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A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.

A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.
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A Christian podcast addressing theology, politics, economics, and practical life tips as caffeine for your mind.




The Tyranny of Equality Politics

In this episode we continue to examine equality politics by doing some thought experiments with favorite colors and ice cream preferences. We examine the second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence to define and describe basic human "negative rights." We contrast these with the "positive rights" that statist politicians propose that ultimately result in tyranny. Defending the equality that we share as human beings and embracing the differences with which God has made us all unique...


How Inequality Promotes Freedom and Prosperity

U.S. politics seem to be inundated with goals of closing "gaps" and making everyone "equal." We should understand in what ways we are supposed to be "equal" and in what ways being "unequal" expresses the unique talents and skills with which God has designed us. We let professional sports and the Olympics teach us lessons about why diversity in gender, intellect, height, enthnicity, and other differences are something we should appreciate. Would pursuing coercive social goals of reducing...


Thanksgiving Day: 16 Did You Knows

Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful day of the year when you can thank God for all He has done for you while chowing down to your heart's content. This episode is a short, light-hearted look at 16 fun (and sometimes weird) facts of trivia about a holiday steeped in American tradition.


Chick-Fil-A and the Fake News Machine

Yesterday, November 19, the Internet received a steady diet of news articles and outcries about how Chick-Fil-A allegedly changed its stance on donating to "anti-LGBTQ" organizations. Let's do what many have failed to do and separate fact from fiction. Is this another case of this year's "fake news"? Sources: "Chick-fil-A will no longer donate to anti-LGBTQ organizations" "Did Chick-fil-A Stop Donations...


Why God Exists - Interview with Christian apologist and former atheist Tyler Vela

This is the second guest interview for Truthspresso! I interview Tyler Vela about the age-old topic: Does God exist? Tyler was raised an atheist until his atheist professor in a Metaphysics class in college discussed arguments for the existence of God. The challenge of the "moral argument" caused Tyler to investigate and eventually convert to Christianity. In this interview, we raise and answer various philosophical and presuppositional arguments about the existence of God. We also...


Disaggregating the Gender Wage Gap

According to many sources of reputable statistics (giving the benefit of the doubt), the average woman in the United States earns about 80 cents on the dollar of what the average man earns? But, once we start breaking down these large aggregates of averages down to different subsets, we can see more reasons for the numbers. What are the largest factors that make women in the average earn less? Disaggregating the data: Questions to consider if trying to "close the gap" by social policy:


Three Questions About the Gender Wage Gap

Does the average woman in the United States earn about 80 cents on the dollar of what the average man earns? Statistics don't lie, right? There is admittedly truth to these statistics that we should consider. Before we assume too much, we need to ask these three questions to figure out how to interpret the data: preferred college majors and jobs working preferences roles in the family Articles Cited: "The narrowing, but persistent, gender gap in...


Abortion Fiction: Part 6 - Philosophies of Life to Eugenics

In this episode we conclude our series of episodes responding to John Iriving's article in the New York Times. We demonstrate how Dr. Horatio Storer's writings and campaigns influenced state legislatures to criminalize abortion by making the law consistent with advances in science and medicine. We see how the laws against abortion strengthened, but then began to scale back as the eugenics movement in the early twentieth century ranked the worth of one life against another. We examine some...


Abortion Fiction: Part 5 - Dr. Horatio Storer

This episode begins to demonstrate from American history in the 1800's that the medical conspiracy that John Irving wants us to believe outlawed abortion was no conspiracy at all. It was simply the reconciliation of science and medicine with law. We look at the influence of Dr. Horatio Storer in shaping the landscape of abortion thought in the the 1850's and 1860's by doing what Mr. Irving seems to avoid: we actually his words instead of assuming a sinister motive. Sources Cited: "The...


Abortion Fiction: Part 4 - A Medical Conspiracy?

In this episode we continue to respond to John Irving's article from the New York Times that laments the fact that some people believe that babies in the womb should not be killed intentionally. We examine Mr. Irving's strange assessment of abortion law in America in the 1800's. Mr. Irving apparently believes that a bunch of doctors managed to conspire together for the selfish reason of wanting to control women's "reproductive rights." Allegedly getting abortion outlawed was part of their...


