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Episode 167: News Roundup + Paying Public Officials

Episode 167: News Roundup + Paying Public Officials by Little London Media


Episode 166: All The Governor's Bills

Episode 166: All The Governor's Bills by Little London Media


Episode 165: Special Tax Districts

Thanks to a friend-of-the-show suggestion, we took a deep dive into Special Tax Districts with guest and expert Sarah Humbargar. Find out how these districts work, how they receive and spend funds, and who has final say on the work that gets done. Get more information, including show notes, at


Episode 164: Entrepreneurship with Gretchen Jones

Gretchen Jones is a designer, fashion icon and an entrepreneur who is bringing her 15 years of experience into the business world to help companies establish a more human approach to capitalism. Gretchen joins Jeff in the studio to talk business, social and environmental impacts and the impact of social media on our identities and approaches to the world. Enjoy the show!


Episode 163: A Whiskey Origin Story

291 Whiskey is a international award winning distillery that started in the basement of an old house on South Tejon. In this episode Jeff sits down with founder Michael Myers to talk about how 291 Whiskey came to be, where it is going and how craft distillers are making a mark in COS.


Episode 162: Bikes and Ballots With Jill Gaebler

In this episode Jeff sits down with Councilwoman Jill Gaebler to talk about the recent bike forum and biking infrastructure in COS. With an April election on the horizon Jeff and Jill also talk city council candidates and ballot issue 1. Enjoy the show!


Episode 161: Issue 1 with Firefighters for a Safer Colorado Springs

Can you believe the April election is just around the corner? We will be talking about the Mayor's race, city council, and the issues you will be voting on over the next month so you can meet that April 2 deadline with ease. To start, we chat with two representatives from Firefighters for a Safer Colorado Springs who are out talking about the access firefighters have to help make decisions for the city. Hear what their ballot issue - Issue 1 - is all about in this episode. Get more...


Episode 159: The 100th Year of the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College is celebrating 100 years of art and culture! We sit down to talk with the Fine Arts Center about the events and festivities planned for the upcoming year and their history of thought-provoking, and sometimes risqué, performances and installations. Find out more about this episode at


Episode 158: Coffee and Confections

Just in time for Valentines, we bring you a timeless pairing that has found new ground in Colorado Springs. The owners of [blank] coffee and BonBon Bombardier have teamed up to bring our city delicious drinks, mouth-watering treats, and collaboration dinners worth clambering over. Hear from them as they discuss owning small businesses, partnerships, and bringing food innovation to the city. Get more information on this episode at


Episode 157: WTF is up with the Wall?

The government is shut down, the rhetoric is confusing, and the empirical evidence is hard to find, so we dive in for you and bring you actual stats and facts about immigration, border walls, and national security. Tune in as we tell you WTF is actually up with that damn wall. Get more information at


Episode 156: 2018 Year in Pop Culture

We are back! 2018 is over, but before we can say goodbye Jeff and DC Jim take a look back and their highlights from what 2018 had to offer in the realm of movies, music, books, concerts and podcasts. Enjoy the annual LLS Year in Pop Culture!


Episode 155: Live Here, Give Here with Citizens Project

As an official media partner of the Give! Campaign, we are excited to bring you the stories and impact of a few local non-profits. This week, Citizens Project E.D. Deb and Board Member Shelby join us to talk about their work year-round and their goals to make it possible and a little easier for everyone to vote! Get more information about this episode and others at


Episode 154: Neighborly Impact: An interview with Empty Stocking Fund Executive Director, Deb Mahan

'Tis the season of neighborliness! We sit down with the first Executive Director of the Empty Stocking Fund, Deb Mahan, to talk about her career in the community, giving back, and why campaigns like the Empty Stocking Fund and Indy Give! are so important to our community. Hear about the people and the organizations that get a boost this season and some of the events that help make it happen. More information available at


Episode 153: WTF is on the Ballot? Candidates

Now that you know how to vote allllll the way through your ballot on amendments and propositions, it is time to pick the people that will represent you! We cover various races affecting Colorado Springs - from the gubernatorial race between Polis and Stapleton to the local reps that are working hard to get your vote. Tune in to get top talking points and facts about each candidate and get your ballot in before November 6! If you are listening to this show it is already too late to mail it...


Episode 152: WTF Is On The Ballot? Amendments & Propositions

We have two shows coming your way to talk through ballot issues and the people running for office! Up first: Amendments and Propositions. From restructuring the committee that draws district lines to where oil and gas can drill across the state, we have you covered. Tune in to get the low down (and just a little of our own commentary). Follow this one up with Part Two and get your ballot to the box before November 6!


Episode 151: 8 Steps to Reduce Homelessness in COS

In early October the City of Colorado Springs released a new action plan to reduce chronic homelessness in our city. In this episode, we go over the eight steps to the plan and talk about what it will take to make these steps a local reality. Our guest is the city's Homelessness Outreach and Prevention Coordinator, Andrew Phelps. Tune in and mark your calendars to make your voice heard at public meetings happening in the coming weeks. Thanks for listening, subscribing and sharing The Little...


Episode 150: The Sharing Economy and Short-term Rentals in COS

It might get a lot more difficult to host a short-term rental, like an AirBnB, in Colorado Springs. The Planning Commission is proposing a new ordinance and we have the details. Plus, we bring you information on the sharing economy and how influential it really is when it comes to local economies. Tune in and share your love by liking, subscribing and telling your friends to listen. More information on this, and all LLS episodes, can be found at


Episode 149: The Grand Finale of the Waldo Waldo

For seven years, the Waldo Waldo 5K has raised money to support Waldo Canyon restoration efforts. Over $200,000 has been donated to restoring this popular outdoor recreation area that was devastated by the Waldo Canyon Fire. This year will be the last year of the Waldo Waldo 5K, so we sat down with Jennifer Peterson of the Rocky Mountian Field Institute and Chelise Foster, Waldo Waldo creator and event organizer, to talk about the impact of this community fun-run and all that has happened...


Episode 148: Women and the Outdoors with the SRAM Women's Leadership Commitee

We sat down with four women from SRAM, a local bike component manufacturer and aspiring leader when it comes to women's leadership in the outdoor industry. We talk about women in the corporate pipeline, as well as women on single-track trails, and what today's outdoor companies are doing to increase inclusiveness and diversity in the workplace. Don't miss your invitation for the first ever CAMBER Exchange event in Colorado Springs! October 17 from 5:30 - 7:30 at the SRAM offices....


Episode 147: This Is How COS Millenials

COS has been written up recently for being a hot spot for millennials. So we sat down with one of those millennials to see what they are all about. Meet Alyssa. She is an artist and a social media director for a small non profit. She also has a side hustle that will make you grateful she is in COS. A fun show with one of the city's most badass women.