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Free lectures on spirituality, religion, mysticism, meditation, psychology, kabbalah, alchemy, tantra, sacred sexuality, runes, dreams, astral projection, kundalini, yoga, the Bible, and more. From the Gnostic Academy of Chicago, a non-profit organization.

Free lectures on spirituality, religion, mysticism, meditation, psychology, kabbalah, alchemy, tantra, sacred sexuality, runes, dreams, astral projection, kundalini, yoga, the Bible, and more. From the Gnostic Academy of Chicago, a non-profit organization.


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Free lectures on spirituality, religion, mysticism, meditation, psychology, kabbalah, alchemy, tantra, sacred sexuality, runes, dreams, astral projection, kundalini, yoga, the Bible, and more. From the Gnostic Academy of Chicago, a non-profit organization.




Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 08 Mantras for Astral Projection

World religions emphasize the potential of sacred sound to empower spiritual action. Through harnessing energies activated through the divine verb, we can consciously facilitate the process of astral projection and intentionally experience the dream world with lucidity, familiarity, and ease.


Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 07 How and Why Do We Astral Project?

While we astral project every time we sleep, are we conscious of the process? Just as our body naturally performs many functions without our intervention, we likewise enter the world of dreams every night without intending it. Through proven and effective techniques, take advantage of the delicate transition between wakefulness and dreaming, thereby transforming a mechanical process into a conscious one. By training our perception to maintain mindfulness while our body rests, we can...


Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 06 How Do We Dream?

Just as there are different types of people, there are different types of dreams, which originate from the malfunctioning of the five psychological centers: intellect, emotions, movement, instincts, and sexuality. Learn how to comprehend and transform the processes of dreams to awaken consciousness within the internal worlds.


Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 05 Why Do We Dream?

Identifying the causes of dreams is crucial for awakening consciousness within the internal worlds. Learn why dreams occur through a profound study of the Essence (soul), ego (defects), and personality (cultural identity). Dreams also occur due to different types of internal perceptions, known in some spiritual circles as imagination or clairvoyance. By comprehending why we dream, it becomes possible to modify our psychological states and to develop cognizance beyond its current...


Spiritual and Mental Health 03 The Hermit and Relationships

To pursue inner esoteric development, spiritual aspirants seek to become "hermetically sealed" from the world. Many struggle to balance this psychological isolation with worldly responsibilities and relationships. Through examining the mysteries of Arcanum 9, this lecture explores why "The Hermit" is an essential spiritual archetype for living a healthy life and navigating social relationships.


Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 04 Where Do We Dream?

Despite its advancements, modern science still lacks essential knowledge regarding the processes of sleep and dreaming. Contrary to scientific theories, dreams do not originate from the physical brain since this is only one aspect of our entire psycho-biological and spiritual constitution. While science ignores where we go when we dream, ancient mystical traditions explain that the consciousness travels within the different dimensions of nature rather than remain in one’s physical body....


Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 03 Who Doesn‘t Dream?

Every spiritual tradition speaks about enlightened beings who have passed far beyond ordinary consciousness by mastering their full potential. As a result of tremendous inner work, they no longer dream, but live continuously awake in each moment, during sleep and even after death. By transforming our automatic, unconscious behaviors in the physical world, we learn to overcome such mechanical habits and mental projections in the world of dreams, thereby discovering the objective reality of...


Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 02 Who Dreams?

Although it might seem incredible, the reason why we do not objectively perceive the internal worlds is due to our psychological conditioning. Likewise, what little we do experience of dreams is filtered or obscured by our own subjective perceptions. Even though we assume we are awake, in reality we are always dreaming, since our mechanical ways of reacting to daily life merely reflect our unconscious tendencies manifested in sleep. The question becomes: what exactly are dreams? How do we...


Dream Yoga and Astral Travel 01 Fact and Fiction

The intricate study of dreams is the experiential investigation of nature’s multidimensionality. In the astral plane (eternity or oneiric universe), one is governed by different laws, including elasticity, teleportation, and levitation, whereby the soul can fly through walls, explore distant lands, and freely travel throughout space. However, directly perceiving these higher realities, internal dimensions, or "heavens" depends upon training our consciousness, so that it awakens during...


