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2021 Hymns Tournament Round of 32 Analysis

Guest Analysts Stephen Duncan and Dustin Garrett joined us again for some up-to-the-minute analysis on our current standings in the Round of 32 for the 2021 Do Theology Hymns Tournament. Vote at


Expert Analysis: 2021 Do Theology Hymns Tournament

Jeremy and Kenn bring in Stephen Duncan and Dustin Garrett as the experts to talk about the early showings in the 2021 Do Theology Facebook Hymns Tournament. To vote visit


Darrell Harrison & Virgil Walker of Just Thinking on Critical Race Theory

The winners of our March 2021 Do Theology Christian Podcast Tournament joined us for a conversation about their Podcast Just Thinking. Darrell and Virgil shared the importance of reading the primary source material, and discuss whether CRT is primary or secondary in nature. We HIGHLY encourage you to invest your time into listening to Just Thinking Podcast. Learn More about Just Thinking here: Contact...


Dr. Gary Gilley on CRT and the Enneagram

For our final episode recorded live at the 2021 IFCA Convention, we hosted Dr. Gary Gilley, the founder of Think on These Things Ministries and Pastor of Southern View Chapel in Springfield, Illinois. Dr. Gilley hosts theological roundtables every year at the convention, equipping attendees with biblical truth to confront whatever errant theological/practical trend is gaining ground in Christendom or America more broadly. This year he addressed issues of CRT/I and the Enneagram. We talked...


Dr. Lofquist on Seminary and the Local Church

Dr. Les Lofquist is the Pastor of Membership and Assimilation at the Shepherd's Church and Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Shepherds Theological Seminary. Formally he was the Executive Director of the IFCA for 20 years. Lofquist shares some of his background before talking about his passion for both the local church and being engaged in equipping the next generation of church leaders through teaching at STS. Kenn is currently an STS student, pursuing an MDiv in Pastoral...


Dr. Granados of Calvary University on the Future of Higher Education

Dr. Alexander Granados is the President of Calvary University, which is both Jeremy and Kenn's alma mater. Granados shared his background before we talked about the future of higher education in America, how Granados' business background has served him well in ministry, and the importance of biblical balance in the Lordship/Free Grace debate. Learn more about Calvary here: Contact Us:


IFCA PASSED Resolutions on Social Justice and Biblical Eschatology

The IFCA passed two theological resolutions at the 2021 Convention. Kenn and Jeremy read portions of them and discuss the implications. The full text to these resolutions is available here: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:...


Dr. Richard Bargas on the Importance of Biblical Eschatology

In this conversation with IFCA International Executive Director Dr Richard Bargas, we talk to him about his background and testimony, what the IFCA is, and why it's so important to study and teach biblical eschatology. Dr. Bargas' Blog: IFCA International: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:...


INFO: What to Expect This Week On Do Theology

This is a short informational bit to give context for what you will hear this week on the Do Theology Podcast


Why I'm Non-Denominational

In this episode, Jeremy reads the most recent article from his website You can read along with the audio here: The five reasons he gives for why he is (happily) non-denominational are: 1. It reflects New Testament instructions and examples. 2. It keeps the focus on the local church. 3. It preserves the conscience in cooperative efforts. 4. It allows for true accountability. 5. It encourages a right...


Tom Ascol on SBC issues -- 2020 Interview Re-Release

This is a slightly abridged re-release of our interview with Tom Ascol conducted on June 8, 2020. With the events over the last few weeks, we found it to be relevant enough for a re-release. If you have not watched the cinedoc By What Standard make time to do so! Watch it here: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe...


5 Marks of Harmful Megachurch Culture

Jeremy reads an article he published on his website earlier this year titled, “5 Marks of Harmful Megachurch Culture.” If you’d rather read the article, you can check it out here: The five marks are (1) Self-Focus, (2) Empty Positivity, (3) Vassal Jesus, (4) Christians Anonymous, and (5) The Hype Hamster Wheel.


Doug on Drugs: Wilson Says Pot is Primary

We interview Doug Wilson about his new book, Devoured by Cannabis, and the issue of why it might be unwise to legalize weed. Devoured by Cannabis: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


Mormon Gets Saved on His Mission

We interview Micah Wilder to hear his story of how a simple challenge to just read the Bible changed his life. His new book, Passport to Heaven, is available now here: Adam's Road: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the...


6 Mistakes to Avoid in Theological Triage

Obviously, we're fans of theological triage -- we kind of have a whole podcast about it. But there are common mistakes that people make and we need to be on guard so that we do not fall into these traps. Thank you Chris Regas for this suggestion. What mistakes have you noticed? Reach out to us at the contact info below. Here are the six mistakes: 1. Believing theological triage can be done with consistent precision in every circumstance. 2. Not defining primary doctrines. 3. Defining...


Talking Theology with Just Thinking Executive Producer Dawain Atkinson

On this episode with talk with the Just Thinking Executive Producer and host of the BAR Podcast Dawain Atkinson. We talk about his theological development and how he has navigated our current cultural issues. BAR Podcast Network: BAR Podcast: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:...


Mike Abendroth on Expository Preaching and Sanctification

Mike Abendroth is a pastor, author, and radio show host ( We had him on to discuss a variety of issues. Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


Convictions vs Preferences, pt 2: Is it okay not to have kids?

Jeremy and Kenn continue the conversation they started last week about convictions vs preferences and exploring the issues of intentional childlessness and what it means to cast pearls before swine. Part 1: Contact Us:​​​ Subscribe to the podcast:


Convictions vs Preferences, pt 1

Jeremy and Kenn work through a tricky conversation navigating the issue of how to know if you have a bonafide conviction or simply a preference. Mentioned in the episode: Our episode on the conscience: The ROMANIAN! Contact...


Nate Pickowicz on How to Eat Your Bible

We had Nate Pickowicz on to talk about his book How to Eat Your Bible and what it's like to minister in post-Chrisitan New England Buy How to Eat Your Bible here: Consider if God would lead you to contribute to Nate's Church's building fund. Here is a link to a video from Nate with the story and details: Reformanda Minisitries:...