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The World Miracle Peace Experiment : A Conversation with MarBeth Dunn

What happens when a group of people come together each day with a focus on creating peace? Miracles! Join MarBeth Dunn and Wisdom Talk Radio host Laurie Seymour for a stimulating conversation about peace, energy management and MarBeth's experiences living in Haiti. MarBeth Dunn, creator of the World Miracle Peace Experiment, is a mindset, success, and energy management specialist who helps highly-sensitive women professionals to create personal and economic miracles. A spiritual teacher for...


Conscious Sexuality: A Conversation with Gaia Morrissette

Join Laurie for a fascinating conversation with Gaia Morrissette about sex and sexual wellness, pleasure, having an orgasmic life and so much more. Gaia Morrissette has dedicated her life to making the world a happier, sexier and safer place. She is a world renowned Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, BDSM Wellness Specialist, and founder of Succulent Living. Through her Sexual Wellness Coaching Private Practice, she makes sex safe, makes sex better and helps you take it to next...


The Shero's Way - A Conversation with Lyena Strelkoff

Join host Sabrina Fritts for a heart-opening conversation with Lyena Strelkoff who found that her paralyzing injury liberated her from the paralysis of life. Here’s a link for Lyena's free gift and discover why forcing yourself to "be positive" is making things worse. Lyena Strelkoff is a transformation coach, storyteller, and speaker passionately dedicated to elevating the way humans respond to change, challenge, and adversity. When a hiking accident left her paralyzed at the age of...


Conscious Space Design: A Conversation with Judith Tamarah

Join host Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey for a dynamic conversation with Judith Tamarah about the spaces in which we live and work. Our environment tells us a story of who we are and who we think we are. We can consciously create the immediate environment of where we work to support an abundant and spacious expression of ourselves. Judith Tamarah works with people who are transforming and stepping more fully into their power, who they are, and who they want to become. She helps you...


Live Ablaze: And Light Up the World with Sarah Davison-Tracy

Join Host Sabrina Fritts for a delightful, soul-stirring conversation with Sarah Davison-Tracy. Whether traveling the globe or nestled in the backyard of her home in Colorado with her husband and and two beloved children, Sarah is a devoted human rights advocate, author, speaker, and founder of Seeds of Exchange (seedsofexchange.org). Seeds of Exchange is a collective of everyday people who are committed to light up the world so that a mighty difference can be made together. We do what we...


Become a Conscious Revolutionary with Laurie Seymour

Join host Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey for this invitation to become a revolutionary in your own life. Learning to trust the wisdom of your own heart is a revolutionary act. How do you do that? When you begin to follow your inner guidance you connect with the unshakable truth within. Listen in. Then, for a more indepth dive into this topic, hop over to Laurie's blog on The Baca Journey for 3 Essentials for a Revolutionary Life of Truth in Action.


Is This The Most Important Choice You Can Make? With Marianne McGuire

Join host Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know as she shares her experience of what she feels is the most important choice you can make in your own life and in contributing to the planet. She explores why we struggle and what we can do about it to finally feel the fulfillment we long for. With...Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know.


The Case for Cultivating your Intuitive Abilities: A conversation with Dr. Idara Bassey

Join WTR host Laurie Seymour with her guest, Dr. Idara Bassey, a licensed Attorney, Corporate Healer and Executive Coach. Laurie and Idara explore: -the practical usage of intuition and the case for cultivating one's intuitive abilities -why professionals (specifically lawyers) are warming up to non-traditional personal development options & modalities -her non-traditional career path (and how to successfully and sustainably challenge the status quo) Since 2002 Idara has helped create...


Lunar Abundance: a conversation with author Dr. Ezzie Spencer

Join Laurie Seymour and her guest and moon sister Dr. Ezzie Spencer, for a luminous conversation into the depths of Ezzie's Lunar Abundance practice. Lunar Abundance is a guide to cultivating peace, security and purpose in both your personal and professional life, guided by the phases of the moon. Laurie and Ezzie explore the sensory body as a way to anchor within as a focal point, why it takes courage to allow yourself to dream big, the necessity of using discernment when taking...


