?


Plan the Perfect Party!

Learn to plan the perfect party! How to get organized for guests and have fun while throwing the most epic party EVER!