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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:

Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:


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Weekly services from New Providence Primitive Baptist Church in Maryville, TN. For more information about NPPBC, go to our site at:






A Little More Faith

We find ourselves when we go through life we try to put our faith in our flesh. This oftentimes brings forth rough times because the flesh is faulty. We ought to have faith in Jesus. We ought to seek to please the Father. God is the beginning and the end. Noah had no idea what a boat was, he had never seen one. Noah moved by fear and faith and trusted God to build this thing called a boat. There is a lot of people trying to find all kinds of ways into Heaven. God is the only way just like...


Get in the House and Stay in the House

There is a lot of people in the world that think that God will excuse their sin at death and He’ll let them into Heaven. God has made a way. In the Old Testaments, we see that God gave them a way in how to deal with their sins. In the New Testaments, we also see that God provided a way in how to deal with our sins. A lamb was to be set aside and it was to be without blemish. This lamb, if it passed as being pure would be sacrificed. The blood would be placed around the door and death would...


Where Are You Casting Your Eyes?

Abram & Lot were both rich men yet their eyes looked in different directions. They both were blessed with things in their life that their lives together became a battle. They made a decision that they would separate and go in opposite directions of each other. Abram didn’t care in which direction he went yet Lot saw the good of the land of Sodom so he set out towards it. Abram and his wife were driven by his love of God, this is why he didn’t care in which direction he went cause he knew God...


Anchor of the Soul

A lot of people in this world place their hope in something else besides the Lord. There are all kinds of anchors that a boat could use. Just as a basket is, is simply something that holds things. You can put just about anything you want in a basket. In life, we place things in our life's basket and most of them are worthless things. They mean something to us physically but Spiritually they amount to nothing. We can place our jobs in our baskets. Our jobs and education amount to nothing at...


God’s Foolishness is Wiser than Any Man

God chose the foolishness of preaching. God always has someone to preach. 1 Corinthians 1:17 The wisdom of words is sinful. In the Garden of Eden, we see the devil come and bring enticing words. Many so-called preachers stand and also give enticing words and they have no meat for the Spirit. People that think the preaching of the cross is foolish will perish. People made the foolishness of preaching for those that want to believe. Only one way to be saved and that’s to believe in Jesus...


God Delivers Out of Bondage

Egypt has always been a representative of sin. Egypt, when spoken about, had great bondage on its people just as sin has on one's life. Moses was sent as a deliverer of a people out of this “sin”. When God delivers it sometimes isn’t the way we thought it would have been. However, God is all-knowing and He knows what’s best for us. God doesn’t always lead us out in the easiest way. In the scripture, we read that God lead them around the land of the Philistines. This wasn’t the easiest way...


I Beseech You Brethren

We should be encouraging others in Christ to get closer to God. We need to be better than we’ve ever been. There is room for ME to get closer to God. We need to get up off of our seats Spiritually and admit that we should be getting better at getting closer to God. How many times do we pray for workers and yet we are unwilling to work? Should we not be the ones to go out and tell others the good news of the Savior? Commit yourselves to taking a step towards Christ. We often allow ourselves...


P. R. A. Y.

1 Thes 5:17; Ephes 6:18; There is a need for constant prayer. As good Christian people we often check this off thinking we’ve got it and understand it. However, how many times do we go without praying? We should be constantly in prayer with God. A conversation between the Christian and God. We ought to want to hear from God. Romans 12:12, God doesn’t want a one-way conversation and He doesn’t want a quick session of 5 minutes. Books about prayer, there are hundreds and thousands of them out...


Made Under the Law

From the womb, Jesus was made under the law. Joseph and Mary knew what they were expected to do and that was to obey God. No one told them what to do, they made a choice to simply obey God. They could have made up any excuse to do something else but they followed God. We all have a choice to make to live right or not. Mary by just giving birth to a male child was considered to be unclean and she was to be separated for 7 days. This was the purification process for the new mother. According...


Good Tidings & Great Joy

In the book of Isaiah, he wrote about Jesus Christ being born. This was several hundred years before Christ would be born. He followed what God had told him to do and he documented it as such. In this reading of today, we see it also written for us to read about Luke’s learning. God’s word was coming true before their very eyes and it continues still today. Jesus Christ is for everyone no matter their rank in society. We see that the shepherds the lowliest of society was first invited and...


