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Join Jeff Futers and his guests talking everything Israel as it relates to Christian faith and the church. If you are a Christian and you stand with Israel, you will be encouraged and challenged by this podcast, and if you’re not so sure about the whole Israel thing…you need to learn how your faith connects with Israel and why standing with Israel matters.

Join Jeff Futers and his guests talking everything Israel as it relates to Christian faith and the church. If you are a Christian and you stand with Israel, you will be encouraged and challenged by this podcast, and if you’re not so sure about the whole Israel thing…you need to learn how your faith connects with Israel and why standing with Israel matters.




Join Jeff Futers and his guests talking everything Israel as it relates to Christian faith and the church. If you are a Christian and you stand with Israel, you will be encouraged and challenged by this podcast, and if you’re not so sure about the whole Israel thing…you need to learn how your faith connects with Israel and why standing with Israel matters.






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Israel: A Theolgy of the Land

Jeff teaches from Ezekiel 35 and 36 a theology of the land of Israel. Why is this land important to God? Why can it never be given away? And who deserves to posses the land of Israel? Watch and listen as we discover the answers from Scripture. Acknowledgement: Ideas and outline for this talk came from a message by Dr. Wayne Hilsden, King of Kings Community Jerusalem. Used with permission. Support the show (


The Magdala Stone Explained

Jeff teaches about the significance of the Magdala stone found at the archaeological site of the home of Mary Magdalene and what is now the Magdala Tourist Center on the shores of Sea of Galilee near Migdal, Israel. Learn how the markings on the stone give us insight into one of the purposes of the first century synagogue as a place for worship and how they point to the temple in Jerusalem. In addition, we point out the likelihood of a 'Jesus' connection with Magdala and the synagogue there....


Understanding NT Scripture from a Jewish Perspective & Why Bible Students Should Experience Israel

Jeff interviews Dr. Jeffrey Garcia, the Assistant Professor of New Testament & Second Temple Literature, Nyack College NYC, NY. Dr. Garcia talks about understanding the Scriptures from a Jewish perspective and also shares about his experiences teaching with the Center for Holy Land Studies and why it so important for students of the Bible to go and experience Israel. Support the show (


Discipling Israeli Young Adults Post Army, Shmuel Salway Lech L'cha Israel

Jeff interviews Shmuel Salway of Lech L'cha, a discipleship ministry that works with Israeli young adults following their army service to encourage them and help them to solidify and grow in their faith in Yeshua. These young people face pressures and stresses during military service that most in North America and other parts of the world couldn't identify with. Follow Lech L'cha on Facebook. Support the show (


Life Post Lockdown in Jerusalem and KKCJ Ministry Update, Chad Holland King of Kings Jerusalem

Jeff interviews Chad Holland, Lead Pastor King of Kings Community Jerusalem and CEO King of Kings Family of Ministries. Chad shares about the situation in Jerusalem after this second COVID-19 lock down. He also talks about vision for the future and the brand new Hebrew worship releases coming out of King of Kings Worship. Support the show (


Growing a Fledgling Congregation in Herzliya, Israel - Daniel & Jalene Geppert Part 2

In Part 2 of Jeff's interview with Daniel and Jalene Geppert, they share how that God called them to pastor a fledgling congregation, King of Kings Community Herzliya, in Herzliya Israel. From their first physical location to the facility that they now have, Daniel and Jalene share about how God has provided and is growing and sustaining this congregation, even amidst the challenges of COVID-19. Support the show (


Young Couple Brought Together and Called by God to Minister in Israel, Daniel & Jalene Geppert

In Part 1 of this two part podcast, Jeff interviews Daniel and Jalene Geppert, Pastors of King of Kings Herzliya. In this episode, Daniel and Jalene each share their stories of how God brought them together from different parts of the world to meet in Israel, fall in love, and find a path together to ministry in Israel. Today they pastor a congregation in Herzliya, Israel. This podcast will encourage young people to seek God's will for their lives and be open to whatever He has for...


Growing Up In Israel, Jess Cantelon of The Israel Video Project Tells His Story!

Jeff interviews Rev. Jess Cantelon of the Israel Video Project and Hiway Church in Barrie, Ontario Canada. Jess grew up as a young boy from age 5 to 12 in Israel. He shares his personal story of how that impacted him and what drew him back to Israel to serve at King of Kings Community in Jerusalem for a number of years as an adult. Also, hear Jess share why it is such a big deal for Christians in the church in North America to make a personal connection with Israel! Check out our new...


Persecution & Palestinians Being Reached in Israel, David & Leah Ortiz

Jeff interviews David & Leah Ortiz again this week. David shares an amazing story of how God delivered he and a friend from a beating attack in an Arab village in Israel and essentially saved their lives. Later the next day, David and his friend returned to the same place because they knew they had something important to share, and God did an amazing miracle! David and Leah also share about the humanitarian aid distribution that the their congregation does for Holocaust survivors and for...


