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Testimonies of amazing things God has done in people’s lives

Testimonies of amazing things God has done in people’s lives




Testimonies of amazing things God has done in people’s lives






Angelo - from D.J. to Family Man

Angelo, from Melbourne, was visiting Adelaide for our International Convention in June 2019. Angelo tells how he went from someone who, despite his success & his desire to succeed in the music scene, he felt a huge personal void and a lot of fear that came with this. But that all changed when he found the bible-based Truth. He then goes on to talk about being healed of severe back pain and being delivered from a terrible, recurring nightmare. Today Angelo is a loving husband and a father to...


Sonny - Max and Tash's miracle IVF baby

Max & Tash share their moving and inspirational story of their IVF journey which led to the birth of their miracle baby, Sonny. At the very young age of 20, Tash was told she was going into early menopause, and in order to have a biological child, she would need to harvest and freeze her eggs, and enter an IVF program when they were ready to have a child. When Tash was 27, they elected to start the expensive & emotional roller-coaster ride of IVF. It’s a pretty involved process with lots of...


Brad is set free from anger and bitterness

During his teens, Brad’s happy nuclear family life was shattered when his mother left very suddenly. Amidst the devastating pain of life in a broken family, Brad became an angry young man and sought refuge from the pain through partying, alcohol and drugs. Later, Brad met a young lady, Jemma, and eventually attended a church meeting with her. He was drawn to the genuine love that the people there had for each other. After observing for a few months, Brad got baptized and then received the...


Pr Alan’s friends destroy a $30,000 Marijuana crop after they come to know God

My guest today is Pastor Alan Butler who shares his story of how his attitude to life and his personality has been completely changed by God. Alan was first convicted about the power of God to change people when he discovered his friends had destroyed a $30,000 crop of marijuana after they had “come to the Lord” by being filled with the Holy Spirit. Shortly after, Alan had his own in-filling of the Holy Spirit and knew instantly the Bible was real as lost his taste for drinking, smoking and...


Pr Brian is healed of Glaucoma

Pr Brian from Mt.Gambier tells of his miraculous healing from Glaucoma that confounded his doctor over 40 years ago, along with his wife Anne’s complete healing from being paralysed from the waist down. He also talks about his travels to Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, and the many miracles he witnessed there through the power of prayer. It’s a remarkable story. Would you like God to have an impact in your life like he has impacted Pr Brian’s life and those around him? Send me an email...


Brendan, once homeless, now happy husband & father of 3

As a teenager, Brendan was living on streets, heavily into alcohol with little hope for a happy life. That was until a guy he knew was healed from an Ice drug addiction. Hear how Brendan's life was amazingly changed through God's power.


Ewen & Christine share their story of Ewen's cancer journey

Ewen and Christine share their inspiring story of how God provided healing, peace and comfort through Ewen’s cancer journey #trflife


Pr Chris tells of his transformation from druggie to Pastor.

Hear Pr Chris tell of how God transformed him from a Druggie to a Pastor. BEFORE: Time spent in jail, living on a cocktail of alcohol/LSD/Speed/marijuana with no direction in life. NOW: Happily married family man and church Pastor.


Pr John & Janet Kuhlmann (Episode 4)

This is the last episode in our 4-part series with Pr John & Janet Kuhlmann – a fantastic series of conversations about serving God, amazing miracles and the formation of the Revival Fellowship church. You can find the 1st three episodes here We have over 40 other stories of people who have had amazing miracles happen to them. You can find them by subscribing (it’s free!) on your favourite Podcast App or follow us on Instagram / Facebook- just search for Revival...


Emily tells of God's protection during diabetic Incident

Emily shares her story about how God's protection saved her husband from dying in the middle of the night from a Diabetic Hypoglycaemia incident.


Donald talks about Christmas Island, Mental Health & being set free

Donald finds himself sitting in his room wondering what the truth to life is. He decides to ask God directly to give him an answer on how he can improve his life and be set free from drugs, anxiety & a broken heart. The very next day, someone knocks on his door & preaches the gospel to him, giving him the answer, he had just asked for. Donald discusses his healings, wondrous miracles he has witnessed with his own eyes and also shares his experience on Christmas Island after his visa was...


