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Ex-Mormon siblings Brother Dan and Sister Lisa discuss Mormon culture, religiosity, atheism, comparing their experiences growing up in 'The One True Church' and leaving the old rules behind to search for a more fulfilling way of life.

Ex-Mormon siblings Brother Dan and Sister Lisa discuss Mormon culture, religiosity, atheism, comparing their experiences growing up in 'The One True Church' and leaving the old rules behind to search for a more fulfilling way of life.


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Ex-Mormon siblings Brother Dan and Sister Lisa discuss Mormon culture, religiosity, atheism, comparing their experiences growing up in 'The One True Church' and leaving the old rules behind to search for a more fulfilling way of life.




The Universal Christ

In the second season finale: the siblings discuss passages and themes from the book 'The Universal Christ' by Richard Rohr. They compare this larger, more inclusive, more inviting and unifying view of the Christ with the one they grew up with, and those that seem to permeate the modern Christian population. 'If the overly personal (even sentimental) Jesus has shown itself to have severe limitations and problems, it is because this Jesus was also not universal. He became cozy and we lost the...


Don't Lie to Me

The siblings read the first of Ezra Booth's letters, which were written following his short but notable membership in the LDS church in 1831. He was convinced of Joseph's prophetship after he witnessed what he considered a miraculous healing. However, after his expectations of further miraculous events and prophecies were unfulfilled, he quickly saw through the delusion he was under and sought to warn others of the deception he witnessed. His story is an example of how one can find...


Choose Your Prophets Wisely

The siblings check in to share what they are grateful for, some very nice messages sent in by listeners, thoughts on the election, the NXIVM cult documentary series 'The Vow', fear of strangers, and the progress Lisa has made in her existential crisis by decreasing anger, increasing acceptance, and 'choosing new prophets'. --- Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube:...


The Denial of Death

The siblings discuss their reading of 'The Denial of Death' by Ernest Becker; how it contradicts their old Mormon understanding of an eternal self and how it informs the realistic understanding of the immediate, natural, fearful, fascinating, transient life in a human body. 'This is the terror: to have emerged from nothing, to have a name, consciousness of self, deep inner feelings, an excruciating inner yearning for life and self-expression -- and with all this yet to die. What kind of...


We Have to Go Back!

The siblings finally return ... with no agenda but to catch up. What have they been doing instead of making new episodes? Answers include: watching the entire series of 'Lost', reading books like The Denial of Death, Mormonism Unvailed, and The Universal Christ (future episode material) ... experiencing multiple existential crises, dealing with family members learning of the show and completely butchering the message, dreading the upcoming election ... you know, basic stuff. --- Richard...


Learning 21 Lessons for the 21st Century | Consciousness Cookies!

The siblings discuss some of Sister Lisa’s favorite passages of ‘21 Lessons for the 21st Century’ by Yuval Noah Harari, author of ‘Sapiens’ and ‘Homo Deus’. Subjects covered include: Technology evolution and data privacy, the pursuit of happiness, globalization, immigration, ethics before the Bible, monotheism, racism, and intellectual honesty. ‘I gather together the different threads and take a more general look at life in an age of bewilderment, when the old stories have collapsed,...


We're all F**king Dead!

They say the gospel is so simple that a child can understand it. Let us see how well Sister Lisa, former missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, having ingested marijuana drugs into her brains, can explain the timeline of events once Jesus returns and the real party begins: Resurrection!! After attempting to lay out the trajectory of our promised life after this life from the Mormon perspective, the siblings take the opportunity to bear their testimonies of...


Prelude to the Afterlife

With all this scariness in our current earthly existence, death might be on the brain a little more lately. But don't worry, you will live again! Also, you already lived before! In this episode, the siblings intend to speak on the concept of resurrection and the Mormon teachings about it but end up being sidetracked into first talking about the unique take on what happened before we were born (Premortal Life) and what happens while we wait to finally get our body back (Spirit Prison and...


Prayer vs. Probability

Heavenly Father, are you really there? The siblings discuss the act of praying, the mechanics of a Mormon prayer, and interpreting results as God's answer or the outcome of probability. They also discuss their experiences with prayer as believers, confronting the call to pray as non-believers, the seemingly nonsensical act of praying at all when God already knows all that will happen from beginning to end, and the concept of foreordination. Sister Lisa also describes all the recent...


