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The Salam, Girl! podcast features content related to building a strong confident character as an American Muslim woman. The show is hosted by Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen, two American women who chose to convert to Islam. They share advice, experiences and interview inspirational guests to help empower Muslim women to reach their fullest potentials.

The Salam, Girl! podcast features content related to building a strong confident character as an American Muslim woman. The show is hosted by Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen, two American women who chose to convert to Islam. They share advice, experiences and interview inspirational guests to help empower Muslim women to reach their fullest potentials.


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The Salam, Girl! podcast features content related to building a strong confident character as an American Muslim woman. The show is hosted by Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen, two American women who chose to convert to Islam. They share advice, experiences and interview inspirational guests to help empower Muslim women to reach their fullest potentials.




Ep. 084: Author Hafsa Lodi Talks Modest Fashion & Influencers

Hafsa Lodi is an accomplished writer for fashion publications in Dubai and her new book is available now! "Modesty, A Fashion Paradox" can be found in your local book store, Barnes and Noble and in a week it will be on Amazon! Grab your copy. In the meantime she talked to us about modest fashion, challenges in the fashion world and modest social media influencers. Check out all the things Hafsa is up to on her Instagram: @hafsalodi and make sure you follow @salamgirlpodcast


Ep. 083: Illya Yasmeen on HBO Max's "Karma"

Representation is so important to our young people and now more than ever we are looking for representation for minorities and people of color. On this weeks episode we talk with Illya Yasmeen, a high school girl recently featured in a brand new reality series on HBO Max, "Karma". Illya describes what it means to represent Muslim girls on the show and challenges she conquered with confidence! Thank you to our sponsor, Use code: salamgirl for 15% off your...


Ep. 082: Necessary Discussions - TedX Speaker & Author Rahma Rodaah

This weeks episode faces several very difficult and necessary discussions. We invited an amazing childrens book author, Rahma Rodaah, who saw the need for diversity in childrens books and took action. This is just who Rahma is and she's so talented at seeing needs that TedX also had her speak on difficult subjects relating to growing up as a Person of Color in Canada. Rahma talks today about raising children in todays society to be strong and confident in who they are, about the role of...


Ep. 081: Keeping Your Head Above Water Post Ramadan- Lobna Mulla

Things can be pretty blue after Ramadan so we love to prepare you to keep your head above water. Today we are talking to Ustadha Lobna Mulla of the Yaqeen Institute about how to maintain the routine we need right now and how to help find peace and connection during this pandemic and civil rights movement we are living through. Such a remarkable time right now, we put our trust in Allah for guidance. Check out "Double Shot of Mocha" on YouTube for more of Ustadha Lobna Mulla.


Ep. 080: "QuarantEID 2020"- Monica's Back!!!

Eid Mubarak Ladies!!!! We know your super busy with your families so we are so honored that you take the time to listen to our show during Eid, and we really love doing Eid shows for you! This Eid is unlike any other and most of us were over dressed for the "Eid at home" that we enjoyed. Thats ok, it's still Eid and I am just happy to finally get to record with Monica again after so long. We joined each other via Skype so we could record from our homes and it worked well so look forward to...


Ep. 079: Husband & Wife come to Islam together!

Daniela is a New York native who lives in Florida with her husband and two kiddos. They are a totally adorable family that is also totally unique! Both Daniela and her husband have Puerto Rican roots and on top of that they both decided together to come to Islam and raise their children as Muslims, Alhamdulillah. Listen to Daniela's story and make sure you follow her on Instagram at @writingsbydaniela


Ep. 078: The Question that Changed Her Life- @girlrefurbished

Sara grew up Christian but like so many, drifted further from her faith as she entered her adult life. When she met someone special at work, she felt inspired to discover what she truly believed in and went on her own spiritual journey and the results surprised even herself! This episode was graciously sponsored by our favorite shop, Modefa USA! Get 15% off with code SALAMGIRL15 Insta: @modefausa Subscribe to us on Apple! Follow us at @salamgirlpodcast


Ep. 077: Arabs Got Talent Finalist to Quran Reciter- Jennifer Grout

Not long ago you could see Jennifer Grout as a finalist on Arabs Got Talent, complete with props, stage lighting, special effects and her beautiful voice shining through. Today she tells us about her training in classic music at a very young age and her fascination with Moroccan culture. She shares her journey to Islam and what she learned from her time on Arabs Got Talent and how life has changed her. Follow Jennifer on Instagram: @jeangrout Thank you to our sponsors @ModefaUSA and...


