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Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE

Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE


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Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE






Recoding Ourselves with Zhanna Romm

In her words, Zhanna Romm was always the “too profound weird crazy chick”, the “circle trying to jam herself into a square”. Then the right timing came for her sacred gifts to flower, and she found herself knowing all along what she was here to do: birth the New Earth templates as a Quantum Healing […]


Without Certainty with Karl Forehand

After serving conservative religious congregations for over 20 years, Karl Forehand found himself standing at the pulpit saying “Maybe we should admit that we might be wrong.” He realized that he had become complacent in his own personal inquiry into God, and needed to walk through a new door. The door Karl walked through led […]


Dumpster to Diamonds with Shirlene Reeves

At her rock bottom during divorce, Shirlene Reeves was dumpster diving to feed her kids and living on the beach in a camper. In a pivotal moment, she realized she had the self mastery and leadership skills to turn it all around. She bootstrapped a company and brought it from zero to multi-millions with over 23,000 […]


Return of Ritual with Amber Wientzen

Stepping out of bed into a foot of water was the beginning of Amber Wientzen’s journey to being a psychopomp, a spiritual bridge, and to understanding the power of sacred ritual for healing our planet. It was her first experience of performing sacred ritual in which she served as a conduit of healing for indigenous […]


Pioneers of New Earth with Vasi Huntalas

When she was young Vasi Huntalas instinctively knew how to make a direct connection to what she calls the “bigger me”. Her traditional Greek family was concerned and brought the priest in to make sure everything was ok with Vasi, from which she learned to hide her spirituality. It took into her adulthood before Vasi […]


Moms On A Mission with Jenny Hogg Ashwell Randolph

When Jenny Hogg Ashwell Randolph entered her brand new law office complete with secretary, she felt she had arrived after years of hard work to claim her dreams. And just moments later, a thudding realization came through: there’s another life path she was meant to follow. Jenny left the law to pursue her true purpose, […]


Flowing and Enrolling with Marcia Martin

Marcia Martin was in the right place at the right time as the founding blocks of Landmark Forum were being set, and enjoyed over 40 years in the transformation space helping millions of people to change their lives for the better. Now Marcia desires to share her legacy of wisdom with you to help you […]


Still Here with Andy Grant

After several failed suicide attempts, Andy Grant gave up trying to end his life and started learning how to make it magnificent. He became a Modern Mystery School initiate and studied countless modalities to discover more about himself. Now Andy is the best-selling author of “Still Here: How to Succeed in Life After Failing at […]


Non-Duality Consciousness with Selene Calloni Williams

When her mentor told her to sit and meditate in the jungle until her breath became the jungle’s breath, Selene Calloni Williams found samadhi by being with her intense fear. Her fear revealed the cage of her mind and allowed her to free herself from her mind so she could be one with all of […]


Why Is This Happening? with Leanne Barefoot Medium

Since her birth, Leanne Barefoot Medium has been able to clearly communicate with the departed beyond the veil in Spirit. Many people consult her to communicate with loved ones that have died, as well as with their Spirit Guides, and she uses her own gifts to learn from ascended masters and teachers. As a medium […]


Transcendent Leadership with Satyen Raja

Are you ready to discover how your business could flourish while feeling freedom and love right now? Through a lifetime of immersion in martial arts and related philosophy, Satyen Raja has synthesized and distilled the most applicable, direct, life affirming / enhancing, accelerating, evolution quickening methods for the liberation of one’s personal love and freedom. […]


Attracting Good Outcomes with Victoria Gallagher

Victoria Gallagher has been practicing and teaching the Law of Attraction for the last 20 years. Now in this time of global chaos, as we witness humanity co-creating fear-based outcomes, Victoria offers suggestions for how to focus and refine your use of the Law of Attraction to create beneficial outcomes for yourself. Victoria is the […]


Witchy Wellness with Loren Cellentani

After a difficult relationship, Loren Cellentani found that her body was screaming at her no matter what she ate and how many healthy behaviors she did. She realized the solution was to bridge the gap between spirituality and wellness in herself. Through her own realization that her body was not in the way, it was […]


Staying Cool In Chaos with Ken Cervera

Ken Cervera grew up thinking that he needed to be the knight in shining armor, coming to protect his loved ones and save the day. Having all the answers was such a big part of his identity, that he could not ask for help…even when he spiraled down into a deep depression and suicidal ideation. […]


Liberating from Illusion with GP Walsh

The son of a schizophrenic mother and an absent father, GP’s earliest memory is being tied to his bed, to keep him from wandering. The years of abuse and emotional deprivation were offset by a natural gift for and love of truth as well as an unquenchable curiosity about how people really heal and awaken. […]


Touching the Jaguar with John Perkins

During months of clandestine training, John Perkins learned how to become an Economic Hit Man (EHM) to coerce governments around the world to succumb to the financial interests of global corporations. He simultaneously was learning the power of perception to create reality through sacred experiences in the jungle with indigenous medicine people. John touched the […]


Productively Creative with Deborah Hurwitz

After writing, producing and performing music for internationally acclaimed projects including Cirque du Soleil, Cyndi Lauper and the Broadway smash hit Jersey Boys , Deborah Hurwitz was ready to leverage her talents to help others achieve their dreams. After writing, arranging and producing music for internationally acclaimed projects including Cirque du Soleil, Cyndi Lauper and the […]


Awake to Oneness with Caroline Chang

When she was a child, Caroline Chang knew that the world did not make sense as it was. But she did not have the ability to ask the questions she needed to until she was a teenager and found the book by Napoleon Hill “Think and Grow Rich”. She learned that our thoughts create our […]


Dare To Be Authentic with Mari Mitchell

After being married for 17 years, having three kids, and doing everything for everyone else, Mari found herself feeling frustrated, resentful and like she didn’t make a real difference in this world. So she set out to rediscover herself and remember what made her feel good in life. Mari is founder of Dare to be Authentic […]


Supernatural Freedom with TruthSeekah

Right from when he was a boy, TruthSeekah was on a spiritual path to look beyond the veils and see what was out there. From his childhood he had mystical experiences of shadow figures which led him to explore a range of spiritual understandings including Christian mysticism, the occult, paranormal, alien life forms, as well […]