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James Price Squared - Episode 78

Brad sits down with good friend James Price to break down a couple of his songs. They continue where they the last convo ended and dive into a very personal story about the Oklahoma State Homecoming crash of 2015. music credits All music by James Price Tied Down Not Looking for Love There is a Light Love on a Wire Stay October Empty Suitcase Support us today on Patreon for extra content! Also links to our past episodes and social media at www.everythingisok.net.


Oh Jeremiah - Episode 77

Brad and David sit down with Jeremiah Stricklin of Oh Jeremiah. Jeremiah shares what it’s really like to be on the road making it as a musician with his lovely better half. We learn about some of stories behind his songs and much more. Check out his music, merch and videos at www.ohjeremiah.com today! music credits Old Emotions - Oh Jeremiah Entertain You - Oh Jeremiah My baby, Jimmy and me - Oh Jeremiah Support us today at patreon!


Beth Moore and Baghdadi - Episode 76

Brad and James are back in the swing of things with a solid episode on John MacArthur comments on Beth Moore and our countries reaction to Baghdadi and a “whimpering terrorist”. music credits Scared to Sleep - Toombz www.everythingisok.net Support us today on Patreon!


Botham Jean Trial - Episode 75

On this week’s episode James, David and Brad discuss the much publicized and polarizing murder case of Botham Case in Dallas, TX last year. Amber Guyger, a Dallas Police Officer, shot Botham by mistake in his own apartment, and claims she went to his apartment by mistake thinking it was her own. We reference the below article by Karyn Carlo, so please check it out. Dear White People: About Botham Jean, Forgiveness, Justice, and Cheap Grace music credits Mont Lyons -Tell Me What You Feel...


David and James Minisode

Hey friends! David and James do a fun minisode discussing recent events involving Relevant Media Group and their founder. We talk about the importance of self-awareness and what forgiveness looks like. We will get back to a normal length episode in two weeks! music credits hymn - Scales of Motion www.everythingisok.net


Bob Lazar + Area 51 w/ Daniel Meigs (Episode 73)

Daniel Meigs returns to chat about the recent interview between Joe Rogan and Bob Lazar on blowing the whistle on Area 51 and advanced technology in the late 1980s. We talk space, the unimaginable scope of our galaxy, and the age old question ‘are we alone?’. Check out Daniel Meigs’ photography and work here. music credits Scared to Sleep - Toombz www.everythingisok.net


Songwriting with James Price (Episode 72)

Brad sits down with his old friend James Price to chat about his life as a songwriter. David and James reflect on twitter mobs and why football literacy is a thing. music credits Drought of Love - James Price www.everythingisok.net


Tuesday Questions with Kyle (Episode 71)

James calls his brother Kyle Isenhower every Tuesday with random questions and to catch up. He recorded a recent chat with Kyle, and we thought y’all would enjoy hearing from one of our favorite theology nerds. Enjoy! music credits Stay - James Price www.everythingisok.net


I Kissed Dating Goodbye (Episode 70)

Did you kiss dating goodbye growing up like so many of Christians did in the 90s/2000s? Well you wouldn’t be alone, and Josh Harris renounced many aspects of it. We discuss an article detailing his life choices including walking away from Christianity. The article is listed below. https://pjmedia.com/faith/i-kissed-dating-goodbye-author-says-hes-no-longer-a-christian-get-ready-for-a-flood-of-christian-defections/ music credits Coffee in the Morning - James Price


Brad Flying Solo // Adoption Update

What happens when you leave Brad alone with a microphone, and just walk away? Apparently our newest episode is created and we live to tell the tale. Brad gives an update on the adoption process with Megan, and we get a commentary on the state of the world. Enjoy this rare glimpse into the psyche of Brad Stair as well as a fresh single from Oh Jeremiah!! music credits Oh Jeremiah -- My Baby, Jimmy and Me www.everythingisok.net


Eternity (Episode 68)

I want you to think about where you were the first time you seriously considered what happens after we die. If you have found yourself daydreaming about eternal life have we got the episode for you! Are we going to sing the whole time? music credits Scales of Motion - Love Is www.everythingisok.net https://www.patreon.com/EverythingisOK


Pop Culture and Christianity (Episode 67)

The boys take a deep dive into the past and our relationship with pop culture through the years. How has Christianity impacted what we consume, and what gets blacklisted? How has Christian celebrity impacted pop culture? What about the world of music, both Christian and secular. audio credits 7th Heaven Theme Song (YouTube) John Crist - Cartoons Christian Kids Weren’t Allowed to watch (YouTube) www.everythingisok.net


Can God Speak? w/ Mike Dixon (Episode 66)

In the Old Testament, God is in constant communion with his leaders, prophets and those who reach out to him. Often we read this communication is audible. Does God still speak to his believers in a similar manner? How do we discern God’s voice in our hearts vs. our conscience or inner voice. We invite MIke Dixon, pastor of Ekklesia Hattiesburg, on to help us navigate this tricky topic. www.everythingisok.net


Adult Friendships (Episode 65)

On this week’s episode, the boys discuss how the friendship game has shifted dramatically from high school/college to your 20’s and 30’s. We talk about why key friendships should be maintained, and some strategies for making them work with busy schedules and life changes. ALSO: Follow the link below to vote for us DAILY for Best of the PIne Belt. We are in the running for best podcast in the pine belt, and are just thrilled! Best of the Pine Belt Voting music credits Bandits - Oh...


Rhetorical Extremes (Episode 64)

We have all been guilty of telling someone the most extreme example to ride a point home in an argument. The boys at Everything is OK discuss why this practice of extremes has a larger toxic impact on society and the spiritual fabric humanity. music credits Oh Jeremiah - Brother www.everythingisok.net


Alcohol (Episode 63)

Brad, David and James talk alcohol and Christianity. It gets personal as we share our personal experiences growing up alcohol free as well as the later years. music credits Song - The Del Toros www.everythingisok.net


Joy and Creativity (Episode 62)

On this week’s episode, Brad, James and David take two concepts we are quite familiar with, and look at them through a Christian lens. Enjoy:) music credits Foreign Films - The Del Toros


Sexuality and the Church - Part 3 (Ep. 61)

On our final episode on sexuality and the church, the boys examine purity culture and “True Love Waits”. Enjoy! music credits Filthy Sinner Boy - The Del Toros www.everythingisok.net


Sexuality and the Church - Part 2 (Ep. 60)

On Part 2 of Sexuality and the Church, we talk to some of our LGBTQ friends and ask them to discuss how their identity has shaped their experience with their church. Can you identify as gay and Christian? Many of our fellow Christians have asked this question and lost everything. music credits Dinner Conversations - Oh Jeremiah www.everythingisok.net


Sexuality and the Church (Episode 59)

On this week’s episode, James talks with good friends Mike Dixon and Brad Corbin on the how the church has handled sexuality. This episode includes adult themes (sex) and you may want to hide tiny ears. Also prepare to learn and laugh as they navigate this often taboo topic in the Christian world. www.everythingisok.net