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This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.

This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.
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This is a podcast of sermons from the Progressive Christian voice in Colville, WA - Colville United Church of Christ and Pastor Jim CastroLang.








19-0414 Expectations Of Jesus

An iconic opening story for one of the most significant and dramatic weeks in human history. The entry of Jesus into Jerusalem in a week that would lead to his death on the Cross and ending with the Easter story. The expectations were charged for all concerned as Jesus made his entrance. And so today we look at those expectations. Sacred Texts: Luke 19;28-40 Philippians 2:5-11 (audio)...


19-0407 Its Attitude

God says in Isaiah that "I am about to do a new thing." Problem is that our attitude often blocks us from seeing this "new thing" and accepting it. Example: Judas has his own attitude and expectations which makes him critical of Mary's anointing of Jesus in John's Gospel. We may not go on to betray Jesus, like Judas but often we are critical and rejecting of ways that we are not used to. The Lenten journey means a new attitude ready for a new thing to happen in our midst. Sacred Text:...


19-0324 Changing Our View

We continue on the 40 day Lenten Journey for follower of Jesus. In the nitty gritty of life, we wonder what we or someone else has done to deserve such suffering. In the wake of two Parkland survivor suicides, we know the grim truth of what serious games go on inside of us. As Jesus is confronted with this in Luke's Gospel today, we see him pivot to the image of the Fig Tree and the gardener to give us another perspective and help us on the journey. Sacred Text: Luke 13:1-9 (audio)...


19-0310 The Courage To Go On Retreat

Jesus reminds us of the of the great 40 year journey of the People of Israel to the Promised Land by beginning his public ministry with a 40 day retreat in the wilderness. This retreats, deep meditations, into ourselves are hard and take courage. As we begin Lent, we are invited into this type of retreat throughout the 40 days any way we can. It may take courage but it will also be a transforming experience. Sacred Text: Luke 4:1-13 (audio)...


19-0303 Change Milestones

It makes sense that Transfiguration Sunday comes on the eve of the Lenten Season. That trip to the mountain with Jesus for Peter, James, and John is a reminder that God is calling us to continue on the journey. The Law (Moses) & Prophets (Elijah)have been relied on for a long time but now Jesus will lead us on a journey into something new. This Lenten season invites us to be open to the change that might happen on the spiritual journey. Sacred Text: Luke 9:28-43 (Audio)...


19-0224 That Can Never Work - Can It

"Love Your Enemies" - great ideal in a perfect world. Yet it is seemly not practical. For most real situations in our lives, this just will not work to solve any problems. Clearly it is foolishness on the international stage. Imagine how week the U.S. will look if we try to love our enemies. This is how we act even when we say we believe Jesus. This sermon tries to lead us to see this solution of Jesus as the only one with a chance of success. Sacred Text: Luke 6:27-38 (audio)...


19-0217 Spiritual Strength And Skill

A key goal of our lives is to build our spiritual strength. This can not be done alone. There are skills to learn and we must practice like anything else to achieve excellence. Our community of faith, our church is place to be nurtured in our spiritual skill development and the community holds us accountable. Join the conversation and let's build our spiritual strength. Sacred Text: Jeremiah 17:5-10...


19-0210 Sin Through The Lens Of Science And Technology

Today is Science and Technology Sunday in the United Church of Christ. Too much religion pits science against faith. In this sermon you hear a discussion about the essential role of science in faith. In an age of social media, technology is often criticized for being central to our problems. Instead here you hear the connection between God and the tools of technology we create. A grounding in science and technology will even open up the scriptures in new ways. At first glance, today's...


19-0203 Identity Credibility And Reputation

The Lectionary readings for this Sunday all pointed me to the same thing -- Identity! How does any of us know who we are? We see how fragile our identity is when others doubt us or try to define us. Our faith calls us back to our core identity rooted in our Love Creation in God. These is what we discuss in this sermon. Sacred Texts: Jeremiah 1:4-10 Luke 4:21-30 (audio)


19-0127 Our Community

St Paul lays it out with an analogy in I Corinthians 12 - what many call the vision of who we are as a Community in the Body of Christ. This connection extends to all Creation. Yet, we discover it is not so much a vision to be achieved but the reality of our Creation that we have forgotten. Let's commit to living the reality of community and our interdependent connection to humanity and all Creation. Sacred Text: I Corinthians 12:12-31...


