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Ep.39- “What’s in a Name?”

Paul & Tabitha talk about the incredible comfort in knowing Jesus knows everything about us, and the blessings that accompany the new names He gives us.


Ep. 38- “A Firm Foundation”

featuring Kim Van Dunk. Kim explains how having a firm foundation built on the Word of God supplies strength, joy and rest through the trials of life. She shares the hidden treasures she’s discovered through her journey with Lyme Disease. Follow Kim’s Blog: Life in the Van


Ep. 37 – “Detours to Blessings”

featuring Pastor Alan Brown & Pastor Laurence Brown. Pastor Alan & Pastor Laurence talk about their experience of becoming deathly ill while on a missions trip to India, and how the Lord infused strength, blessings and grace through difficult circumstances. Hear Tabitha’s perspective on this event on Ep. 30 – “Prince of Peace”


Ep.35 – “The Shield of Faith”

Paul and Tabitha examine Jochebed’s faith-filled life of courage and how the shield of faith fortifies believers today. “We Will Stand Our Ground” from the Stand Strong albumWords & Music by Dianne Wilkinson. Performed by Hylander Singing Men


Ep.34 – “Hope & Order for Broken Behaviors”

featuring Pastor Evan Collier. Pastor Evan lays out starting points for successful ministry to children with behavioral diagnoses. 5 Steps to Serving Children with Autism, ADHD, and Attachment Disorders by Pastor Evan Collier


Ep.33- “A Very Present Help”

featuring Armand & Ellen Milanesi. Through their experience of being in the heart of New York City on September 11, 2001, Armand and Ellen attest to God’s providential hand in that traumatic event.


Ep.32-“Resurrection Power”

Paul and Tabitha discuss the victory, hope and assurances believers have today as a result of Christ’s resurrection. “My Hope is in the Lord” Piano Duet played by Tabitha Norris & Jessica WhiddonLyrics by Norman J. Clayton / Arr. by D. Ream, M. Ijames and H. Little


Ep.31- “A Different Beautiful”

featuring Courtney Westlake. Courtney gives a peek into the life of her family coping with the diagnosis of Harlequin Ichthyosis and discovering God’s beautiful design within the trials. She offers pointers on teaching children to respect and appreciate physical differences. Courtney’s blog Living a Different Beautiful & book A Different Beautiful


Ep.30-“Prince of Peace”

Tabitha looks back on how the Lord imparted protection and tranquility through a fearful situation on the mission field. Paul and Tabitha reflect on the life of Jesus and the peace He gives even in the midst of storms. Home (The Arms of God) by Heather Sorenson. Vocals & Orchestration by Jessica Whiddon.


Ep.29-“Unexpected Blessings” pt.2

featuring Sandra Peoples. Sandra offers further insight and motivation to churches seeking to serve families with disabilities. Resources: Leading a Special Needs Ministry by Amy Fenton Lee Every Child Welcome by Katie Wetherbee & Jolene Philo Don’t miss out on Part One of Unexpected Blessings!


Ep. 29-“Unexpected Blessings” pt. 1

featuring Sandra Peoples. Sandra opens up on the grace and mercy God gives her as a special needs mom and sister. Here’s a book we highly recommend: Unexpected Blessings Subscribe to Sandra’s updates:


Ep. 28-“The Apple of God’s Eye”

God keeps all His children at the center of His focus. Paul and Tabitha share their personal experiences of God’s tender loving care.


Ep. 27-“Consider One Another”

featuring Rick & Wendy Huntress. The Huntresses give a “crash course” on wheelchair etiquette and highlight the importance of considering the needs of others. Hear Rick’s testimony on Episode 26 “Better to Be Broken”


Ep.26-“Better to Be Broken”

featuring Rick & Wendy Huntress. Rick & Wendy offer terrific insight on how trust in God, joy and determination carry them through the fiercest storms. Rick’s book “Better to Be Broken” is an outstanding testimony of God’s faithfulness in hardship!


Ep.25-“Put on Love”

Paul and Tabitha dive into Colossians 3:14 and discuss what is included with “putting on love”.


Ep.24-“Rest Assured”

With Tabitha’s continual progression of muscular dystrophy, Paul and Tabitha are learning to cherish more deeply the security they find in Christ. They discuss false securities and compare them to the promises of eternal salvation for all who believe in Jesus. Believers can rest assured in the truth of God’s Word! Appreciation for Grace Evangelical… Continue reading Ep.24-“Rest Assured”


Ep.23-“Thankful in Affliction”

Paul and Tabitha discuss the importance of giving thanks in everything. Tabitha explains how affliction served to strengthen her faith and further the gospel during her time in Nagaland, India. * Broken Vessels, Hidden Treasures is giving away a Gratitude Journal as a drawing prize! To enter your name in the drawing, send us a… Continue reading Ep.23-“Thankful in Affliction”


Ep.22-“Loving the Imperfect Perfectly”

featuring Kevin & Joy Phillips with Shepherds College. Kevin and Joy share the interesting history and growth of Shepherds ministry. They talk about the extraordinary lessons of patience, love, and acceptance they’ve learned through their daughter who has Down syndrome and the students at Shepherds College. Shepherds College is leading the way in education for… Continue reading Ep.22-“Loving the Imperfect Perfectly”


Ep.21-“Oaks of Righteousness”

Season One Finale. Paul and Tabitha extend heartfelt thanks to the many godly individuals who are contributing to BVHT Ministries. Tabitha shares how the LORD gave her a mantle of praise through her 2 years of preparing for and recovering from jaw surgery. Jesus Christ continues to be the Norris’ source of joy and strength!… Continue reading Ep.21-“Oaks of Righteousness”


Ep.20-“An Unreached Nation”

featuring Daniel. Daniel talks about his ministry, targeting a population of 20 million Deaf in the 10/40 window. While the ramifications for people with disabilities are numerous, particularly for those in developing countries, Daniel describes the ways God protects and preserves them, confounding the mighty, and furthering he gospel. If you would like to learn… Continue reading Ep.20-“An Unreached Nation”