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Holy Owned and Operated presents “On The Road To Perfection,” a weekly discussion between Beth and Kristofer Cowles focused on living the Catholic Faith as they take their evening walk.

Holy Owned and Operated presents “On The Road To Perfection,” a weekly discussion between Beth and Kristofer Cowles focused on living the Catholic Faith as they take their evening walk.


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Holy Owned and Operated presents “On The Road To Perfection,” a weekly discussion between Beth and Kristofer Cowles focused on living the Catholic Faith as they take their evening walk.




We Are Easter People – Episode 39

Happy Easter! Is Easter really 50 days long? Why? In this episode of On The Road To Perfection, Mama and Daddy talk about the Easter season, what we do during the Easter season, why Catholics celebrate it for so long, and how we celebrate it. Join Mama and Daddy in as they talk about this wonderful time of the year!


Humility – Episode 38

Join Mama and Daddy in this episode of On the Road to Perfection as they travel through Kentucky and talk about the virtue of humility. This virtue may be the hardest one to master. But Mama and Daddy, two humble people (even if Dad says so himself), offer great incite into how to accomplish humility; a virtue that we all struggle with daily.


Retreat- Episode 37

Mama needs a retreat! So instead of taking one, she and Daddy talked about them! In this episode of On the Road to Perfection they tell us what a retreat is, why we take retreats, and what they enjoy doing on retreats. This podcast will give you every reason to take a couple days off of work and go on a refreshing and rejuvenating retreat!


Self Control – Episode 36

In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Mama and Daddy talk about self-control. The last, but not least, of the Fruits of the Spirit listed by Paul in his letter to the Galatians. Self-control is a difficult fruit to bear; but when we do, there is a great reward. Join Mama and Daddy and learn some tips and clues on how to increase Self-control!


Is Joe Biden Catholic? – Episode 35

The million dollar question: Is Joe Biden Catholic? Mama and Daddy do not take a political stand in this episode (which is a big step for Daddy!), but they instead clear up what an ex-catholic really is; what "judge not" really means; what an informed conscience really is; how we get an informed conscience; and how to bring disagreements with the Church to the Church.


Teenagers – Episode 34

In this talk about teenagers, Mama and Daddy tell us how to raise our teens in the faith. They give some pointers and reveal the secrets of how they've raised my brothers and me in our Catholic faith. I can tell you what they've done works, and the fact that my older brother is finishing his second year at a prominent - and orthodox - Catholic university is a testament to that! -Andrew


Chastity – Episode 33

What is chastity? Can we have chastity in marriage? Can we be unchaste even if we are celibate? Mama and Daddy explain this virtue with grace and ease. They tell us how simple chastity is, they give us ways to stay chaste, and what a chaste life is; they give some examples of saintly chaste couples. NOTE: This topic is may be confusing for children, while Mom and Dad keep a gentle and "G-rated" approach, children may have more questions they need answered. Please be prepared to answer them...


Peace – Episode 32

In this episode of On the Road to Perfection, Mama and Daddy talk about Peace. What is Peace? When do we have Peace? Who grants us Peace? Mama and Daddy tell us all about this important Fruit of the Spirit, and how it leads us all to a, not only peaceful, but more faithful and joyful life!


Modesty – Episode 31

What is modesty? Is modesty only in the clothes we wear? Why is it important to be modest? What if we can't be Modest? Mama and Daddy brave the snow and tell us what modesty really is, how hard it may be, and how to avoid the flow of culture that leads to an immodest lifestyle. This may be an uncomfortable subject, but Mama and Daddy talk about it with such ease and grace that we'll all be glad we joined the conversation. -Andrew


Love – Episode 30

What is love? How do we love in everyday life? Is love, as Dad puts it, an "ooey-gooey" feeling? In this episode of On The Road To Perfection, Mom and Dad talk about love, how we are to love, and what is the greatest love; not to mention a lot more songs than average! - Andrew


Faithfulness – Episode 29

What is Faithfulness? What does it mean to be unfaithful? Who are we supposed to be faithful to? In this episode Mama and Daddy discuss the faithfulness, and tell us about their faithfulness at the same time. -Andrew


Gentleness – Episode 28

How can we be gentle? What is gentleness? Is being gentle only a feminine trait? Join Mom and Dad in discussing the gentle topic of gentleness gently, and, ladies and gentlemen, it is the show we've all been waiting for! Show notes are included on the episode page. -Andrew


Generosity – Episode 27

How can we be generous for the Lord? Jesus told the rich man in the Gospel of Matthew to give away all his stuff and follow him, is this generosity? What about Zacchaeus giving four times the amount which he stole? How about being generous with time? Mom and Dad talk about all these questions about generosity in this episode of On The Road To Perfection!


Goodness – Episode 26

Goodness gracious! What is goodness and how to be good and do good are sometimes pretty confusing things. Do they ever conflict in your life? Beth and Kristofer talk about everything from Good Samaritan laws to getting a glimpse of God in every Goodness. This talk and walk is good to go!


Kindness – Episode 25

"You gotta be cruel to be kind!" Wait...what? This is a fun topin but a serious one, recognizing that this Fruit of the Spirit specifically is NOT about being nice! Beth and Kristofer explore the difference and why Kindness is the way to go when having to choose between the two.


Epiphany – Episode 24

Did they come from afar, or a fire? Depends on your accent, and don't get us started on whether or not its kings, magi, wise men...or even if there were three or more, or less! Oh gosh, the confusion! That must mean the whole thing is a myth, hoax, or legend, right? Um...no. Quite the opposite. And we talk about what it all means and how it applies to us every day... Tune in for an epiphany of your own...


Christmas – Episode 23

Have a cup of cheer! Christmas is a big deal in the Cowles household, and this will give you a dose of it! From St. Joseph to Mel Brooks, walk and talk with Beth and Kristofer on Christmas Eve as they explore perspectives on Christmas that you just might not get anywhere else. Watch out! You may get stuck with a song or two in your head...


Patience – Episode 22

Don't have the patience to learn Patience? You're not alone, as you will quickly discover in this episode. While Beth is the poster child for Patience, kristofer is not. And if you want to learn how to get blessed with Patience - be careful! The secret is revealed!


Joy – Episode 21

JOY! Woohoo! We start off with a short rendition of that favorite kids' Bible school song and then dive right in. Do you have Joy? You know it is different than happiness, right? Well, let's talk about that and find out how, why, and where you have joy. It's closer than you think! Afterwards, join us for Joy on our episode page: https://HolyOwnedAndOperated.com/joy-episode-21/


St. Nicholas – Episode 20

Need to answer THAT question? Need someone else to do it for you? We've got you covered, and we take this question seriously! Saint Nicholas of Myra is one of those saints we all can relate to, and whom we all live and act ike, at least for a certain part of the year. Listen to how that makes us all saint-worthy, in spite of ourselves! Then tell us your Santa Claus memories and experiences on our episode page: https://HolyOwnedAndOperated.com/st-nicholas-episode-20/