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SuddenlyHuman: An open discussion about life and the world

Unlike our usual topic-driven epicodes, our hosts will discuss the current issues of life and the state of the world (such as it is). Join Jon and Stephen at 5:00pm GMT (12:00pm Eastern in USA/Canada) to call in and share your take on things.


SuddenlyHuman: Excuses and Reasons

It’s easy to lay blame in order to avoid doing something we know we need––and and in some cases want––to do in everyday life. Yet, when is what we’re blaming a legitimate reason and when is it just an excuse? How can we recognize the difference? And if it’s an excuse, how do we motivate ourselves to overcoming the excuse and take action? Join Jon and Stephen on at 6:00PM GMT(1:00PM EDT in US/Canada) on Friday, 16 October 2015, as they discuss excuses and...


SuddenHUMAN: Action or Intention––which is more important?

A corporation helps to rebuild a nation after a war or natural disaster. The locals clearly benefit from and participate in the rebuilding––so the action is good––but the corporation makes multiple millions in revenue from the project and only engaged in the effort because of the huge profits––so their intention is purely selfish. Which is more important, the outcome or the intention? The leader of one nation declares war on another nation purely for the purpose of destroying a safe haven...


SuddenlyHUMAN: Overcoming Fear of Success

It’s ironic that anyone should ever be scared of succeeding––since that’s typically what we most wish and pray for. Yet far too often, just when an opportunity presents itself, we allow fear to stop us from taking the risk. Why? What are we so worried about that it would cause us to subconsciously sabotage our dream? Is there something we can do to overcome our fear of success? Join our hosts, Jon and Stephen, as they discuss this topic here on BlogTalkRadio.


SuddenlyHuman: What is Truth, and Who Decides?

Who decides what is true or not? The legal system? Political leaders? Society? Most say it's God. Stephen and Jon say it's not God but humans. Join Stephen and Jon as they lay bare this controversial topic in an honest and no-holds-barred discussion.


SuddenlyHUMAN: Handling Crisis in our Lives

Join Stephen and Jon as they discuss ways to handle times of unexpected crisis. Disaster - Illness or injury - Death of a loved one - End of a relationship - Loss of a job or career - Betrayal - and similar events which test us to our core.


SuddenlyHuman: The Decline of Religion and Rise of Secular Spirituality

Join Stephen and Jon as they discuss the growing trend towards self-directed spirituality (nones and SBNR) and the decline or traditional, orgainizational religion.


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