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Religious and ethical affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner.

Religious and ethical affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner.
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Cardiff, United Kingdom




Religious and ethical affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner.





Tredegarville Baptist church boasts what must be among the most striking set of figures for any church in Wales. In four years, more than 500 people have been baptised - all of them adults professing their new-found Christian faith. Nearly all the converts have been asylum-seekers, the great majority from Iran, who’ve taken huge risks to reach this country, and often face a very long wait to know whether they’ll be granted permission to stay. What motivates this growth in faith among this...


All Things Considered: Tredegarville

A church in Cardiff is baptising hundreds of people. Roy Jenkins finds out more.


Religion and Humour

Roy Jenkins and guests explore the relationship between religion and humour ahead of Red Nose Day 2019 (programme first broadcast in 2017). Roy Jenkins is joined by Simon Jenkins, who edits the online satirical magazine Ship of Fools: his latest book Jumble sales of the Apocalypse is out this week. Award-winning stand-up comic Paul Kerensa, co-writer of sitcoms like Miranda and Not Going Out. Among his books is 'So A Comedian Walks Into A Church' Rabbi Monique Mayer, who leads Bristol’s...


Religious Experience

A Welsh player crosses the English line to score at a crucial moment. Television cameras capture a crowd in ecstasy, apparently transported into a realm of utter delight and fulfilment. On another occasion, those same cameras might be focussed on a charismatic group at worship - outstretched arms, faces reflecting an intensity of joy and wonder. Are these sensations of rapture in any way the same? This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Alister Hardy Religious Experience Research Centre,...


Written in Stone?

They’re among the most significant words in history. For around three thousand years, they’ve helped people decide between right and wrong. They’ve guided individual decisions, shaped cultures, and provided many societies, including our own, with the undergirding of a basic legal code. According to the Bible, the Ten Commandments were spoken by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, and they remain central to both Jewish and Christian traditions. At one time, most people in this country learned them...


Missionary and mother of 54 (Part 2)

Roy Jenkins' guest for the second of a two part edition of All Things Considered is Chrissie Chapman, a Christian missionary and midwife who left Dinas Powis in the Vale of Glamorgan for one of the poorest countries on earth - and found both her life's work, and a family. Last week we heard of the challenges she faced 28 years ago when she arrived in the small East African state of Burundi to set up a maternity clinic and dispensary in a remote mountaintop location. She described a life...


Missionary and mother of 54 (Part 1)

Roy Jenkins' guest for the first of a two part edition of All Things Considered is the single mother of three adopted children, who has brought up more than fifty others. She has done it in one of the poorest countries on earth, Burundi - politically unstable, with persistent violence, a refugee crisis, and the legacy of a civil war which took 300,000 lives. A trained midwife, Chrissie Chapman was living in Dinas Powys, in the Vale of Glamorgan, when she became convinced that she should...


Homelessness and the Church

The latest figures on homelessness in Wales will be published this week, at a time when increased numbers of homeless people on the streets have caused both concern and controversy. A Cardiff councillor attracted fury for demanding that the council tear down the tents of rough sleepers in the city centre, insisting that there is adequate safe provision for anyone who needs it: she was suspended by her group, but reinstated after a few days. The cold weather means that the plight of those...


Nationalism & Religion.

As the remains of six unknown victims of Auschwitz were buried in Hertfordshire last Sunday - one for every million Jewish people killed by the Nazis - the Chief Rabbi urged an end to rising anti-Semitism. Later in the week, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer warned that the ‘febrile’ atmosphere around Brexit could be exploited by far right extremists. At a time of heightened division and the rise of right-wing nationalist movements across Europe, and in other parts of the...


Sport and Faith

Less than a fortnight now, and rugby’s Six Nations championship begins; whatever the weather forecast, the temperature for many enthusiasts will be building by the day. But why does sport make such an impact? Today All Things Considered looks at the way success or failure on the field can affect the national mood; explores some of the pressures on those involved at different levels, and the ethical issues particularly for those with a religious faith. And we ask, just how far is it right...