19-0120 Beloved Community

On this Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr weekend, we hear his sacred words again. Along with our scripture texts, worshippers read a variety of quotes from MLK talking about the Beloved Community. This is the dream that is rooted in the messages of Jesus. It is the message of non-violence that seeks to fight injustice while making friends of our opponents. It is the only way out of our spiraling cycle of violence and hatred. Besides the links to the reading below, find the link to an article...


19-0113 Naming And Identity

This Sunday was the celebration of the Baptism of Jesus. Everyone was sitting around in a circle so this was a sermon and discussion. In the inclusive, non-doctrinal, little rules, and informal ritual UCC - we sometimes lose track of the value of Baptism. This sermon discussion explores how baptism points us to a deeper understanding of our identity, meaning, and ritual expressions. Sacred Texts: Isaiah 43:1-7 & Luke 3:15-17, 21-22...


19-0106 See And Tell

On this 12th day of Christmas, on this Epiphany day - we tracked the Wise Men as they traveled from way out East through Jerusalem and on to Bethlehem. What did they see and tell? A star and a dream contributed to what the Wise Men knew and how they knew it. As Progressive Christians who are not big on dogmas and doctrines or litmus tests, we still can't avoid the question. As we hear the call to "Go Tell it on the Mountain" - what shall we share about the birth of Jesus? Why is it...


18-1230 Normal Family Holy Family

The story of Jesus at 12 years old in the Temple - Yes it is about how special Jesus is but also it is a story about family. Mother Mary, Father Joseph, and Child Jesus -- what can we learn from this family. This sermon explores some dimensions of family. Some Christians think that the "Traditional Family" is the only Godly family. This family is a myth and shows limited thinking. Jesus calls us into an evolving expanded view of family. Let's take a look. Sacred Text: Luke 2:41-52...


18-1224 Light

This audio begins with a dialogue with Isaiah 9:2-7 written by Pastor Jim. After each verse is read Pastor Jim shares a response to what is heard. Then Pastor Jim offers his Christmas reflection - "Light." Merry Christmas and enjoy. Sacred Texts used in the entire Christmas Eve celebration: Isaiah 9:2-7; Luke 2:1-20; Titus 2:11-14; and Titus 3:4-7


18-1223 Embodiment Of The Cosmic Christ

The sacred texts today give us some hints of the meaning of Jesus birth. Affirmation of the body, the human body is important to this understanding. You might say that divine love finds visible embodiment in the birth of Jesus. But, this is really not new. It was the intention in the first moments of Creation. The hope - maybe in Jesus we will find get it. Sometimes we have but too often not. Sacred Texts: Hebrews 10:5-10 Luke 1:39-45...


18-1216 Getting To Rejoice

Sometimes it seems like a big deal, nearly impossible to get from our current situation to joy and rejoicing. It could be that in this season of joy, that process can be especially difficult. This message for the 3rd Sunday of Advent speaks to this and offers encouragement. Sacred Text: Philippians 4:4-7 , Isaiah 12:2-6 (audio)


18-1209 Voices Of Transformation

The Sacred Texts from the 2nd Sunday of Advent - two passages from the Gospel of Luke are clear invitations to transformation. Unless you eliminate the Gospel of Luke - we must face that this Jesus about to be born will challenge the conventional power of this world. They are all about "power over" and Jesus invites us into "power with" relationships. If you are one of privilege or whose ambition has put you in a position of power -- this Jesus might threaten you. Sacred Text Luke 1:68-79...


18-1118 Birth Pangs

This Gospel passage in Mark is a classic. The disciples so often miss the point as they do here. The disciples don't get the bigger picture and meaning. There are so innocently childlike as they are awestruck by the impressive Temple building Jesus lets them have their moment before teaching them about the path to what is really impressive in the long run. In the process, something as impressive as this Temple building will need to crumble first. Over and over again Jesus teaches us that the...


18-1111 Honoring And Honerable

Every culture in history has developed its own honoring systems. On this Veterans Day in the U.S. we explored the idea of "Honor." We honor God but have you thought about how God honors us. We honor our Veterans but who else/what else do we honor. As we explored our scriptures for today -- it is clear that God wants to stretch the boundaries of our honoring and being a follower of Jesus makes this clear. Sacred Texts: Ruth 2:1-5, 4:13-17; Mark 12:38-44 (Audio)...