Abortion Fiction: Part 3 - Abortion Policy in Colonial America

In this episode we continue to respond to John Irving's article from the New York Times that attempts to prove that the pro-life idea that human life from conception deserves not to be killed is a recent innovation in the United States. Irving attempts to argue that early colonial America was friendly to abortion during the time of the Puritans. We examine this premise by doing what Irving doesn't do in his article--prove his assertion by actually citing sources. We look at three court...


Abortion Fiction: Part 2 - The Pro-Life Bible and Early Church

In this episode we continue our response to John Irving's article for the New York Times that attempts to bash pro-life advocates over the head with a history lesson. Irving claims that colonial America was actually friendly to abortion practices. Before we examine the colonial period we look at Scriptures against abortion. Then, we observe a consensus among Christians of the first five centuries that abortion at any stage of pregnancy is wrong--even if the science of the day could not tell...


Abortion Fiction: Part 1 - Men in Power

In this episode we begin to respond to an opinion piece written by John Irving for the New York Times. We put Mr. Irving's reasoning to the test of logic and fact and show how his references to "men in power" and "modern diagnostic ultrasound" contradict the very premises on which he bases his idea that colonial America was more friendly to abortion practices. We also note that Mr. Irving accuses pro-life advocates of evil intent. Yet, he never addresses the actual position that pro-life...


Dark Humor in the Bible

Prepare to be simultaneously shocked and entertained as we look at some examples of dark humor in the Bible. How many sermons have we heard tackling these rather unsettling portions of Scripture with a little embarrassment or cringing? Since the Word of God is pure and holy, we have to understand that God has a side to Him that can require some thick skin on our part. Put on your seat belts and try to be amused with these six stories (with dark humor titles): Quail FailNum...


Revenge of the Extroverts

To relieve possible tension from you extroverts who may have been ruffled by the previous episode, we allow extroverts to voice their own advantages over introverts. We hope extroverts will appreciate this modest attempt to bow down to some ways in which you are superior to introverts. Remember: this episode and the last one are for entertainment purposes only! Five advantages of extroverts include happierhealth consciouswider social networkssynergizeearn more moneyArticles cited in this...


Six Superpowers of Introverts

Introverts rise! I, Daniel Mynyk, the host of Truthspresso hereby admit that I am an introvert. I embrace the term as an accurate description of part of my personality. In this episode, we push against conventional wisdom. We contend that being an introvert can actually give us some advantages over extroverts in society. We may even be the ones who make the world go round. We even see how the Bible can champion the virtues of being an introvert. The six "superpowers" of introverts covered...


Finances and the Bible with Brennan Falks

In this episode of Truthspresso I have my first guest: Brennan Falks. Brennan is a financial planner in Dave Ramsey's recommended list. Topics that we discussed include the following: worry about financesfinancial strugglessafe investmenttrain their childrencollege studentseconomic booms and bustsBrennan Falks' website is Under 1 Love. * *(Note: I do not endorse the content on the website that is related to "Hebrew Roots" theology)


The Law School Trap

The college advice continues! In the last episode I gave some positive tips for liberal arts graduates on how to make the most of their lives and even to launch successful careers. In this episode, I tell liberal arts graduates (or even STEM graduates) to beware of the "law school trap." This is a trap that lures many struggling college graduates into promises of a successful career, but many find themselves going from the frying pan into the fire. A real life story and a fictional story...


Tips for Liberal Arts Graduates

Episodes 2 and 3 discussed majors that are ranked as good or bad for job prospects. If you are thinking, "What if I have one of those liberal arts majors that are ranked near the bottom?" this episode is for you. I provide three tips to help struggling liberal arts graduates trying to make ends meet and advance their career: Be the best you can be at your current job Learn some technical skills Become an entrepreneur References: Children's Music Academy: Franchise...


Ten Best College Majors for Jobs

Now that we have covered ten college majors that don't have good job prospects, I will present ten majors that have very good job prospects and usually pay well. This list of college majors comes from the following Time article:,28804,2073703_2073653,00.html In the "Mathematics and Computer Sciences" portion, I present statistics from the following...