A Terror Attack and the Power of Forgiveness, David & Leah Ortiz

Jeff interviews David and Leah Ortiz from Kehilat Ariel in Ariel, Israel. This will be the first of two podcasts from David and Leah as they share about their experiences in ministry in Ariel. They are an amazing couple and you are going to absolutely love this story! Support the show (


Why Every Student of the Bible Should Experience Israel, Amy Flattery -Center For Holy Lands Studies

Jeff interviews Amy Flattery, Director of the Center For Holy Lands Studies (CHLS) in Springfield, MO USA. Amy attended Calvin College receiving a BA in Biblical Studies and Theology. After finishing college in 1997, she moved to Jerusalem, Israel, to attend Jerusalem University College. While there she pursued her MA at Jerusalem University College. Her area of study was in New Testament Backgrounds/Jewish History of the Second Temple Period. Amy lived in Israel for a total of 6 years and...


The Journey Toward Peace in the Middle East with Rabbi Ken Spiro

Jeff talks with Rabbi Ken Spiro, historian, licensed tour guide, speaker and teacher at Aish HaTorah in Jerusalem. Ken shares from his Jewish perspective about the history of the ongoing Palestinian conflict and the journey towards peace. He also gives his thoughts on the recent Abraham Accord, the peace deal between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. Support the show (


Jim Cantelon, Interview with Co-Founder of King of Kings Community Jerusalem

Jeff interviews Rev. Jim Cantelon, co founder of King of Kings Community Jerusalem back in 1983. Jim has gone on to work for 100 Huntley Street, pastor Broadway Church in Vancouver, BC. From there, he founded Visionled, which became Working for Orphans and Widows (WOW), a ministry focused on HIV Aids sufferers in Sub Saharan Africa. He continues to be the Founder and President of this great organization along with other writing and television projects he is involved in as well, including his...


YouTube Sensations Sergio & Rhoda in Israel

Jeff interviews Sergio and Rhoda in Israel, a young couple who for the last three years have been making and posting videos about sites and travel all over Israel. Their YouTube channel has over 222,000 subscribers and some of their videos have in the millions of views. You are going to love this great young couple and their heart to see people connect with God and His Word through their videos. Miraculous Victories of Israel 6 part documentary series available from First Century...


Resources in Modern Hebrew for Believers in Israel - Victor Kalisher, The Bible Society in Israel

Jeff interviews Victor Kalisher of The Bible Society in Israel to talk about his personal story and also, why it is so critical that the Body of Messiah, the believers in Israel, are resourced with materials in their own language of modern Hebrew. Support the show (


Prophetic Fulfillment of Modern Israel, Replacement Theology and Jewish Roots - Peter Tsukahira

Jeff interviews Peter Tsukahira, Co-founder of Kehilat HaCarmel on Mount Carmel, Israel. Peter is a pastor, teacher and prolific author of "God's Tsunami" among other books. He shares his testimony of coming to faith and how God called he and his wife Rita to Israel. He also brings great insight to how modern Israel is a fulfillment of Bible prophecy and the significant role that the Christian church needs to play as we move towards the end of days. You can connect with teaching from Kehilat...


Avie Esakov & His Recent Trip to Israel

Jeff interviews Avie Esakov, a Jewish Canadian tour operator from International Heritage Tours about his recent trip to Israel. Avie shares about conditions in Israel and the outlook for tourism in the days ahead. He also comments on two recent archaeological discoveries in Israel as well. Support the show (


Israeli Tour Guide Isaac Karasenti, An Update on Tourism and COVID-19 Situation in Israel

Jeff interviews Isaac Karasenti, an Israeli tour guide who has appeared many times on 'First Century Foundations' the television program. Isaac talks about the current situation facing the tourism industry in Israel and some of the everyday challenges Israelis are facing. FCF partners Christians supporting Israel with ministries in Jerusalem and many other parts of the country of Israel. We are a charity whose mission is turning hearts around the world towards the land, people and God of...


Michael Relf of Joseph Project, Largest Importer of Humanitarian Aid in Israel

Jeff interviews Michael Relf, the Communications Director of Joseph Project. Michael shares about the work of The Joseph Project - what they do, who they help in Israel, and why. As the largest importer of humanitarian aid in the Land of Israel, The Joseph Project is helping new immigrants, families in need, at risk kids and youth and many more who benefit from the aid brought in from different parts of the world from people who have a heart to bless Israel. They partner with Messianic...


Local Pastor Shares Why He Loves & Supports Israel - Interview with Rev. Jason Cleugh

Rev. Jason Cleugh of Maple Community Church in Vaughan Ontario Canada joins Jeff on the podcast today to share his passion for Israel. Jason has traveled to Israel on multiple occasions and has made it a priority to give his congregation the opportunity to join a tour to Israel every couple of years since his first experience in 2008. He shares his reasons why that is important for his congregation and also why every Christian believer should stand with and support Israel. You can also...