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Our podcast is a casual, fun conversation among three experts in the field discussing all things Tarot. Topics range from the simple to the sublime. Please join us for the monthly Menage a Tarot!

Our podcast is a casual, fun conversation among three experts in the field discussing all things Tarot. Topics range from the simple to the sublime. Please join us for the monthly Menage a Tarot!
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Our podcast is a casual, fun conversation among three experts in the field discussing all things Tarot. Topics range from the simple to the sublime. Please join us for the monthly Menage a Tarot!




Episode 35 - Deconstructing the Celtic Cross

In this episode, based on a listener request, we take on the Celtic Cross where we do an actual reading for the upcoming season and break down the positions and their meanings in the highly popular spread. Spring 2017 forecast - Celtic Cross The Cross Position 1: Situation - The Devil Position 2: Opportunity/Challenge - Knight of Swords Position 3: Subconscious/Foundation - The Hanged Man Position 4: Immediate Past - Judgement Position 5: SuperEgo/Ideal Outcome - Ace of...


Episode 34 - The Magic(k) of Tarot

In this episode we discuss the correlation between Tarot and magic(k). Are there magical properties to Tarot? Can Tarot be employed for spellcasting or manifestation? == Useful Info == Tarot Spells with Sasha Graham - BiddyTarot Books pertaining to Tarot and magic on...


Episode 33 - Influences, Imagination, and Intuition

In this episode we discuss what influences we draw on when reading Tarot. What fuels and charges our intuition and imagination? What is the source for our repository of symbolism? == Points of Interest == Books mentioned Keri Smith, author Wreck This Journal Living Out Loud Kate’s new book: Your Alter-Ego Revealed: A...


Episode 32 - The Cards Reveal the Hosts

Join us on this episode where we each draw a card and explain how that particular card relates to our own lives in some way. Plus stay tuned for our general reading of what’s to come in 2017! == Links and References == Kate draws from: Anna K Tarot David draws from: Cosmic Tarot Ronda draws from: Tarot Illuminati Meaning of the Dolphin from...


Episode 31 - Elections and Oracles

This episode we dive into oracle cards. How do they stack up to Tarot cards? What are the differences? But first, we draw cards pertaining to the U.S. election result. == Helpful links and such == Rune Soup podcast Goddess Guidance Oracle cards by Doreen Virtue Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson Dreaming in Color: Luman deck by Mindy...


Episode 30 - Reading from a Distance

This episode we discuss giving readings from a distance vs. in person. Is there a difference? We’ll let you know what we think. == Links and notes == Rune Soup podcast Fate Foretold: The Tarot Card game Tarot Hex screwdrivers


Episode 29 - Readers Reading Readers

This episode we bring you something different, a bit of a treat! We’ll be performing two card readings… on each other! Take a listen and get a peek into our lives as well as our reading styles! Kate question #1: Which endeavor to focus on next? Ronda - 3 of Pentacles David - Faith (The Heirophant) Ronda question #1: How best to detox from negativity experienced during travel back home? Kate - King of Swords David - Judgement David question #1: What approach to take with...


Episode 28 - The Lost Summer Episode

This episode we bring you the “lost” episode from this summer, a little something to fill in before the season starts. We do a bit more deconstruction of various cards, as well as entertain some tangents. Here we go! == Links and References == Ronda’s deck: Witches Tarot Kate’s deck: Linestrider Tarot David’s deck: Ol’ reliable (Rider Waite Tarot) Dharma Drum Mountain Joy...


Episode 27 - Summer Special: Tarot in the Summertime

Welcome to our July summer special episode! We discuss how working with the Tarot shifts during the summer season. Join us as we discuss other non-Tarot related topics as well. It is summer, after all… == Notes and references == Wiccan Sabbats and rituals Books by Scott Cunningham Animal Wisdom Tarot Animal Wise...


Episode 26 - Sexy Tarot

On this episode we talk about everyone’s favorite topic… sex! We discuss sex in relation to the Tarot regarding symbolism, sexy decks, sex readings, and our fun draw-a-card sex game! == Notes and Links == Christiana Gaudet - Fortune Stellar (book) Kate’s interview with Christiana Gaudet Erotic decks on Aeclectic...


