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Caregiver Authority

Weary of condescension from a physician years ago regarding my wife’s condition, I leveled my gaze at him and stated, “With all due respect, Doc – I was taking care of her when you were in junior high school. So how about we keep this in perspective?’ We may not know .the science, but we know our loved one. That knowledge and experience provides us with something I coined “Caregiver Authority.” Quality practitioners recognize the benefit of enlisting our hard-won insights. After dealing...


Do You Feel Seen?

All too many caregivers feel isolated and invisible. Even when seen, it's difficult to know what to say to caregiver. This is why I do this broadcast, the podcast, write books, and all the other things I do for caregivers. I understand the importance for caregivers to be seen and engaged - in a way that makes sense to caregivers. i speak fluent caregiver, and am grateful for the opportunity to speak to you through this podcast. I see you. Peter Rosenberger www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


This Is The Day

A simple song with a powerful message to family caregivers. Plus, callers from the show and a powerful "D" block monologue. If you find this program meaningful, please share it and consider supporting this work at: www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/giving '


How Do You Know If You're A Caregiver?

Years ago while interviewed for AARP, the reporter asked me, “What do you say to those family members who don’t realize they are caregivers?” The question struck me as funny, so I lapsed into my best Jeff Foxworthy impression, “If you have a professional carpet cleaner on retainer, you might be a caregiver!”


We Can't Change the People Around Us, But ...

As caregivers, owe it to ourselves to inventory the voices with access to our hearts. Although caregivers often find themselves in heartbreaking circumstances or surrounded by those with criticism or other negative attitudes, we have the power to change that. Recently talking with a man struggling while watching his wife slip away, I said, “You live in an environment permeated by approaching death. Balance that by immersing yourself into life.” Knowing he has great-granddaughters close by,...


Caregiver Identity Theft

Individuals and family members show great wisdom when subscribing to various products and safeguards that protect against data breaches. Yet an overlooked “identity theft” exists for family caregivers. Virtually all caregivers find themselves struggling to speak in their voice. If you find this podcast meaningful, please share it with others and consider helping us do more at www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/giving


"Honey I Forgot the Melody!"

I hope they couldn't see how profusely I was sweating when trying to remember the melody." From our nationally syndicated broadcast 10/9/2021 If you are enjoying our broadcasts, please help us do more! Visit www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Resistance Is Inevitable

While boundaries remain critical to healthy relationships, they sometimes develop on faulty information or impaired thinking. Caregivers inevitably collide with such boundaries while caring for loved ones. These flawed boundaries may look like resisting rehab for injuries and/or addiction issues, refusing medications, respecting others’ time, or a whole host of other issues. Confronting those disputes requires deftness and wisdom from caregivers—particularly when a loved one is “dug in”...


This Gives Perspective and Meaning to the Moment

In the day to day struggles of caregiving, we often find ourselves yearning to "get out of the moment." Yet, this phrase from a friend helped me stay present - even when the present is uncomfortable. I referenced several songs I wrote in this episode from our broadcast - you can learn more about them here: www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/music


Live While Hurting

In this bonus episode, I share an excerpt from the audio version of my book, Hope for the Caregiver, This chapter is titled, "Live While Hurting." Like many caregivers, I fell into the trap of thinking that things had to improve (or end) for me to live a healthier and more purposeful life. While sharing a poignant moment on a national stage, Gracie and I learned a different lesson. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/books


Three Funerals Are Coming - But In What Order?

Caller shared the plight of his sister-in-law, wife, and himself. It quickly became apparent that there are three funerals coming, but in which order? www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


Hiding Place

From our nationally syndicated broadcast 9/25/2021. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com If you find this episode meaningful, help us do more at www.hopforthecaregiver.com/giving


Can We Retrain Our Minds as Caregivers?

Of course we can retrain our minds! The only questions are: In this bonus monologue, we discussed this issue for family caregivers. _________________________ If you find this podcast helpful, please share it with others and help us do more at www.standingwithhope.com/giving


Peter's Interview by Bram Floria of Compassion Radio

My friend Bram Floria recently asked me to join him on two part-interview for Compassion Radio. Bram and I unpacked quite a few things in this conversation about suffering, anxiety, and God's provisions. For more information about Compassion Radio, visit www.compassionradio.com


"But in this world, bones will still break."

"I make a way for people to access that Kingdom. But in this world, bones will still break, hearts will still break, but in the end the light will overcome darkness." - from the Chosen, season 2 In this episode, we discussed a familiar hymn that's perfect for those struggling with difficult things. Are you ever burdened with a load of care? Does the cross seem heavy you are called to bear? Count your many blessings, ev'ry doubt will fly, And you will be singing as the days go...


They're Going to Fall

Chapter 39 from My Book HOPE FOR THE CAREGIVER is titled,. "They're Going To Fall." This is an excerpt from the audio book. Following Gracie's recent fall, broken leg, and surgery, I had to remind myself of this. These are heartbreaking events and it's easy to slip into dark places. I had to go back and read my own book. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com


My Hardest Challenge As a Caregiver

On the national broadcast recently, we discussed the hymn, ONLY TRUST HIM ...as it relates to us a caregivers. Unpacking this, I discussed my hardest challenge as a caregiver, and why this song connects to me. Hope for the Caregiver is the family caregiver outreach of Standing With Hope. Please consider helping us expand this program by visiting www.standingwithope.com/giving


We Will Stand: 9/11 Twenty Years Later

Whether it's a nation picking up the pieces following the attacks of 9/11 or individuals and families struggling with heartbreaking challenges - It's hard to know what to say when we see sorrow, and tragedy. After the attacks of 9/11, I struggled with to process the devastation. Sitting at the piano, I wrote this song. Sharing it with Gracie - she lent her powerful voice to this song and it remains deeply meaningful to us twenty years later. www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/music


Respecting The Trauma

Sometimes, we fail to consider the soberness of forgiveness. We may feel pressure from others to forgive and forget - all too quickly. Respecting the trauma we endure - and often cause - allows for greater healing in our lives and hopefully in our relationships. Forgiveness is intentional and deserves careful deliberation. If you find these podcasts meaningful, please help us do more at www.hopeforthecaregiver.com/giving


A Tree Service and "Something Beautiful"

While in college, I worked for a music star in Nashville who had a long driveway lined with beautiful trees. A tree service was called to trim them, and the results were not what the star expected. Please consider helping us expand this show with your tax-deductible gift at HopefortheCaregiver.com/giving