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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:

Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:


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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:






Love Without Retaliation

We could think of our current affairs of the nation to see that this scripture is for today. How difficult is it to not speak out when something or someone comes against you. Exodus 21:23; is there Matthew 5:38 is referring to. The law was Exodus however what Jesus was telling us that this is not true. This law was meant to place a limit, if a person had been wronged in one matter then that matter they would be punished with. One can’t take a tooth for an eye, etc. It was merely limits and...


Thou Shalt Not Swear

The greatest of vows or oaths is that of marriage. It’s not only sealed on earth but also in Heaven. Exodus 20:7, Leviticus 19:12 and Numbers 30:2; is where these scriptures relate to. Don’t write them off because they are in the old testaments. These apply today just as they did before Christ. Forswear: To never falsely swear of unnecessary swear. In courtrooms one usually laid their hand on the Bible and swore to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. One is doing this under Gods...



In this day and time, divorce runs rampant and it doesn’t matter whether a person is a church goer or not. This is a sad subject and a horrible statistic. We should always take to heart what the scripture says. When the “I AM” speaks, we should always listen and do. Sin begins in the heart, so it goes further than the act of. In verse 31 we see 2 points. We see that they have already heard something and then we see Jesus say something different. Israel had taken the law and had made it a...


Somebody Open The Gate

Jesus told this to many at that time about keeping sheep. He told this because they all knew how shepherds worked their sheep. Sheep could mingle with other hearts of sheep and when the shepherd called for his sheep, his sheep knew his voice and they would come out from amongst the other sheep. The sheep would obey their masters voice and wouldn’t follow another shepherd. Now is the time to step out for Jesus. If you’ve been born again then you know the difference between good and bad. You...


What Are You Leaving Behind?

There was 2 things that Joshua was instructed to do. One was to pick 12 men, one from each tribe to lead. The next was for these men to chose a stone, a large stone that was to be carried upon their shoulders, 12 stones. For every tribe a person was chosen and those 12 men were to carry 12 twelve stones. These men were a representative of their family, tribe. Just in that time, we have men that should be a representative of their households. Why should this take place? To show glory to God...


For a Cause

We should be grateful for those things that can’t be changed. The earthly things of this world will soon pass away, here today - gone tomorrow. However, the promises of God are things that will never go away. There has never been a time where we have done anything. Most think that with their own selves has enabled them to do great things. If it was not for God then that ability would not be able. God has enabled. God could have easily called us a blasphemer, but He doesn’t. If you’ve been...


The Love Of God

Annual Christmas Program.


Obedience of Joseph

We must be careful about the importance of Joseph. We can’t put light upon anyone but Jesus. Jesus was conceived NOT thru sin. In order for Him to be a man He had to be born of a human. However, He was born sinless unlike the rest of the world. God chose a man to be His earthy father. Joseph was a just man, an upright man. The just shall live by faith. Their faith must be real for a just man. James 2:20-24 Now thinking about Joseph and thinking about when he found out about Mary being...


Are You Condemned or Commended

If you’ve been born again then you are no longer condemned. The lost person is condemned already. What if... Have you ever asked the “what if...” question? Usually the what if is usually destruction. What if you lose your job? What if you die? Even if... Start saying even if and your life will turn around. Even if you lose your job, God is still in control. Even if you die, God is still in control. Jesus Christ will never leave you astray. Each time you take you eyes off of the light, Jesus...


Doom & Gloom

Trust is the action, work that is tied directly to faith. Is there anyone that doesn’t have any problems? What about being perplexed? Anyone have no problems with being persecuted? Likely everyone has some sort of issues in their lives. Each and every person has a gift that has been given by God. No there are those that we do not see or know what that gift is yet others we clearly know. Remember, that being a born again believer doesn’t mean that we live on top of the mountain. It means that...



There is about 6 different types of faith covered in the Bible. We will cover 3 of those 6. Saving Faith Without being born again, you will never have faith. Our faith will waver back and forth because we are human but saving faith is trusting in Christ alone for salvation. There are many types of religions and beliefs but there is nothing but Jesus. Without Jesus then there is nothing else. Justifying Faith We often get caught up in the world. Not a single person can be profitable while...


The Gospel Of The Star

The origin of the star was divine. It was a new star never to be seen before. The word of God is also divine and was created just for us. The wise men knew it was something different and knew it God that created it. The star was something that everyone could see. Just like the star the word of God is also something that can be seen by anyone. It’s not something that is done in secret but available to anyone. Just because everyone could see the star, all they would have know was it was a...


It’s Life Or Death

If you think that you can live anyway that you want to live, then your relationship with God is off. Being born again means you are no longer your own. You die out to sin and become a new creature in Christ Jesus. Some go about and live as if just because they’ve not been saved. Some think or feel that if they’ve experienced something at sometime then they’ve been saved. Just because you’ve experienced something or repeated something or even prayed, doesn’t mean you’ve been saved. A change...


Are You Sure?

Sitting at a red light and it turns green for you to go. How many times have you encountered where someone else felt they also had the green light and violated your right to go? At a place of work there used to be many that worked and put their money into pensions and yet those sure pensions were taken away. Many of working people put their life into what they think is sure but in this life there is but only one thing that is sure, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ died and rose again to pay for...


Send Us With A Mission

In Luke 10:2 we see something that Jesus told us to do. He tells us to go out into the field and gather the harvest. There is not a lack of the gospel but a lack of laborers. In Genesis we see that Abram was told to just go out, obey plus a promise. He told him to step out in faith. In Exodus we learn the story of Moses with the burning bush. The bush that burnt but wasn’t consumed was used to allow God to speak to Moses. God told Moses to just obey and step out in faith. In Isaiah we see...


Distinctly Christian

People need to know the difference between Christlike and a Christian. In this scripture we see that this is not a command. It’s plainly a choice to do the will of God. In the time we live we see many religions and many gods. The distinction between the religions and gods and that of a Christian is that there is only ONE way and ONE God. There is only ONE religion, belief. The belief in the ONE and true living God is the only way. Many say they are a Christian because they see many going to...


Heavens Highway

Thank You Lord for Your Blessings On Me Come Morning Until Then Without Him I've Been Touched God On The Mountain I Will Never Walk Through The Valley Again Do You Know How It Feels? So Much To Thank Him For Didn't He Shine Nothing But the Blood of Jesus Oh What A Savior


Patience in Prayer

How would it be if with every prayer you said it actually was answered the way you asked it? In this scripture we see a person that is desperate. If you’ve lived a life of a Christian and find yourself in a place where you just can’s see out of, desperation sets in and prayer begins. The glorious thing is that God hears our prayers. How many times when we pray that the enemy comes in a tries to tell you that God never heard you or that you’ve already prayed that prayer? There is times where...


Pluck It Out and Cut It Off

Just like the 6th commandment about killing someone, it goes beyond the physical part. God created men and He created women, male and female. This is a wonderful thing and ordained the institution of marriage between one man and one woman. Then humans took over and perverted this union with sexual sins. If people were right in their hearts then there wouldn’t be a sexual sin. So it’s not just the act of being unfaithful to ones spouse. What God knows and sees is what happens within a persons...


Looking Down Your Nose

The commandments have a deeper meaning than just the outward act. Most look at the external part of the commandments. In this particular scripture we see Jesus deal with not only the external but the internal issue of murdering someone. God is after the heart and we are to love and forgive one another. Though shalt not kill. Most are not guilty of the physical act of killing someone but internally we are ALL most likely guilty. We are not to be angry but there are times that we are, but we...