Feeling the Spirit

To kick off season 2, Brother Dan and Sister Lisa discuss the experience of 'feeling the spirit', and how it is not exclusive to any religion or faith-based reward system. Often referred to as The Holy Spirit in Christianity, Mormons like to call the third personage in the Godhead 'The Holy Ghost'. What's his story? How can he be everywhere we want him to be? If you don't feel his presence, what is wrong with you?! They talk about how they have recognized the spirit both under the...


The Baijiu Bonus (Escaping China)

In this bonus episode, the siblings are reunited after Sister Lisa returns early from China (news of the coronavirus broke right after this was recorded). Over some traditional Chinese Baijiu, they talk about her experience in China and Hong Kong, her reasons for returning early, being triggered by The Handmaid's Tale, reading The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr, and what's ahead for season 2 of our podcast. Cheers! - SIZ --- Website: Facebook:...


Shout-out to Some Ex-Mo Brothers & Sisters

Early in production of this season, we recorded a special addendum to shout-out some other Ex-Mo creators that have been influential in our journeys but, forgot to include it! Today we thank them, and you. Check out the various links below. Talk to you next year! --- Heart of the Matter: Mormon Stories: Zelph on the Shelf: Naked Mormonism: Latter-day Lesbian: Dan Vogel:...


A Word of Wisdom

In this first season finale, the siblings further examine the Word of Wisdom - a health code of sorts which was presented to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1833. Since then, parts of the WoW have been further elaborated and treated more or less as commandments (alcohol, tobacco, hot drinks), while others seem to be overlooked or ignored (meat used sparingly, barley for mild drinks, and wine of your own make). It has continually been a source of confusion...


Further Light & Knowledge

The siblings conclude their overview of the Mormon temple ceremonies with discussions on the 'prayer circle', 'sealings', and 'conversing through the veil' with 'signs and tokens' (secret handshakes). They watch and react to some of the videos of these ceremonies on YouTube and Lisa relates her own personal experiences of her many times participating in these very cult-like scenarios. They also discuss the comparison between many of these ceremonies and those of the Masonic traditions,...


High to Kolob

'I'm learning to be a less anxious person after leaving Mormonism' Sister Lisa is indoctrinated into the cult of cannabis. The siblings discuss the conservative demonization of the substance, the attitude they have towards it now, how it truly affects them both, experimenting with conscious thought, dealing with mortality after leaving religion, and fear in general. Philosophy of consciousness, the possible choice to exist or not exist, the choice to bring more life into the world, the...


Endowment of Power

The siblings discuss the 'sacred not secret' temple practice of Washing & Anointing, sister Lisa's personal experiences in the temple, the evolution of these practices over the lifetime of the LDS church - such as head to toe washing of water and olive oil to just a drop of each on the head. And then comes the 'Endowment of Power'... We're talkin' ponchos, jumpsuits, temple dresses, aprons, silly hats, multiple versions of super boring and repetitive movies, healthy breasts and bowels and...


Baptism for the Dead

Since the 1840s, the most common temple activity in which a Mormon person can participate is proxy baptism, or 'Baptism for the Dead'. Why do they do this? Good question. It's not as creepy as it may sound to the uninitiated, but it's still creepy. In this episode, the siblings talk about their own experiences being baptized in the name of dead people over and over as adolescents, the significance of being baptized by their father, and feeling the 'spirit' while being dressed in white and...


The Ballad of Sister Lisa

In this special edition of the show, we present a condensed version of the two episodes of Dan's educational entertainment podcast The Fundamentals (now known as Everywhere You Go is Bullsh*t) in which Lisa was a guest, discussing Mormonism. Lisa joins Brother Dan, Darren McCarthy & Martin Wallace to share her personal story of growing up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, being baptized by her brother, attending BYU-Idaho, and serving a full-time mission for 18 months...


Moderation in All Things

It’s the end of the first recording session for the show, and the siblings have partaken of the sweet berry wines throughout the evening. So, they discuss their relationship with the things the church has prohibited and demonized through the Word of Wisdom (more on that in a future episode), the further interpretation of it over time, and the seemingly arbitrary adherence to it as written. They note the hypocrisy of demonizing marijuana while swallowing prescription drugs and diet coke,...


Apostasy in Japan 🇯🇵

In June of 2019, Dan & Lisa met in Japan after being apart for about 10 months. Lisa had taken the opportunity to work as a teacher in China after her shelf began to break in order to contemplate the act of removing herself from the church. Before she came back, she wanted to spend time with the only person she knew who truly understood the struggle and they arranged to spend time in Japan before she returned home. They recap their experience in Tokyo, Kyoto & Fukuoka; and express their...