Belief in 2019

Week by week All Things Considered explores what people believe; how it affects their understanding of the world; and what they do as a result. The BBC has designated 2019 as a Year of Beliefs, and this edition of the programme begins that year by examining the notion of belief itself. This takes place in the context of a country divided dramatically by beliefs in one inescapable area of our national life: the Brexit debate has split families, generations and communities. It’s sparked both...


Review of the Year - People 2018

Week by week we meet all sorts of people on All Things Considered - some in the public eye others not at all well known. What unites many of them is a desire to share their faith, and talk about how it affects their lives. This week, Roy Jenkins revisits some of the people we have featured in the programme in the past year. Among the contributors are: Vicky Beeching, former singer songwriter and equality campaigner, Father Brian d’Arcy, one of Ireland’s best-known priests, Sam Childers, a...


Review of the Year - Events 2018

2018 has been an often-bewildering year, with the political turmoil far from over. But apart from the dramas of Westminster and Brussels, it has also been a great year for anniversaries: the end of the First World War, votes for women, the birth of the National Health Service, and lots more beside. Roy Jenkins looks back on the way All Things Considered has reflected some of those history- changing moments, and other events and trends which have been making the news.


Repaying the Gift

Roy Jenkins guest this week is one of Wales’ busiest and most versatile of musicians. Jeffrey Howard is a classically trained organist, a pianist, conductor, orchestrator and arranger, formerly a vocal coach at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and Welsh National Opera. He’s Director of Music at St Johns College in Cardiff and the Metropolitan Cathedral of St David. And among many other commitments, he also directs the Treorchy Male Voice Choir. In constant demand as an accompanist,...


Annual Book Review 2018

Roy Jenkins and guests gather for the annual All Things Considered book review programme. We have some fascinating characters for you today. There’s the exotic butterfly salesman who gets thrown out of church for challenging preachers he sees as hypocrites, and the young Welsh writer who falls under his spell and lands up in jail. There’s a mother kidnapped and sold into slavery, and the husband who searches desperately for someone who’ll pay the ransom to get her home. And we’ve a whole...


Annual Film Review 2018

What is it like trying to cope with the hopes and dreams of growing up - and the disappointments and confusion? How far can a grieving mother go to seek justice for her murdered daughter? And how important is it that journalists have the courage to hold politicians to account even when doing so could land them behind bars? Just three of the questions which present themselves in the films featured in the annual All Things Considered review programme. Joining Roy Jenkins are The Rev’d Dr Peter...


The End Of The World As We Know It

On this Advent Sunday, churches of many traditions formally begin their preparation for Christmas. They focus today on the conviction that the Christ who came first in the weakness of a baby will come again in power and glory; and the world as we know it will end. But it’s not only religious believers with their liturgies, and strange sects retreating to mountaintops, who talk these days about preparing for the end of the world. Films, books and television series reflect a growing interest...


Milestone Moments Part 2

Roy Jenkins presents the second of two special programmes to mark the 40th birthday of BBC Radio Wales. Last week, we looked at how we reflected some of the national and global events which have helped to shape the world in these four decades. This time we focus on just a few of the people whose stories we’ve told. We’ve met people honoured around the world for their courage or endurance, for the movements they’ve inspired, the books written, the music composed. We’ve welcomed religious...


Milestone Moments Part 1

Roy Jenkins presents the first of two special programmes to mark the 40th birthday of BBC Radio Wales. All Things Considered has been here almost from the beginning. Week by week, we’ve explored big national and global events, discussed moral and ethical issues, and profiled life-changing initiatives in the communities of Wales. Always we’ve sought to reflect from a perspective of faith. Although we have our lighter moments, for sure, sharing celebrations, telling stories of courage and...


Changing Faith? The First World War in Wales

As the “war to end all wars” drew to a close in 1918, international boundaries had been redrawn, society had changed irrevocably, and communities across the world were experiencing loss on an unprecedented scale. In a Wales recently swept by religious revival, many people were sustained by their faith – but it was frequently challenged, too. A century later, on All Things Considered, Roy Jenkins and guests assess the impact of this epoch-changing conflict on faith in Wales and further...