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Torch Trust is a Christian organisation with a worldwide vision for people with sight loss. We produce a weekly radio programme called Reflections which airs on RNIB Connect Radio.. The show focuses on faith and disability in today's world and here you can find a podcast version of the show. Uploaded weekly, after our Sunday broadcasts, this version has had music tracks removed.


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Torch Trust is a Christian organisation with a worldwide vision for people with sight loss. We produce a weekly radio programme called Reflections which airs on RNIB Connect Radio.. The show focuses on faith and disability in today's world and here you can find a podcast version of the show. Uploaded weekly, after our Sunday broadcasts, this version has had music tracks removed.






National Storytelling Week

On this week's Reflections podcast we're celebrating #NationalStorytellingWeek and we're joined by Suzie James who has the lowdown on the best new books being added to Torch's accessible library & catalogue. Our books are available in formats including braille, large print and audio. Listen now & share in the power of stories with Torch!


Chich Hewitt

This week we're joined by Chich Hewitt, whose story of spiritual calling and sight loss takes us from South Africa to Tennessee to Manchester and includes some innovative uses of assistive technology in ministry...


The Inspiring Life of George Matheson

On this week's podcast, we're exploring the life of George Matheson, a Scottish preacher and hymn writer whose sight loss as a young adult is just one part of his inspiring story...



On Friday 6th January, people around the world marked the Feast of Epiphany, or the Day of the Three Kings. But how do different countries celebrate? We asked friends of Torch to tell us everything, along with enjoying some beautiful spiritual reflection for this time of year...


New Year's Special 2023

Join us for our New Year's Special and enjoy Christian fellowship, reflection and celebration! Featuring an interview with Fresh Start, a charity supporting people experiencing homelessness, our top tips on getting fit in the new year, a special message from our CEO, and plenty of spiritual comfort, joy and hope for 2023.


Christmas Special 2022

Join us for an extra long festive episode of Reflections as we celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ! This episode is all about celebrating Christmas and includes a very special retelling of the Nativity written and performed by blind friends of Torch...


Looking Forward To Christmas

This week, Marilyn shares a spiritual reflection in preparation for Christmas and we explore the books 'His Name is Wonderful' and 'Sharing the Christmas Story'! Don't forget, you can tune in to our Christmas Day show which is 1 hour long, on RNIB Radio at 9am and again at 6pm on the 25th!


Gaudete Sunday

The third Sunday of Advent is Gaudete Sunday: gaudete is Latin for "rejoice" or "joyful" and it's celebrated in some churches as a pause in the pensive period of Advent, a time to really feel joy about the coming of Christ. So, in this episode we focus on joy, with our presenter Marilyn Baker leading a beautiful reflection on the topic...


Prayer Code

This week we're joined by Linn Davies to talk about how we pray - is it something we give much thought to or do we just do it automatically? Linn shares all she has learnt about prayer code, a different style of praying, and we celebrate the beginning of Advent with a special thought for the week...


Exploring Accessible Cinema

This week on Reflections, we chat with Elena Zini from My Sound Cinema about their amazing new streaming platform which has been specially designed for people who use audio description!


Stir Up Sunday: How to Make the Best Christmas Pudding

Stir Up Sunday is the traditional day to begin making your Christmas pudding! Learn how it gets its name and how to make a fantastic Christmas pudding with our expert pudding-maker Jill, as well as enjoying our beautiful spiritual reflections... If you'd like to make Jill's pudding the recipe is below: Ingredients 2 oz flour (plain or self raising) 1 tsp mixed spice 2 oz fresh white bread crumbs 4 oz shredded suet 2 oz darkest brown sugar you can get 12 oz mix of raisins, currants and...


Remembrance Sunday 2022

This week we're marking Remembrance Sunday, featuring an interview with John Bradshaw who was blinded when attempting to defuse a landmine. You can also listen to our gently devotional 'thought for the week' about Edith Cavell and a reading from 'We Will Remember Them' by Graham Jefferson, which blind and partially sighted people can obtain from Torch completely free.


Accessible Books for Advent and Christmas

It may feel early at the start of November, but now is the perfect time to plan your Advent and Christmas reading - and to get your orders in in time! Suzie James joins us on Reflections for a showcase of the best new Christian titles available in braille, large print and audio this festive season!


Time On Our Minds

The clocks have gone back and we've got time on our minds! But what does the Bible tell us about how we use our time? And what's worth giving our time to? Join Marilyn Baker for our exploration of time!


In The Warm Heart of Africa

Join us on Reflections as we explore the warm heart of Africa with Tim Jeffery and Paul Wood who recently visited Torch Malawi, our sister branch which supports blind and partially sighted people living in Malawi.


Sight Loss Sunday Celebration 2022

This week we're celebrating Sight Loss Sunday, a joyous day designed to recognise the gifts of people with sight loss and to focus on ensuring our churches and communities are truly welcoming, inclusive and sight loss friendly! Listen now to find out how to get started - it's easy and it's free!


Celebrating National Braille Week

On this week's episode we celebrate all things Braille! Join us for a chat with Nicoletta from Sight Scotland & Sight Scotland Veterans, Marie who is part of Oban Access Panel, and Jim who is part of UKAAF and the Scottish Braille Press. Plus, learn about Torch's braille services and how we can help your church become more accessible!


In the Presence of Angels

Stephanie Sergeant joins us to talk about her angelic encounters, Marilyn shares her own story of angel intervention, and we recommend some wonderful books all about angels which are available from the Torch library in accessible formats!

Maps, Apps and More

Join us as guest presenter Sheila Armstong and producer Grace Dawson explore navigation and assistance apps & devices designed for people with sight loss including 'LookOut' by Google, 'Microsoft Soundscape' and 'Victor Reader Trek' - can we find our way with these handy inventions?


Good To Be Back: Sight Village 2022

QAC Sight Village is described as 'the UK's leading exhibition for blind and partially sighted people and for those experiencing sight problems'. Our reporter Sheila was on the ground at their recent Birmingham event and she explores some of the most exciting new products and services showcased there!