It’s Now or Never

A statement of faith is all well and good but getting saved is a lot more than a statement. When God comes on the scene in your soul and convicts you of your sins, once He tells you you’re lost, a great fear will fall on you. In this reading, we see a man named Bartimaeus and he was a blind man. The one thing we do not know is if Jesus ever walked this same path again. We only know of this one time of Jesus and Bartimaeus crossing paths. This was Bartimaeus’ only opportunity to be healed. We...


Seeing Jesus

The church of today is made up of the body, the Christian, and the head, Jesus Christ. The church doesn’t have angels ruling them. What leads the church is the God-head, Jesus Christ. Some spend their time seeking out which angel will lead them next. Jesus is the light and in Him, there is no darkness. Jesus was made a little lower than the angels. He is divine in nature. He is the beginning and the end. He is the son of God. The father, son, and the Holy Spirit are one and the same. Before...


My Shepherd

If you’ve been born again then you have a shepherd. You have a personal shepherd. He didn’t save you to let you run free but to keep you. If you try to run off He’ll pull you back into the flock. Our flesh doesn’t like to be told what to do especially by God. Our flesh likes to tell us that we’ve gone too far but through humility and repentance God is faithful to restore what you’ve messed up. A lot of times He doesn’t require you to pray because He sees your heart and already knows once you...


True Worship

There are times that the children get it right before an adult. Adults at times think too much into it and miss out on worship. An adult might be bashful or prideful and these things push the worship back. Worship doesn’t have to be something extraordinary but it has to be real. Some come into the church and want someone to get happy so they can get happy. If you’re wanting what is running over from someone else’s cup then you’re after the wrong thing. The purpose of Adam and Eve was to...


Heaven’s Highway

00:15 . . . . Do You Know How It Feels? 03:30 . . . . When Jesus Passed By 07:14 . . . . That’s All That Matters to Me 11:16 . . . . Won’t Have to Worry Anymore 14:15 . . . . Come Morning 19:16 . . . . High on the Mountain Looking For Him 22:44 . . . . Until Then 26:14 . . . . Thank You Lord, for Your Blessings On Me 29:38 . . . . This Old House 33:33 . . . . I’ve Been Touched 39:54 . . . . What Would I Do? 44:56 . . . . The Only Real Peace



Your salvation is not based on anything that is of this world, it’s 100% of Christ. God reconciled man to Himself. The norm is that the person that offends is the one that asks for reconciliation. However, God the sinless came to man, the sinner. The only way for the sinless sacrifice Jesus had to be born in a sinless matter. This brings forth the virgin birth. Jesus didn’t do just what He wanted to do but of His father's will. At the time of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ God put the sins of...


A Treasure in Jesus

There is something we can’t deal with and that’s death. One can’t control it or get around it. Another thing is answers. If you have questions that need answers, at any given time you can ask. God knows the right answers and will only give you the correct response. Many people spent hours and hours, and lots of money to become knowledgeable. Yet no matter how much learning they receive they will never be as smart as God. If you’ve been born again then you have the all-knowing living inside...


All Things

We as humans can’t take God and cram Him into our humanly created box. God doesn’t do anything bad, He can not. He’s never made a mistake. He’s never slipped up or say I’m sorry. He’s never said He wished He didn’t do that. Romans 8:28 First and foremost, this scripture is not written to the lost. It’s written to those that have been born again, saved. All things that happen in your life God will work them for your good. There have probably been times in your life that you’ve questioned God....


Cades Cove Service

00:00 . . . . Prayer 01:33 . . . . When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder 04:50 . . . . The Son Hath Made Me Free 09:18 . . . . An Old Account Settled 13:35 . . . . Let Me Live Close to Thee 17:11 . . . . I'm Going That Way 21:59 . . . . Amazing Grace 26:03 . . . . Pastor Tommy Boring 48:29 . . . . What a Friend We Have 53:23 . . . . Heavenly Sunlight 57:49 . . . . Are You Washed in the Blood? 01:02:27 . . . . I'll Fly Away 01:05:39 . . . . Blessed Assurance


The Compelling Love of Christ

When someone looks at you do they see Christ? Do they see the compassion of Christ? Do you waver to and from? There are people that are lost watching you and they see when you are not walking in the path of Christ. The love of Christ is ever-present. It compels us and constrains us to continue for Him. The things of this world can and will tear us down. Just in the past few years, we see the world in such a godless culture. Our nation alone was established for God and yet we are kicking God...