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The smallVOICE podcast is a monthly mix of reviews, music and features from the award-winning GRF radio team. Visit for more information about show items and for our full archive of podcasts.


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The smallVOICE podcast is a monthly mix of reviews, music and features from the award-winning GRF radio team. Visit for more information about show items and for our full archive of podcasts.






sv podcast – Israel and Gaza

Another tricky, but unavoidable, subject …. In this podcast, Holly and Darren talk about how best to talk about the violence in Israel and Gaza. What do we say? To what extent does social media make things worse? How do we pray? Links from this podcast: Wildgoose Publications …


sv podcast – for thy great pain, have mercy on my little pain

In this month’s podcast Holly & Darren review the debut novel, For Thy Great Pain, Have Mercy On My Little Pain, by Victoria MacKenzie. It’s a short novel, published earlier this year, and is about the lives of two fourteenth-century mystics, Julian of Norwich and Margery Kempe. Vividly and beautifully …


sv podcast – “No … not nice Lucy.”

A difficult one this month, as Holly and Darren explore some of the issues arising from the recent Lucy Letby murder conviction. On 21 August this year, Lucy Letby became only the third woman alive to be handed a whole-life jail term when she was sentenced for murdering seven babies …


sv podcast – songs for the good times and the tough times

For 25 years Stephen Fischbacher and the Fischy Music team have worked with children, singing, song writing and healing their relationship with the world around them. But what happens when singing is not allowed? Our roving reporter, Margaret, found out that the value of Fischy songs to young people reaches …


sv podcast – we review Barbie!

Welcome to our slightly pink and fluffy podcast for August as Holly & Darren bravely review the film sensation, Barbie. As ever, get back to us with your views – leave a comment on this website, go to our Facebook Page or contact us on Twitter! To live in Barbie …


sv podcast – Amplifying Voices

We’re delighted to find out about another ‘small voice’ that is making a big difference … Amplifying Voices is an organisation based in Worthing in the south of England and it’s 10 years old this year. Their mission is to train communities to use the tool of media to create …


sv podcast – summer recommendations!

In this podcast Holly & Darren offer you some fine suggestions for summer reading, viewing, and listening. We’ve gone lighter for the summer but still some meaty stuff: Will baking change your life? Is Ted Lasso really about Ted Lasso? Can we just slow down a bit and take a …


sv podcast – talking Spiritual Care with Laura

Welcome, gentle listener, and thanks for joining us! In this podcast we explore spiritual care – both in health care and in life in general. And we’re delighted to speak with Laura who is a hospice chaplain in central Scotland. Our recurring themes recently in the podcast have been faith …


sv podcast – the ChatGPT chat

Welcome faithful listener, hungry for knowledge? Well, so are we, and in this podcast Holly and Darren try to get their heads round the latest artificial intelligence scare – OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It’s computer intelligence, it’s a great 1st draft, it’s the end of the world as we know it …. …


sv podcast – the Edinburgh Easter Play

We have a special feature for Easter! Our roving reporter, Margaret, has been out talking to people involved in this year’s Easter Play in Edinburgh. This is a large-scale community Passion Play telling the Easter story and takes place in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens on Easter Saturday each year. Margaret …


sv podcast – where we get a little bit book-clubby and read Faith, Hope & Carnage

We have read a book for Lent this year, oh yes, and it’s the fascinating Nick Cave and Seán O’Hagan collaboration, Faith, Hope and Carnage. Listen to Holly & Darren chewing it over in this podcast … There is indeed lots of faith and hope (not quite sure about the …


sv podcast – the one with a bit of faith and doubt

It’s almost Lent and Holly and Darren are discussing faith, doubt and spiritual practices. Will you have Plenty Lenty? Is doubt sacred? How do we kindle the spark of faith within us? How do we tune in to the divine? Will there be chocolate? Our references and links in this …


sv podcast & media review – Jan 2023

Welcome to this smallVOICE podcast for January, presented by Darren & Holly. During the next half an hour or so, they’ll bring you up to date about how our wee team is doing and our plans for the podcast over the next months. They also share their recommendations of what …


A smallVOICE Christmas Card

We wanted to send you a sort of ‘Christmas Card’ greeting from the whole smallVOICE team…. Christmas is a special time for many people, but it can also be challenging and difficult for others, and that is where we find ourselves this year. But we’re grateful to have your company, …


Podcast Extra – Siskin Green interview

We’re so pleased to present this Podcast Extra interview with folk/faith band Siskin Green. They are of course the lovely and talented Jane Bentley, Suzanne Butler and Margaret McLarty and you may remember we played two music tracks from them in our August podcast. Darren spoke with Jane, Suzanne and …


Podcast Extra – Anne’s ‘Thousand Words’

This is the second podcast extra tribute to our friend and smallVOICE presenter Anne. Our ‘Thousand Words’ strand has been running since the very start of the smallVOICE podcast in 2013. In each feature Anne talked to a person about an image that means a great deal to them, and …


Podcast Extra – A Tribute to Anne

This podcast extra is a tribute to our friend and smallVOICE presenter, Anne Muir, who died suddenly at the end of September. Anne had presented and helped shape the smallVOICE podcast right from its start back in August 2013. Before and beyond that, Anne had a career in radio and …


smallVOICE podcast – September 2022

Welcome to September’s podcast wherein we review another podcast – hot off the press from Global Player: The News Agents. Our very own roving reporter and news hound Margaret brings us our latest small voice of the month, which is the inspiring Dress for Success Scotland. And we have fabulous …


smallVOICE podcast – August 2022

For August, we preview some of our favourite picks from online sessions at the 2022 Edinburgh International Book Festival, Anne’s Thousand Words guest is Frances Bloomfield, and Margaret brings us our small voice of the month – this time it’s inspiring charity Listen Well Scotland. We have a couple of …


Podcast Extra – Alex Booer

More good stuff from Alex Booer in this Podcast Extra… Alex was Anne’s ‘Thousand Words’ guest for our smallVOICE podcast in July, and if you enjoyed that, you won’t want to miss this! In this additional part of her conversation with Anne, Alex explores disagreement and understanding. Why is it …