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Welcome to the How Now? Podcast! The podcast where we talk about "how" to live in the "now".

Welcome to the How Now? Podcast! The podcast where we talk about "how" to live in the "now".


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Welcome to the How Now? Podcast! The podcast where we talk about "how" to live in the "now".






Abilities in the Disability Community

“CEO of UCP of Georgia and South Carolina, Diane Wilush and Disability Community Advocate, Norma Stanley, join How Now? to discuss the current state of those in the disability community. We will discuss some of the set backs and victories that have been experienced as a result of the pandemic” To learn more about Diane Wilush and UCP of GA & SC : To Learn more about Norma and her advocacy efforts:


Prayer: An Invitation Into The Miracle Of The Present Moment

Fran and Carl McColman join How Now? once again to talk about prayer. Last week they spoke about living with a family member who is chronically ill, and the loss of their daughter, Rhiannon. This week, they share the amazing power of prayer and what it brings in the present moment to those willing to embrace it. To learn more about Carl's publications and Fran's beautiful art, go to


Living in the Now When a Family Member is Chronically Ill

Soul Friend, storyteller, and author Carl McColman, and his wife, retired educator and artist, Fran McColman join How Now? to talk about life with their daughter Rhiannon who was chronically ill, and how they created joy in that space. They will share ways in which others can find peace for themselves and their family member who may be chronically ill as well. Want to learn more about Carl and Fran? Visit Carl's website, where you can learn more about their ministry,...


Love Never Fails

"Hosts of the Love Marriage Fantasy Podcast and Certified Global Relationship Strategists, Starr and Anton Claiborne, join How Now? to talk about building and strengthening relationships and marriage in this season of pandemic and beyond." To learn more about Starr and Anton's coaching services or to check out their podcast Love Marriage Fantasy, go to


No Longer a Prisoner of My Thoughts...I'm FREE

Recidivism Crusher, Caroline Dunlop joins How Now? to talk about recidivism, what it means, and how having a new mindset and being present has given her new freedom." Want to learn more about Caroline and find out how to be a sponsor for her Tubs of Love? Go to


Planning Your Life, God's Way

Self-Care advocate and CEO of The Good Success Planner, Joan Walters joins How Now? to talk about the importance of planning, journaling, and preparing for what lies ahead, God’s way. Interested in learning more about Joan and The Good Success Planner? Go to and order your planner TODAY!


Temple Living - Building Blocks to Proper Nutrition

Our body is our temple. Wholistic Nutrition Specialist and Natural Health Educator, Dr. Janet Young, joins How Now? to discuss how creating proper building blocks for nutrition can help to build stronger, healthier, and more “fuel-efficient temples”. Want to learn more from Dr. Janet? You can email her at or visit her website at


Live Well, Live Now, Inspire

Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, Danielle Cunningham joins How Now? to share some tips on how to stay fit during restrictions created by the pandemic and how to set attainable health goals now and throughout the New Year. Want to connect with Danielle? Go to While you are there, don't forget to sign up for her FREE Fit Explosion on January 16, 2021!


An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude Specialist and Client Retention Expert, Tina Torres joins How Now? to talk about the many ways we can express and experience gratitude both professionally and personally in every season of our lives. Connect with Tina at Grab your copy of Tina's latest Best-Selling Book, Beyond Gratitude, now available on Amazon!


Making the Law of Attraction Work for You Whether You Believe It or Not

Based on his Best-Selling book, “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read”, author and CEO of Awesome Marvelous, Inc., Andrew Kap joins How Now? to discuss the Law of Attraction, what it means, and how it can work for you whether you believe it or not. " Want to know more about Andrew? Check out his website at and subscribe to his YouTube Channel!


Me and My Shadow

Life Empowerment Coach, Sheronda Barksdale joins How Now? to talk about what shadow work is and how it is providing healing for men and women in her practice during this season of transition. To learn more about Sheronda's products and services, go to


Amen and Ase...How We Give Praise

Bishop Dedric Avery and Minister Zema Love Fire join the show to discuss what worship looks like inside and outside of the physical church, and the new and innovative ways individuals are choosing to worship and give praise. Bishop Avery: Salt and Light Truth Center - Facebook - Zema Love Fire: The Indigo School of Light - Facebook -


I Had COVID-19, But It Doesn't Have Me

Dr. Marjorie Roberts-Crafton talks about being diagnosed with COVID-19, her experiences after her diagnosis, and being a long-haul survivor. To learn more about Dr. Marj, go to her website at Join the movement to encourage individuals all over this country to wear their masks! #masktogetheramerica on Instagram OR masktogetheramerica on Facebook (Mask with Us)


Who Do You Want to Be During COVID-19?

Welcome to the How Now? Flagship Episode! We will be kicking off our new podcast talking about Who Do You Want to Be During COVID-19. This episode addresses the stages that we go through during a crisis and how it affects our ability to navigate through our current pandemic. Kim's guest are four women in her "inner circle" who talk about "how" they are living in the "now" since the onset of the pandemic. Don't miss this timely conversation!


Welcome to the How Now? Podcast

How Now? host, Kim Martin-Raymond introduces her new podcast and talks briefly about the platform of the show, her thoughts, and what we can expect to experience as new listeners.