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Religious and ethical affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner.

Religious and ethical affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner.
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Religious and ethical affairs programme, tackling the thornier issues of the day in a thought-provoking manner.




Annual Film Review 2018

What is it like trying to cope with the hopes and dreams of growing up - and the disappointments and confusion? How far can a grieving mother go to seek justice for her murdered daughter? And how important is it that journalists have the courage to hold politicians to account even when doing so could land them behind bars? Just three of the questions which present themselves in the films featured in the annual All Things Considered review programme. Joining Roy Jenkins are The Rev’d Dr Peter...


The End Of The World As We Know It

On this Advent Sunday, churches of many traditions formally begin their preparation for Christmas. They focus today on the conviction that the Christ who came first in the weakness of a baby will come again in power and glory; and the world as we know it will end. But it’s not only religious believers with their liturgies, and strange sects retreating to mountaintops, who talk these days about preparing for the end of the world. Films, books and television series reflect a growing interest...


Milestone Moments Part 2

Roy Jenkins presents the second of two special programmes to mark the 40th birthday of BBC Radio Wales. Last week, we looked at how we reflected some of the national and global events which have helped to shape the world in these four decades. This time we focus on just a few of the people whose stories we’ve told. We’ve met people honoured around the world for their courage or endurance, for the movements they’ve inspired, the books written, the music composed. We’ve welcomed religious...


Milestone Moments Part 1

Roy Jenkins presents the first of two special programmes to mark the 40th birthday of BBC Radio Wales. All Things Considered has been here almost from the beginning. Week by week, we’ve explored big national and global events, discussed moral and ethical issues, and profiled life-changing initiatives in the communities of Wales. Always we’ve sought to reflect from a perspective of faith. Although we have our lighter moments, for sure, sharing celebrations, telling stories of courage and...


Changing Faith? The First World War in Wales

As the “war to end all wars” drew to a close in 1918, international boundaries had been redrawn, society had changed irrevocably, and communities across the world were experiencing loss on an unprecedented scale. In a Wales recently swept by religious revival, many people were sustained by their faith – but it was frequently challenged, too. A century later, on All Things Considered, Roy Jenkins and guests assess the impact of this epoch-changing conflict on faith in Wales and further...


Contemporary hymn writer Stuart Townend

Roy Jenkins guest is Stuart Townend, writer of some of the best-loved hymns and worship songs being sung around the world. They’re part of the musical landscape for churches of many traditions. And if his name isn’t familiar…his music certainly is. He is the man behind such modern day classics as ‘In Christ Alone’, ‘How Deep the Father’s Love for Us’ and ‘Beautiful Saviour’. Stuart Townend’s compositions are credited with what some see as a combination rare in current writing for Christian...


Marilynne Robinson

Another chance to hear Roy Jenkins interview with one of America’s most distinguished authors. Marilynne Robinson was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for Gilead, the first of a trilogy of books based around the family of an elderly Congregationalist minister in a fictional town in Iowa. Numerous honours have followed, among them the National Humanities Medal, awarded by President Barack Obama for her 'grace and intelligence in writing.' That was more than a formality on his part: her writings, he...


Vicky Beeching

For a decade Vicky Beeching worked as a Christian recording artist. She began writing in her early teens and by her early thirties she was well known in Christian music in the UK and America. Her songs are used by congregations across the world and translated in to numerous languages. But, through her teens and into adult life she endured an internal battle. Vicky was gay and Christian and this caused great personal tension, and, as she describes it, a ‘lifetime of shame and fear’. As a...



Young people across the UK are drinking less alcohol, and research is showing that many are never starting. According to data on the last decade, abstinence is becoming ‘more mainstream.’ The abuse of drink continues to be a problem for many, however. The charity Alcohol Concern is sponsoring an Alcohol Awareness Week next month, while a cancer charity is already promoting “Sober October”. The Welsh government’s minimum pricing comes into force next year as Wales tops binge drinking tables,...


Climate Change

We’ve just experienced a run of the hottest years on record. Our recent scorching summer in the UK delighted many, while others found the unbroken days of Mediterranean sunshine a trial, and longed for autumn. But around the world, extreme weather events have wreaked devastation with heatwaves, fires, hurricanes, floods and droughts; and melting Arctic ice caps are predicted to raise the oceans to precarious levels. Leading scientists have spent the last week in South Korea grappling with...


Dilys Price OBE

Dilys Price OBE is a teacher, dancer, and founder of the Cardiff based Touch Trust, a charity working with people with disabilities through arts, movement and dance. She’s most widely known as the world’s oldest female skydiver, and now at 86 she’s just become a fashion model. She grew up in a Bible College where her family welcomed Jewish refugees who'd arrived in Swansea on the Kindertransport, and as a young woman she learnt to dance with the celebrated Rudolf Laban, a German exile who...


Faith and Freshers

Freshers’ week starts in many places next week: student life can be a significant time of self-exploration and learning for many, often as they leave home for the first time. But in the context of freshers week partying and then intensive studying, what are the unique challenges facing people of faith, and how important is faith in the wider context of university? Joining Mary Stallard to discuss this are four people with personal experience: Josh Ludlow is a third year student who’s the...


Religion, Peace and Human Rights

With conflicts and crises in every news bulletin, the United Nations International Day of Peace on 21st September can hardly arrive too soon. Whether it will actually change anything is more doubtful, but it’s always worth hoping. Its theme this year is “The Right to Peace – the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70”. But what is peace? What role does religion play in making it and contributing to its absence? And where do Human Rights fit in, when the declaration is both hailed as a...