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The Sound Man – Book Video of James Schleich, Read By Pastor Deborah

Listen to the story and testimony of James Schleich and how he as a child of 12 years old in 1995 was changed by a touch of God and by hearing that God Had A Plan for his life. Learn how James discovered his gifts and talents and how the men of the church helped James to improve his skills and talents in sound engineering and TV. Learn how James Developed his leadership skills and grew into a wonderful man who now is married and has his own family. At the time James wrote this book he was...


Songs Of The Heart, on Agape Love, Love Is Here, In The Treasure Chest Section, Introduction Video

Welcome to all to the Songs of The Heart section. Songs from all around the world a Treasure Chest of riches from the human heart. Enjoy, Listen and Hear the Songs of The Heart from humanity. Please Visit Agape Love, Love Is Here's web site at All music videos are freely streamed from Youtube and are not the intellectual property of Agape Love, Love Is Here. All are freely offered for others to listen to and enjoy.


How Disciplined Are You To Search, Class #2 of Leadership Development Series, The Master Class Initiative of Nigeria

Pastor Deborah welcomes the nations of Uganda and Bangladesh to join with others from Nigeria in Leadership Development Classes from The Master Class Initiative and founder Babatude Adekanmbi. Hear more about becoming a Leader within yourself and it's land called the spirit, soul and physical body. Ask yourself a serious question of How Disciplined To Search Are You. Are you really serious about learning, becoming more than you are and learning how to serve people and shepherd a nations...


Become A Truth Seeker, Class #1 of Master Class Initiative of Nigeria,

Welcome to the First Class of Leadership Development for the MasterClass Initiative for Nigeria. Get your pencils out and notebooks and take notes and prepare to ask Pastor Deborah lots of questions. Send Pastor Deborah your questions either to her email at or in the comments section. Pastor Deborah will answer the questions in a video. Learn how to help yourself and the nation and people of Nigeria. Class is open to all from all nations and can also send...


Welcome To Master Class Initiative, Leadership Development for The Nation of Nigeria,

Join with the students of The MasterClass Initiative of Nigeria and founder Babatunde Adekanmbi and learn about how to help yourself, others and thus a nation. Learn basic Leadership Truths and Knowledge that will begin to renew one's concepts of what one is to become, A Leader. Learn how one develops oneself and then help others and even bring righteousness and glory to a nation.


Hello Dear Moses in Uganda, A Video Email, Pastor Deborah Podcast

Listen to a Video Email that Pastor Deborah has sent to a wonderful man, Moses in Uganda, A Nation in Africa. Moses lives in a small village near the Mountain of Rwenzori and the rivers are flooding and landslides are occurring. Pastor Deborah received his request for prayer during this time. So, Pastor Deborah was led to send him this video with spiritual help of a powerful King. May you also learn and become the Genesis 1:26 King yourself and speak to the land, and repent of the shed blood...


A Royal Invitation, On The Road With Wilbur and Pastor Deborah, All Around The World,

Come and Travel with Pastor Deborah and Wilbur, The White Chicken of The Garden of Eden and hear about a loving message of Love, Coming Home, and what Reconciliation with The Loving Heavenly Father is about and what changes occur to one spiritually. Hear Words of Spirit and Life, Love and Freedom. Accept the Royal Invitation yourself and Step onto His Royal Road and Keep Walking to the Doors of The Kingdom of Heaven.


Global Tele-Ministry of Pastor Deborah, Test Time During Spiritual War, COVD 19

Join a tele-ministry session with Pastor Deborah as she talks to you about spiritual war and taking test during this time of COVID 19. Here about stories of others who took such tests, learn how to go through them and come out the other side. Here some words of hope and encouragement.


Words of Encouragement, Are You A Spiritual Captive?

Are you a spiritual Captive? Come and be set free by Agape Love.


The Hat of Magic Part 1 – A Blog, Stolen Power

Part 1 Audio Part 2 Audio


Looking Back – Looking Forward, 2019 – 2020, With Pastor Deborah

Come and Travel With Pastor Deborah and Look Back on 2019 and Forward to 2020. What goals did you set for yourself and what goals are you setting for yourself for 2020? Hear some stories of how lives changed and how Time is so important to all of us and how it is used to help us. Love Pastor Deborah


The Forever Person, A Who or A What?

Come and Learn about yourself and others. Are you a Who or a What??? Listen and learn about the Forever Person, The Real You, The Spiritual You that is Hidden in the Physical Body of Dirt and living in the Realm of The Spirit. Love Pastor Deborah


Mental Health and The Forever Person, Series, The Three Realms, Mental Health Treatment, Counseling, Education, Peer Support

Join the Podcast of Mental Health and The Forever Person, Series 2, The Three Realms, Episode 12 - Mental Health Treatment, Counseling, Education, Peer Support. Learn about the Ways that Mental Health Professionals seek to help those who a Mental Health Illness/Disease. Hear more about the avenues of helping those from the Mental Health World of Helping.


How Is A Word Created, An Episode of The King and Kingdom Series of Spiritual Teaching

Come and listen to Pastor Deborah's Podcast Teaching about Words and the Power they have in our 3 part system of Physical Body, Soul and The Spirit - The Forever Person. Hear ancient truths/light about HOW A WORD IS CREATED. Learn and grow. Pastor Deborah


Words, Seeds of Fruit, An Podcast Episode of The King and Kingdom Series

Listen to Pastor Deborah as she teaches more about the Spiriutal Concepts of the Purposes of Words and That they are created to produce Fruit and to be served to others. Words are vital in the 3 part system of physical body, soul and The Forever Person. Learn more about the Kingdom of Words.


Mental Health and The Forever Person, Series 2, Episode 12 The Three Realms, PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Listen to another Episode of Mental Health and The Forever Person, Series 2, The Three Realms, Post Traumatice Stress Disorder, PTSD. Learn how it effects the 3 part system of physical body, soul and it's two consciousness and the Forever Person. Learn about memories and their powerful ability to break through one's doors of amnesia and come again and vex and attack the system's unity and peace. Learn about how Trauma effects the system.


Mental Health and The Forever Person, Series 2, The Three Realms, Episode 10, Trauma Informed Care

Listen to a Podcast of Mental Health and The Forever Person and Trauma Informed Care. Learn more about oneself and others and the effects of Trauma on the 3 part system of physical body, soul and it's 2 parts and the spirit. Learn more about the intersection of mental health, trauma, and the soul and how trauma effects the physical body.


Mental Health And The Forever Person, The Three Realms, Episode 9, Series 2

Welcom and Listen to another Podcast Episode of Menta Health And The Forever Person, The Three Realms, Series 2, Episode 9. Learn more about Mental Health, The Realm of The Soul and it's 2 Consciousess. Learn more about the Deeply Hidden Sub-Conscious heart and mind and how it is shaped by the 5 senses and develops it's thoughts, concepts, feelings, desires, attitudes and culture of it's heart and how it is interconnected with the 5 senses and rules the ;physical body through it's heart and...


Mental Health and The Forever Person, The Three Realms, Series 2, Episode 8

Listen to Pastor Deborah talk more about Mental Health and the System she was apart of and how it operated and sought to help people from both a medical way and a faith based way. Learn more about the role of being a licenesed counselor who can diagnosis and treat medical diseases and illnesses. Learn about how the DSM is used and it's language of numerical numbers is the language of this profession. Listen and Learn. Pastor Deborah