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Sermons and Expositions, verse by verse through books of the Bible or topical




Luke #55: Healing on Sabbath/Parables of Wedding Feast and Banquet: 14:1–24

Even the healing of a human being was not to be done on a Sabbath Day, but Jesus did. Then followed parables designed to both wake up and critique the common practices of the Pharisees.


Luke #56: Cost of Discipleship, Salt without Taste: 14:25–35

Great crowds are following Jesus and the Apostles while on their way to Jerusalem. Jesus now issues strong warnings about what it would mean to be His follower. He uses the word “hate” regarding even parents and family in order to highlight His message.


Luke #54: Jesus Laments over Jerusalem: 13:31–35

Jesus continues His journey to Jerusalem, even though the warning that Herod, son of Herod the Great, wants to kill Him. Jesus then utters the lament over Jerusalem, which shows His love for the nation Israel.


Luke #53: Mustard Seed / Leaven / NarrowDoor, 13:18–30

Jesus and His disciples are heading to Jerusalem for the last time. He tells about a tiny mustard see and a bit of leaven, both of which are tiny but produce large and grand results. Then a theme found in John 10—Jesus announces He is the door, indeed a narrow door, the only route by which one must enter the kingdom of God.


Luke #52: Repent or Perish, The Barren Fig Tree, Woman with Disabling Spirit: 13:1–17

Three stories: 1) the necessity of repenting of our personal sin, 2) the fig tree, a symbol of the nation of Israel, being given another opportunity to repent, and 3) the Pharisees and their ideas of what work is allowed on the Sabbath.


Luke #51: Not Peace but Division, Interpreting the Time, Settle with Your Accuser: 12:49–59

Three pericopes: 1) Jesus is indeed the Savior, yet He brings division even in families, 2) religious leaders are unable to grasp what is then occurring, and 3) it is vital to settle with an accuser.


Luke #50: You Must Be Ready, Luke 12:35–48

Jesus alerts His followers that they must be ready, awake, and alert to do the work of a servant. The result of this is that Jesus will actually be the servant who takes care of them.


Luke #49: "Do Not Be Anxious," 12:22–34

Jesus encourages His followers to seek first His kingdom and thereby avoid the anxiety that they would otherwise experience


Luke #47: Leaven of the Pharisees / Have No Fear / Acknowledge Christ: 12:1–12

While the Pharisees are strongly opposing Him, Jesus alerts His followers that they too will be attacked, but they need not be fearful, for these opposers cannot prevent them from their salvation, and thus they are to preach His word fearlessly.


Luke #48: The Parable of the Rich Fool, 12:13–21

Many thousands are “pressing hard” on Jesus now, when a man asks Jesus to adjudicate between him and his brother regarding an inheritance from his now dead father. Jesus proceeds to use a parable to present the reality of what is really important in our living.


Luke #46: Woes to the Phariseesand Lawyers—11:37–54

Three woes, or things in the future that are dreadful, Jesus expresses to both Pharisees and lawyers (also termed scribes), thus six woes all together. These religious leaders have no idea what it means to reject Jesus and His message.


Luke #45: True Blessedness, the Sign of Jonah, The Light in You—11:27–36

Three brief pieces, one of a woman who praised Jesus’ mother, thus Jesus Himself, a story about Jonah who had been sent to preach in Gentile Nineveh, and the need to let the light of Jesus shine into the darkness.


Luke #44: Jesus and Beelzebul & Return of the Unclean Spirit, 11:14–26

Jesus’ opponents, who witnessed His casting out of demons, accused Him of being in league with the Satanic kingdom. Jesus strongly defends His ministry and warns that false casting out of demons results only in worse demonic possession.


Luke #43: Mary and Martha, The Lord's Prayer, 10:38–11:13

Two stories here, first Jesus in the home of Mary and Martha, and Martha complains about her workload while Mary is listening to Jesus. Then, a second rendering of The Lord’s Prayer, different and shorter than the prayer in Matthew 6.


Luke #42: Jesus Rejoices in Holy Spirit & Parable Good Samaritan, 10:21–37

Jesus rejoices out loud that the Father has hidden the truths of grace from all, has chosen to reveal to these disciples. Then comes the story of a Samaritan who, at great cost, rescues a Jewish man.


Luke #41: Jesus Sends Out the 72, Woe to Unrepentant Cities, 10:1-20

Jesus appoints 72 (70?) out to cities He is about to visit and proclaim the coming of the kingdom of God. He warns they would be like lambs amid wolves. And dire consequences for those who reject the message of the 72. These pairs of sent ones return and report that even demons are subject to them.


Luke #40: Not Against Us Is For Us / Samaritan Rejection / Cost of Following, 9:49–62

While heading for Jerusalem, toward the conclusion of Jesus’ ministry, Jesus allows and approves someone other than a called disciple to cast out demons, would not allow dire consequences to fall upon the population of a Samaritan village that rejected Him, and spelled out the high cost of being His follower.


Luke #39: Jesus Heals a Boy / He Again Foretells His Death / Who Is Greatest, 9:37–48_37-48

A man who has an only son approaches Jesus and asks Him to heal this son who has been troubled by evil spirits. After an awful display of demonic activity, Jesus casts the demons out of the son. Then Jesus, for the second time, tells His disciples that He will be delivered into the hands of men. Following this announcement, Jesus rebukes His disciples, who were arguing amongst themselves as to who was the greatest among them.


Luke #38: The Transfiguration, Luke 9:28–36

Jesus, taking only the inner three—Peter, John, and James— climbs up into a mountain. Suddenly, two people are present with Jesus: Moses and Elijah. A cloud appears from which are heard the words, “This is my Son, my Chosen One; listen to Him.”

Luke #37: Jesus Foretells His Death & Take Up Your Cross, Luke 9:21–27

For the first time, Jesus tells His disciples that He will be rejected, killed, and then be raised. This astounding announcement is followed by Jesus’ invitation to take up His cross and follow Him, and of those who do, He will never be ashamed.