Your Presence is a Gift

Presence provides many gifts. Sabrina Fritts, with Living in Alignment, shares a simple and powerful practice to connect and invite the gifts presence into your life.


The Light Beneath The Pain with Marianne McGuire

Join host Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know as she explores the fundamental truth that makes life fulfilling and enjoyable: she shares about how identifying with ideas and concepts we have about ourselves and labeling everything causes suffering, how you can infuse your life with Light to change how you experience it and what happens when you shift your attention away from problems and judgments and onto the field of Awareness, of Light; the truth of who you are. With... Marianne McGuire...


Are Your Needs a Priority?

Are your needs a priority? Or has your To-Do list and meeting the needs of others left yours unattended? Sabrina Fritts shares how a recent experience caused her to not only set clear boundaries, but actually enforce them; the results are nothing short of magical. Comment below or reach out and share how you have set boundaries and released that which is no longer serving you - http://www.sabrinafritts.com


Creating Freedom and Prosperity: A Conversation with Paola Devescovi

Join host Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey as she welcomes Paola Devescovi, founder of Project Prosperity and author of 50+.com. Paola is a business and prosperity coach, helping small business owners and self-emplyed professionals expand and create freedom and prosperity in their business. She has created a unique approach to coaching, blending energy techniques in her work with clients. She is the co-creator of the MyAmbrogio app, a virtual butler for smartphones and...


Consciously Not Getting Your Knickers In A Twist with Marianne McGuire

Join Marianne as she shares tips on how to deal with stress and overwhelm in a fundamental way so that you can find your power again and live from your truth. With... Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know.


We Are All Human Beings: Conversation with Papa Dia and Sylvia Karanja, the African Leadership Group

Join WTR host Laurie Seymour of The Baca Journey on her return from a month in Africa. She is joined by Papa Dia and Sylvia Karanja from The African Leadership Group in Denver, Colorado, for a truly inspiring conversation about their work with the African immigrant population in Colorado and how what is working there has profound implications and possibility for each one of us. ALG serves the entire African community, no matter what country immigrants come from. It transcends country,...


Conscious Grieving; Death, What If It's Not What We Think? With Marianne McGuire

Join host Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know as she explores a different way of viewing death and she shares a way to help you through the experience of grieving. "Every day for a little while, die to the outside and receive your soul in stillness so that you may be reborn out of separation and into the truth of Oneness... your eternal home." With... Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know.


Conscious Marketing

With Conscious Marketing, explore a new paradigm of working and attracting more business than you ever imagined! Join Aparna Sain and Michael McDonald as they talk about the Conscious Way of Marketing your services, connecting with Customers and building an abundant life. Michael is the creator of Relational Alchemy (authenticintegrity.com) focused on Integrity and Authenticity with his Coaching practice based out of San Francisco, California. Aparna is a host for Wisdom Talk Radio and a...


Loving Outrage: Responding to Judgment, Divisiveness and Despair with Laurie Seymour

Join host Laurie Seymour as she speaks to what is needed in these times of separation, judgment and rage. It's not effective to "simply turn off the news, or affirm the light. And fighting back leaves your insides in knots." As she says, " Outrage voiced from the fullness of who you are will change the world. And this is what is needed now." Laurie shares what she discovered from the depths of her own despair that opened space in the darkest places.


Conscious Relationships with Marianne McGuire

Join host Marianne McGuire of Let Go and Know as she explores Conscious Relationships and offers helpful and effective tips on how to really enjoy our relationships. Marianne shares: One simple choice to stop an argument and remove the charge.The importance of developing the relationship that you have with yourself and how it relates to your connection with the Divine.How really knowing that we are all connected transforms relationships with others: partners, children, friends, strangers...


Inner Guidance is Real and Available. The Compass Within series, part 3 with Laurie Seymour

Inner voices rooted in judgment are not trust-worthy. They are the voices of self-doubt. How do you go from self-doubt to self-trust? That's today's episode, part 3 of The Compass Within series. With...Laurie Seymour Laurie teaches the immersive online program The Compass Within: Connect with Your Inner Knowing. www.thebacajourney.com