Ep. 076: An American Girl with a Saudi Heart- Hana Nemec

It's Ramadan and that means it's time for some heart warming convert stories! We are starting off with a bang, with Hana Nemec, an Ohio girl who lost her Mother at a tender age and came to Islam years later. Follow Hana on Instagram: @hannooni Her blog,


Ep. 075: Innovations for Ramadan Business in Covid19- Days of Eid

Ramadan, Covid19 style, is almost here! Today we are talking to Days of Eid creator, Reem Sayes about how she started her successful holiday decor company and how she is creating content for her clients during Covid19. Shop her collection and check out her program "30 Days of Ramadan" on her Instagram: @daysofeid


Ep. 074: Holidays and Multicultural Family- Jasmine & Marigold

A Pakistani California girl meets a Macedonian boy in college and they end up raising a Muslim family together? Yes, it so happens cause this is America baby! We absolutely loved talking to Sidra of the brand "Jasmine and Marigold" about how she met her husband in college, how he converted to Islam and even inspired her to become closer to her own faith. She started her business by creating onesies that appealed to both her Paki family and her Macedonian in laws. It was history from that...


Ep. 073: Making Space For Ramadan-With Hello Holy Days

Ramadan is fast approaching and we take it very seriously over here at Salam Girl Podcast, corona epidemic or not! Today we are talking to Manal Aman, the creator of Hello Holy Days. Manal worked tirelessly to get Ramadan decor into mainstream shops and make Ramadan a holiday accepted and noted around the world. Muslims have every right to walk into a decor shop and be able to find something made for them, just like to you see at Christmas and Hanukkah. Thanks to her efforts, adorable...


Ep. 072: Mind & Body Ramadan Ready With Zainab -Fit For Allah

Zainab Ismail came to Islam many years ago after being a big time Hollywood fitness trainer, sought after for her nutritional knowledge and fitness abilities. When she came to Islam she brought with her an energy much needed by the Muslim community. Zainab talks to us about her journey to Islam, getting our minds ready for Ramadan and eating healthier! Instagram: @zainab_fitforallah


Ep. 071: Empowering Yourself to Find Love- Zahra Aljabri

It's corona time and your sick of hearing about it so instead lets talk about love and relationships! Zahra Aljabri is a relationship coach along with her husband of 12 years. She talks about finding love and most importantly, finding herself. Instagram: @practicalmuslim


Ep. 070: Mind Your Own Hijab Bro! - Artist, Hafsa Khizer

Canadian artist Hafsa Khizer is our guest today and she tells us all about her super popular t-shirt design that touches on the subject of body policing in the Muslim community. She's an amazing artist and truly uses her art to project her pride in her identity and it speaks to so many others. Follow her on Insta: @hafsakhizer


Ep. 069: Arm Against Corona Virus with Dr. Uzma Syed- ID Expert

If you want to know how to stay safe from the Corona Virus, who better to ask than a super intelligent expert of infectious diseases! Oh yeah and she is also a Muslim, hijab wearing woman who does so much more than just her career as a doctor. Wait till you hear about the amazing Dr. Uzma Syed. Follow her Insta: @uzmasworld


Ep. 068: Leah V, Marya Bangee, and Spoken Word Poet: LIVE SHOW

Recorded LIVE from the 2020 Change Makers Summit we have brought you 3 amazing talented women all in one episode! We hear from a hollywood cultural consultant, Marya Bangee about her work in the movie industry. We also talk to author and model, Leah V about inspiring other young girls and representation. FInally you get to enjoy an amazing poem about Malcolm X from a Spoken Word Poet! Thank you so much to Mu Delta Alpha, the first women's Muslim sorority, for inviting us to the 2020 Change...


Ep. 067: Gender Equity in Islam-Faatimah Knight of Yaqeen Institute

When you think inspiring you have to think Yaqeen Institute and the inspiring researchers and fellows of that establishment. We were honored to talk all things gender based with Faatimah Knight about her paper "We created you in pairs", written for Yaqeen. Follow Fatima on IG: @faatimahknight Follow Yaqeen: @yaqeeninstitute


Ep. 066: Galentines Gals Supporting FACE

FACE stands for Facing Abuse in Community Environments and the organization was founded by social justice advocate, Alia Salem in 2017 to protect victims from people of power in communities who are preying on those members. It is the first organization of it's kind and safeguard the close knit trust between community leaders and their members by closing the accountability gap. Where no one was being held responsible for abusive acts before, people are now being investigated and exposed and...


Ep. 065: Industry secrets from entrepreneur, Zobaida Falah

Zobaida grew up watching her Grandmother mix spices and black seed together for a healthy snack. Who knew she would one day be able to continue her legacy with "Cure Bar", a health bar that packs a punch of the sunnah ingredient along with tasty things like honey and coconut oil. Zobaida shares all her industry secrets that will have you baking up your own secret recipe in no time!