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Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE

Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE


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Inspiration for living from your ESSENCE






Resilience with Toni Lontis

Born with a congenital facial defect, Toni Lontis developed deep resilience through debilitating battles in school ,and her traumatic entry into adult life with assault and domestic violence. Now Toni has multiple live streaming radio shows where she uses the power of the spoken word to tell the stories that the world needs to hear. She is the author […]


Listen To Your Body with Marina Buksov

Growing up with chronic digestive issues, Marina Buksov found no relief from Western medicine. A seed of her future was planted when she found a cure in Chinese herbs. Flash forward to her last year of Pharmacology, Marina found her eyes mysteriously tearing up and no interventions or medications would make it stop. It was […]


Your History Is Not Your Fate with Diane Vich

Facing a debilitating illness and fatigue that required her to take 13 prescription medications each day and have 9 surgeries before the age of 40, Diane Vich went within to discover the root of her pain in childhood trauma. Now Diane is a registered nurse, professor, author and holistic health coach who uses her experiences […]


Relentless Yes To Life with Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville

As an illegitimate child of an Irish Catholic mother in South Boston, Dr. Dorothy Martin-Neville was first placed in an orphanage. Then she was brought home by her step-father, yet her mother and grandmother would not accept her in the house. So as a toddler, Dorothy spent all day outside in a playpen at the […]


Transforming Trauma to Triumph with Diana Min

Growing up with a bi-polar mother and a father who also struggled from his own history of childhood abuse, Diana Min suffered mental, emotional, and physical abuse and neglect. She started having suicidal thoughts at 8 years old, and fell into drug and alcohol addictions. At 26 years old, Diana suffered a mental breakdown which […]


Sense of Soul with Mande Nantkes and Shanna Vavra

Have you ever had a girlfriend that you could share EVERYTHING with? Mande Nantkes and Shanna Vavra have gone through Near Death Experiences, Fibromyalgia, mental health challenges, motherhood, and spiritual awakening together. Now Mande and Shanna co-host the Sense of Soul podcast and serve as lightsharers in the world, inspiring others through vulnerable personal stories […]


Love Is Kind with Rosie Aiello

After a 25 year relationship, Rosie Aiello, (pronounced “i-L-o”) engineered an international escape from the Middle East to save her daughter and herself from domestic violence. Stunned by PTSD and nearly mentally destroyed, she reinvented herself after arriving back in the United States. Now Rosie is a speaker, best-selling co-author and an international awarding-winning entrepreneur. […]


Earth. Love. Spirit. with Sarah Weiss

Most people are walking around like the Earth is a floor. Sarah Weiss had a profound awakening where she realized that the Mother Earth is a conscious being who loves her. And when her departed grandfather visited her and bestowed his wisdom to her, she had a direct awakening to her purpose. Now Sarah is […]


Finding Faith with ZofiaRennea Morales

Unable to focus her mind and remember things the way she used to, ZofiaRennea sought medical help and discovered that Lyme disease was literally eating her brain. Without the ability to work and earn money, ZofiaRennea was backed into a corner designed by Spirit to help her find her faith. She found it, and miracles […]


There Are No Accidents! with Daniel Olexa

Growing up, Daniel Olexa heard his mother say over and over how he was an accidental birth. He felt like he did not belong when he took on this story of being an accident. This painful feeling is what led him to the profound realization that there are no accidents in the Universe, and that […]


Being, Purpose, Tribe with Mark Porteous

Born as the son of a Christian minister, Mark Porteous was primed for deeper questions in life. And when his parents divorced and he was raised by his mother, Mark knew some of his answers lay in becoming a father. As he approached 40 his prayers were answered with twins, which opened the door to […]


Awakening Made Simple with Andrew Seaton

Fascinated by the potential of the human experience, and frustrated by the lack of depth in human society, Andrew Seaton dedicated himself to exploring philosophy, psychology, and spirituality for over 4 decades. He wondered if he would ever discover what was beneath the surface of the every day. Now Andrew has distilled his lifetime of […]


Celtic Wisdom, Red Road with Tanmayo Lawson

Born in Scotland where the people remember fairies, Tanmayo Lawson found herself walking the Red Road and learning from Native Americans beyond the veil. You’ll want to hear her story of seeing a White Buffalo before her, and what happened when she placed her hand on its head. After decades of her own vocation as […]


Water Whisperer with Linda Lang

When she faced the threat of death from cancer in her body at 22 years old, Linda Lang began having deeply mystical experiences and reoccurring messages that led her to healing modalities and realizations that healed her body. Now Linda is an emotional alchemist, a consciousness coach and gifted healer with over 35 years experience. […]


Exploring Spirituality with Marla Martenson

Clearing the clutter out of her home, Marla Martenson threw out a little Buddha statue. When her husband asked where it was, Marla began a search to recover that Buddha statue that really became an adventure of self discovery. From crystals to Reiki to energetic attunements, to tarot cards and talking boards–Marla has been sampling […]


Bagels In Heaven with Irene Weinberg

When Irene Weinberg’s husband died next to her in a car crash, she got a powerful message: “Saul isn’t going to make it, but you are.” Then as the medics were lifting her injured body out of the car, she got another message trumpeting through her brain: “Be loving and kind to everyone.” The story […]


Mystical Proof with Gina Bengtson and Mama D

Have you ever wondered if ghosts and angels were real? Gina Bengston always thought ghosts were real and then she found the equipment to prove it as a paranormal investigator. And Mama D knew angels were real as she sat in church as a child talking with them. Now these two ladies co-host the Fox […]


Respect with Don Jose Ruiz

Growing up as the son of Don Miguel Ruiz, Don Jose Ruiz learned that the whole world was magic, and his job was to find his own unique medicine to love the love of his life. When he dove into the shadows of addiction as a teenager, his family’s constant respect and love were lighthouses […]


Singing Ancient Magic with Emma Cairo

Growing up with a mom who was a family therapist and reiki healer, and a dad who was a jazz musician, opened Emma Cairo up in a natural way to spirituality and music. This early training was helpful when Emma’s father passed, and she took a break from singing in nightclubs to do some soul […]


The Tao of Influence with Karen McGregor

After a lifetime of achievement and striving for perfection, Karen McGregor, then a mother of 8 and 10 year olds, was grieving that her marriage was coming to an end. During an intense moment of clarity, Karen received a vision of Mother Mary who told her to focus on her heart. A powerful mystical experience […]