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Discussions on Theology and Biblical interpretation to encourage Biblical literacy by displacing and debunking most modern interpretations.

Discussions on Theology and Biblical interpretation to encourage Biblical literacy by displacing and debunking most modern interpretations.


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Discussions on Theology and Biblical interpretation to encourage Biblical literacy by displacing and debunking most modern interpretations.






Romans Intro and 1:1-17

Romans is often referred to as one of the most remarkable letters in the Bible and one of the most Theological ones. The Apostle Paul wrote this book while on his third missionary journey. By that time the church in Rome was famous throughout the Roman Empire for its faith. The opening address has many insights into the truth of the Gospel and, as we will see, beginning in v.17 there is a concise definition of the Gospel, which serves as Paul's thesis for the entire letter along with three...


James 5 - Patient Endurance

James finishes his letter first with a warning to the unbelieving Jews and the soon to come judgment that would occur in AD 70. The remaining part is further encouragement to the believer to grow in patience in response to injustice and recalls the prophets, Job, and Elijah for our example and calls us to a life of prayer. YouTube: Help Support: Join the group:...


James 4 - A Humble Character

Chapter 4 of James starts with questions about fighting in the body and the causes. James is quick to point out that the source is the flesh and desires for worldly pleasures. Like much of the letter we will find that seeking God and His wisdom is a must for a life of submission and obedience. It is a humble character that translates differently than that of the world. This, again, is observed through speech and James spends much time in this section of his letter teaching how to fulfill the...


Easter 2022 - The Great Reconciliation

We look at 2 Corinthians 5:14-21 this Easter to be reminded of what it means for us living today to be in Christ. The Apostle Paul summarizes the work of Christ on the cross and what it means for those of us who have believed. Paul calls us all ambassadors for Christ and gives a rallying cry to the entire Church. We beg we plead to be reconciled to God for this is now our ministry. YouTube: Help Support:...


James 3 - Teachers, Speech, and Spiritual Maturity

James chapter 3 is focused on speech and its relationship to spiritual maturity. James just finished with a reminder that our life goal must be to declare our faith publicly by doing the works that faith produces. Works are anything that displays our faith, whether an action or a word or even a thought. James first mentions teachers and will then broaden the scope. This is a popular text that many are familiar with. That those who teach will be judged with greater strictness or a higher...


James 2:14-26 - Faith Without Works

James now discusses the relationship between faith and that of works by establishing a principle that true faith will be accompanied by a change and action. James clarifies for us the kind of faith that saves. We are saved by grace through faith, not by works; but saving faith will have works that accompany it. YouTube: Help Support: Join the group:...


James 2:1-13 - A Living Faith

Chapter 2 of James describes two additional difficulties of the Christian life opening with an examination of responses to people from varying social backgrounds. James is setting out to guard us against selective obedience. YouTube: Help Support: Join the group: Email:


James 1:19-27 - Into Action

What we are going to see are action and reaction. Hear and do. We have all heard the sayings think before you speak, listen more, speak less, be slow to anger. We hear these things and we say them and for good reason. I just don't know how often we actually practice it. YouTube: Help Support: Join the group: Email:...


James 1:9-18- The Poor, The Rich and Temptation

James has been focused on how a Christian should address trials and that they are a way to expose our degree of spiritual maturity. But at this point in the letter, James needs to make an important distinction between these external tests and inward tests or temptations that are not the result of God’s design (and spoiler alert, it's not the devil after you either). They are natural products of our sinful nature. And like external tests, we face them best when we understand them with Godly...


James 1:1-8 -Trials and Faith

We ask some questions when starting a new book of the bible. Questions such as, who is the author, who was the original audience, what was and is the purpose of the letter or the theme or message. Once answered we are faced with the first summarized theme in verses 2 through 4, Christian's attitude and persistence while experiencing trials. YouTube: Help Support: Join the group:...


3 John - Good Example/Bad Example

This letter shares some similarities with 1 John and 2 John, though it stands apart in many ways as well. It focuses on three commendations for a man named Gaius for his obedience, hospitality, and self-sacrifice. John then contrasts this man with another, Diotrephes, exposing six offenses. YouTube: Help Support: Join the group: Email:...


2 John - Walking In Truth And In Love

John raises similar themes using similar phrasing so this is going to be fresh to us as we go through it. He also had similar concerns about false teachers. And in all three of his letters, he consistently emphasizes the need to walk in the knowledge of what we have been given in Christ. Help Support:


1 John 5:9-21 - Guarded By The True God

The readers’ assurance had been shaken by these denials and claims, so John writes to bolster their assurance by counteracting the false teaching of the false teachers. They had been shaken by antichrists who denied important elements of the message the readers had embraced at the beginning. In v 13, we have the assurance of salvation. And then about the confidence believers have "in the presence of God." We also learn from verse 21 that idols are not always pagan deities or images made of...


1 John 4:17-5:8 - The Testimony of God

Finishing up chapter 4 we can summarize it all with verse 21 that states, "whoever loves God must also love his brother." John draws from Christ's very words to the disciples. We love one another because God has loved us. John then hits us with a statement about Soteriology, which brings forth the ongoing debate within the evangelical church today. Is salvation by a choice of man's own free will or of God's sovereign choice? John then speaks more on the God-Man, Jesus the Christ, emphasizing...


1 John 4:7-16 - God’s Love

In verse 7 John commands us to love one another which is an encouragement to them to allow God's love to flow through them. Biblical love is divine love. We must remember that it is not a feeling but rather an action that comes about when we grow in our relationship with God. That is, it is not something that naturally occurs for us, it is God and from God. He loves us and His love flows through us. YouTube: Help Support:...


The Posture of Christmas

Tis the season. Jesus is the reason for the season. Keep Christ in Christmas. And get into the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is a time of worship and praise as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. And worship is an attitude which is posture. It’s the most selfless thing we do. So this Christ we look at Mary's response to the announcement of Jesus’ birth to learn about worship. YouTube: Help Support:...


1 John4:1-6 - Test The Spirits

Making our way into chapter 4 of 1 John we come across a familiar topic. You do not have to be in church very long before you hear phrases like "test the spirits", "spirit of truth" and "spirit of error." Every believer should have enough of a grasp of biblical doctrine to be able to discern between truth and error. But most do not. So how does one test the spirits? What is the test? Many will argue it comes down to fruit and works. We will see that fruit is indeed being spoken of. However,...


1 John 3:11-24 - Abiding and Confidence

This section covers a lot of what John has brought up throughout the epistle. The beginning, abiding, and walking in the light are things we can draw a conclusion from that describe the Christian who loves their fellow brother and/or sister. YouTube: Help Support: Join the group: Email:


1 John 3:4-10

in 1 John 3, John is writing with two distinct and radically different groups of people in mind. The first one is the “children of God” and the second one is the “world" or "children of the devil." The debate surrounding this section mainly focuses on the usage of the word sin and what exactly the sin is. Is it consistent habitual sin or sin in general? YouTube: Help Support: Join the...


1 John 3:1-3 - Transformation

Moving into chapter 3 we focus our attention on verse 2. There's a lot packed into one verse concerning the coming/appearing of Christ and the transformation to take place when one is resurrected. So, If Christ’s appearance and coming were in AD 70, why do we not have glorified bodies How, then, could Christ’s coming and appearance have been first-century events? As we will see the difficulty revolves around one single word, "when." The issue here is that John, inspired while writing, used...