Episode 25 - Q and A, 3rd Round

Once again we bring you another delightful Q&A this episode! We answer many of your questions as well as some of the most frequently asked questions, and a couple of ones that take you down the rabbit hole! == Related Links == Benebell Wen on Facebook Great article explaining Saturn Return Article on seven year cycles Kate’s article...


Episode 24 - Getting One's Tarot Groove Back

This episode we discuss various influences in our Tarot practices. What inspires us and keeps us going? Where can we draw inspiration to keep Tarot fresh for us? See what we have to say about that. == Related links == Theresa Reed - The Tarot Lady Kate’s mission statement Aeclectic Tarot’s free readings free...


Episode 23 - Decks, Decks, and More Decks

On this episode we discuss decks, decks, and more decks. Decks we like, decks we dislike, decks of note, and many other things pertaining to decks. Enjoy! == Notes and Links == The Wild Unknown Tarot Lumina Tarot Fountain Tarot Mary-El Tarot Chrysalis...


Episode 22 - Opinions on Various Cards

In our latest episode we have a good ol’ fashion conversation about cards. Specific cards we like, we have little use for, and cards we just can’t seem to “get”. == Notes and Links == Cards that fill us with wonder Kate - The Star Ronda - The Moon, Page of Cups David - The Fool, Six of Swords Stevie Nicks in episode of American Horror Story 15 Things You Should Know About Michelangelo's...


Episode 21 - Tarot Trends for 2016

On this episode we take a look at what’s coming up in 2016. We do a round robin drawing of cards on different topics and influences in the upcoming year. == Helpful links == Kate’s deck - Helices Tarot Ronda’s deck - Rider Waite Tarot David’s deck - Witches Tarot Love and Relationships Ronda - Queen of Swords Kate - King of Swords David - Ace of Swords Social influences David - Five of Pentacles Kate - Four of Wands Ronda - Six of Swords Work and career Kate - Ace of...


Episode 20 - Pop Culture Tarot

After a brief holiday hiatus we return with an interesting episode on current events. We look at each event and decide which Tarot cards best represent that event. == Helpful Links == Donald Trump: The Emperor (reversed) | 6 of Wands | 7 of Cups | 5 of Swords | 7 of Swords | Judgment | The Tower Mandy Moore/Ryan Adams divorce: 4 of Pentacles | 9 of Cups | 4 of Cups (Osho Zen) | 7 of Swords GMO salmon: The Chariot | The World | The Tower Josh Duggar on Ashley Madison...


Episode 19 - What's In a Spread

On this latest episode we discuss a popular Tarot topic… spreads! Traditional spreads, making one’s own spreads, breaking down spreads. Give it a listen! == Helpful Links == Power Tarot by Trish MacGregor and Phyllis Vega (book) Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson...


Episode 18 - Pick a Card, Any Card

This episode David, Ronda, and Kate randomly draw a card Round Robin style and discuss their takes on each one. == Helpful Links == Kate’s deck - Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot Ronda’s deck - Rider Waite Tarot David’s deck - Witches Tarot Cards drawn: Ace of Wands (Kate) Justice (Ronda) The Hermit (David) Queen of Cups...


Episode 17 - You Asked, We Answered

This episode we field questions from YOU, our wonderful listeners! Take a listen as we field these excellent questions sent in by our listeners! == Helpful Links == What is Qabalah anyway? 3 Is A Magic Number according to Schoolhouse Rock Is John Tesh an alien? Spud Goodman asks John Tesh outright These people believe...


Episode 16 - Tarot Beyond Tarot

On today’s episode we dare to explore some non-traditional uses for the Tarot. == Helpful Links == Kate’s “coaster” deck - Circle of Life Tarot Tarot as an altar- Portable Magic - Tarot is the Only Tool You Need by Donald Tyson (book) The Tarot Parlor blog - three card creative writing...