Pr John & Janet Kuhlmann (Episode 3)

Welcome to Part 3 of our Pr John & Janet interview. In this episode, we continue our discussion on the history of the Revival movement, including: 1. The rapid growth of the Adelaide fellowship during the '70s. 2. The purchase & development of the Carrickalinga Camp 3. Growth of the Revival movement around the world Enjoy. We have 1 more episode coming in this series, so stay tuned (subscribe for free via your favourite podcast app, or Instagram or Facebook). Feel free to contact us directly...


Paul is healed of liver cancer

In this episode, I chat with Paul from Hong Kong when he was at our International Convention in Adelaide. Paul shares his remarkable story of healing & second chances. In his wild university days circa 1998, Paul searched for and was excited to find God when a friend told him about the need to be baptized of both water and the Holy Spirit (which he did). However, after 7 years, Paul’s faith was still weak, and the lure of a world of fast living pulled him away from his faith and the Church....


Pr John & Janet Kuhlmann (Episode 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of our Pr John & Janet series. In this episode, we discuss a whole lot of topics and history, including: 1. The start of the Revival movement in Adelaide 2. Miraculous healing of their daughter, Christine 3. Spreading the gospel via aeroplane 4. The rapid growth of the Adelaide fellowship during the '70s, and the need to acquire & build new halls. 5. For all of you from small fellowships around the world, you will hear how, when the work in Adelaide started, there was only...


Sue Williams holds world record as the longest living Dialysis patient

Our guest for this episode is Sue, who has an amazing story. Both of Sue's kidneys failed at age 14, and on 27th May 2019, Sue became the longest living person in the world on Dialysis - a world record 50 years! (Some great photos and articles on our webpage. Sue's life, as you will hear, has not been without its challenges, yet despite long hours attached to a dialysis machine, strict dietary and fluid restrictions, you can hear the joy and gratitude in her...


Pr John & Janet Kuhlmann (Episode 1)

A very special episode of Revival On The Air today. I interviewed Pastor John Kuhlmann and his wife Janet back in 2018. It’s special because they have touched the lives of so many people over the years, and even more so because our sister Janet recently fell asleep in the Lord at age 82, after a wonderful life serving the Lord. Pastor John and Janet’s life story is really all about the history of The Revival movement in Australia. Their story starts in 1922 when Janet’s father decided to...


Alison is healed of Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia

Alison shares her fascinating story of how she was miraculously healed of Anorexia Nervosa & Bulimia Nervosa, along with depression and other health issues associated with her eating disorders. According to the NEDC (National Eating Disorders Collaboration), about 16% of Australians are affected by eating disorders and they have a higher rate of mortality than the general population. Alison’s problems started at age 14 and continued until age 26, despite seeking medical intervention. She...


Pr Godfrey from PNG & how a church of 100,000+ people was started

Pr Godfrey from Papua New Guinea (PNG) was recently in Adelaide, and I was fortunate enough to be able to grab some of his time for him to tell his story of how he came to know God personally, of some amazing miracles and of how the Revival work started in PNG - from the beginning with just him and his family, to now over 100,000 people fellowshipping right across PNG. It’s an inspiring tale…with lots of encouragement for us all in there. Make sure you like & share so that we can spread even...


Jason healed of a torn heart

New Zealand-born, Spirit-filled Christian, Jason is confronted by extreme chest pain which a month later was diagnosed as a tear in the pericardium heart lining. The pain was severe enough to prevent Jason from working in his building job, and it started placing a financial burden on his wife and son. This episode explores the ups and downs of Jason’s unbelievable heart condition and the amazing faith he had in God to heal him, and the result is truly staggering. Would you like God to change...


Pr Sammy Mwanzia from Kenya

This is an episode from the Archives…sort of. I recorded this one back in 2018, but the quality of the recording was so poor that it’s taken a long time to rescue it. It’s worth the wait though. I interview Pr Sammy Mwanzia from Kenya, who was visiting Australia. I have an interesting connection to Pr Sammy – I grew up in a country town in South Australia called Mt Gambier, and a brother from Mt Gambier, Bob Hutton, travelled back to where he was born in Kenya…..and witnessed to Pr Sammy...