Spiritual and Mental Health 02 Trauma and Spiritual Healing

"To change one's life is really to change one's own reactions towards it." —Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of the Dialectic Trauma is a process that causes the consciousness to become trapped in conditioned reactions, repetitive thoughts, and painful emotions. Spiritual methods of healing can empower us to become free from the prison of suffering through profound meditation and superior actions. Through this work, we can study the reality of our own life experience to comprehend the...


Spiritual and Mental Health 01 Practical Methods for Inner Balance

Rates of mental illness are increasing in our contemporary society. While modern medicine can address physical concerns, many patients seek comfort in spiritual traditions for mental and emotional wellbeing. Despite the historic divide between psychology and religion, more mental health professionals are recognizing the value of integrating spirituality with treatment. By complementing professional help with Gnostic techniques such as meditation, individuals can actualize, develop, and...


Cultivating Virtue, Conquering Vice 03 Strategies for Mind Training

All religious traditions speak about the need for cultivating virtue and conquering vice. Yet what are the practical techniques to do so? Discover how to master the science of meditation for deep and lasting personal change.


Gnostic Gospels 01 The Esoteric Christian Tradition

Since their discovery, the Gnostic Gospels have challenged millennia-old beliefs, assumptions, and theories about Christianity’s foundations. Gnosticism, the esoteric or hidden knowledge of Christian dispensation, offers revolutionary perspectives for understanding Christ and the role of personal, experiential knowledge of divinity. Learn how to approach these enigmatic scriptures and interpret their cryptic symbolism through the codes in which they were written: Kabbalah and Alchemy.


Gnostic Gospels 02 Gnostic Mysteries of Chastity

While sex is abundantly discussed and showcased in our contemporary society, few people understand the mysteries of chastity. The secret of this mystery was captured almost two thousand years ago in the Acts of Thomas, whose language, drama, and narrative encodes an esoteric teaching regarding divine or upright sexuality. Through the writings of Samael Aun Weor, we can elucidate this practical knowledge for achieving purification and reunion with divinity.


Spiritual Awakening 01 Yoga for the Aquarian Era

Many profess that humanity is in a new age, yet few have capitalized on its revolutionary energy for the benefit of others, demonstrated by the universal prevalence of moral, psychological, and social decay. This divine zodiacal influx has the potential to transform, yet one must be educated and dedicated to specific disciplines for its direction and mastery. Awaken this spiritual force through Aquarian Yogas: Mantra (sacred sounds, chakras, and powers), Raja (royal meditation), Jnana...


Sufi Principles of Meditation 16 Awareness, Unveiling, and Witnessing

Divinity communicates through the language of symbols, metaphors, and scriptural allegories. However, the methods to interpret and decipher such codes are found within the study and application of three essential principles: Imagination: the perception or awareness of non-physical imagery, Inspiration: the joyful recognition or unveiling of divine symbolism, and Intuition: the contemplation or witnessing of its meaning. Discover how the Sufis and Gnostics practically advance within these...


Spiritual Self-Defense 03 Guidelines for Spiritual Warriors

Discover the qualifications and practices of a genuine spiritual warrior: one who identifies, comprehends, and eliminates inner vulnerabilities, realizes selflessness, and embodies unwavering compassion for those who suffer―especially one’s enemies.


Cultivating Virtue, Conquering Vice 02 Processing Life through the Three Brains

“The balanced and harmonious function of the three brains results in the saving of vital values and, as a logical consequence, the prolongation of life.” —Samael Aun Weor, Fundamentals of Gnostic Education Learn how to use the experiences of your everyday life to grow spiritually. This lecture covers practical approaches to developing self-observation by working with the three brains.


Sufi Principles of Meditation 15 Certainty and Insight

Many people attempt meditation but are not able to discriminate what they perceive. Fortunately, there are extensive teachings and traditions that explain the degrees of meditative certainty: how one knows what is known based upon repeated, verifiable, and sustainable facts. Learn how to master the power of insight into specific problems, situations, and conditions of mind, gaining confidence in truth born from experience.


Spiritual Self-Defense 02 Psychic Attacks and Their Remedies

There are many ways that negative forces can inhibit, impede, and block our conscious development. However, there also exist numerous proven and effective methods for nullifying such obstacles. Discover the ways that we sabotage our own spirituality, but more importantly, how to preserve it against specific types of psychic aggression from both within and without.