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A podcast for people who face suffering, loss, and pain and come out the other side better. How do people face darkness find light? Listen for the spark!

A podcast for people who face suffering, loss, and pain and come out the other side better. How do people face darkness find light? Listen for the spark!
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A podcast for people who face suffering, loss, and pain and come out the other side better. How do people face darkness find light? Listen for the spark!






Episode 48: "Playing Small" -Did You Learn This From Your Parents?

This podcast is The First Episode in a 4 part series on "Playing Small." "Playing Small" is something that we all struggle with, but the struggle can be intensified if our parents also played small and taught us how. In this episode we: AHA Challenge: Analyze your family of origin and see if "The Jonah Complex" is something that was introduced to you when you were little.


Episode 47: Comparison-How to Help Our Teens 13-18

Our children are bombarded with comparison messages all of the time, friends, social media, and magazines all try to convince our children that they need to be different to be enough. If we have picked up habits of comparison from our family of origin we might be comparing ourselves too. I can't emphasize enough to parents that you have huge amounts of influence on your children. We can do it differently and teach our children how to do it different too. We need to step in and accept our...


Episode 46: Comparison, It Does Harm Our Children

In this episode we discuss the ways that comparison harms our children. The focus for this episode is children 7-12 years of age. This episode covers: 1) The 5 reasons children compare. 2) It shows parents how to model healthy change in their homes. 3) There is a new A..HA.. Challenge. I would love to hear your comments and feedback Instagram: @sparkpodcast Facebook: @sparkpodcasts Website:


Episode 45: Is Comparison Harming You? Learning How to Spot it in Our Lives

Have you ever noticed that comparison steals joy? It impacts our self-esteem, steals our confidence, decreases our motivation, and changes our attitude. If you have a practice of comparison it might be holding you back. In this episode: 1) Gain an awareness of where you might be comparing in your life 2) Learn how to spot comparison triggers 3) Participate in the AHA Challenge Trigger Worksheet Come visit me on Facebook @sparkpodcasts or Instagram @sparkpodcast Website:...


Episode 44: Never Good Enough: 5 Reasons Our Parents Used Comparison

Do you struggle with comparison? At the age of about 8 I never wanted to lose anything. In fact I would rather give up and quit, then try something and lose. Comparison was already deeply ingrained into me, and 2nd was not enough. It wasn't until I was an adult that I became aware of the damage this belief was having on me. Comparison is something I learned in my family of origin. Is that where you learned it too? Join me on the journey of awakening, awareness, and generational healing in...


#43 Teaching Children The 4 Attitudes of Conflict Resolution

Season 2 Episode 3 Do you ever get tired of conflict in the home? Do you want to help your children understand which attitudes harm their relationships and give them a desire to make changes? If so you will love this episode that uses a variety of Disney characters to break down these ideas into smaller more understandable pieces. This is not just for the little kids in your home, it will help older children and adults too. I originally designed this as a presentation for 11 and 12 year...


#42 Teaching Self-Betrayal to Children

Welcome to Season 2 Episode 2 Think of all the pain that could be avoided if we as humans didn't betray ourselves. Think of the pain our kids might be able to avoid if at a young age we started teaching them what self betrayal does and how harmful it is. In this episode I teach how parents can begin teaching their children this concept.


#41 How To Teach Your Children How to Be Shame Resilient

Welcome to Season 2 Each and every day we send our children into a world that is filled with shame. From their school teachers to their sports teams our children will be exposed to shame. They will have moments when they feel like they are flawed and unworthy. We can help our children navigate this painful experience by teaching them shame resilience. In this episode I teach you my BREATHE method of shame resilience. If you would like a print copy of this method with additional details you...


# 40 Little Boys Become Grown Men, Changing Patterns

What traits do you want your husband to have? Did you know that you can help your boys develop those traits so that they will be amazing husbands and fathers? In this episode I talk about small changes that I made so that I could teach my boys how to become men that really show up for women and children. My intention and efforts mattered. So do yours and the best can make small changes today that will make a huge impact.


#39 The Spirit of God Can Talk to You and Work Through You

Have you ever felt the spirit of God talk to you? It is one of the most miraculous things, to know that a heavenly being cares about you. Recently I had an experience where they Spirit of God Worked Through Me, and used me as a link between two people to share a message. How does the spirit use you to further God's work?


#38 Layers of Darkness and How to Find Light

Have you ever wondered how Satan does it? How he slowly leads people from a place of light and hope into a place a darkness and they can't see what has happened? In this episode I talk about how he slowly leads us away, and how to find light again if we find ourselves living in darkness.


#37 Using the Holy Ghost to Help us Avoid Things that are Not Good For Us

Have you ever felt deep down that something was wrong for you, but moved forward anyways because it met your agenda for what you wanted? In this episode I talk about the times when my eyes were unable to see past what I thought was best for me to see what God had planned for me. The Holy Ghost can help us avoid things that are wrong for us if we listen.


#36 The Necessity of Saying "No"

Is it hard for you to say no? Is it okay to give from a place of empty and ease the burden of others while we increase the burden on ourselves. In this episode I talk about reasons why it is hard to say no, and why it is so important for our growth and our well being to be able to do so.


#35 Self Management (stress/impulses/motivation/goals)

Do you struggle with managing your stress? What about with the ability to control your impulses, self motivation, or achieving your goals? If you feel like you could use help in any of those areas you'll enjoy this episode. This is a proven way that I have found makes a HUGE difference in my ability to self manage.


#34 Self Care

Do you feel guilty when you take care of yourself? Most women do, in fact less that 20% of women report that they do regular self care. In this episode we are going to discuss why women struggle and learn 5 steps to start a self care practice today.You can do this. You do matter and self care will make a difference.


#33 Losing Yourself

Do you feel empty? Lost? Unfulfilled? It is not uncommon for women to get lost on the roles we play as mother and wife, and forget who we are as an individual. In this episode you will learn about things you can start doing today to find yourself.


#32 Your Healing Today Will Impact Generations

It doesn't take much today to change your future in years to come. The healing that you do today matters, not only to you, but to all those that you love. Change always begins as one small step. In this episode I share how 7 years later I am now seeing the fruit of my labor of choosing one day at a time to work towards healing. It is so worth it. Start healing today.


#31 Justification

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you felt like you had to justify yourself? I have! In this episode we dive into why we justify our behavior, and three different traps we can get stuck in. Plus the best part, you don't have to stay stuck. You have the power to change everything.


#30 When Sleeping Women Wake Mountains Move: Helping Our Children When Doctors Don't Have the Answer

In this episode Shelley Swapp shares what is is like to be a young mom that had two children born with severe food allergies and another with Muscular Dystrophy all within 5 years. This is her journey of finding hope and healing when doctors didn't always have the answers to help her babies. Shelley is a woman who woke and made mountains move, and now she helps other families do the same. I love this episode!


#29 Hardworking and Homeless

Have you ever been curious about people who end up homeless? I have been. In this episode Pharaoh Kelley talks about how he was working full time and still ended up homeless. This story opened my eyes to a world that I didn't know much about. Pharaoh is open and honest and this interview changed the way I think about homelessness. It was amazing.