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Dating and relationships: are they dreams come true or living nightmares? That’s the question Fern Lulham, who is blind, asks each month on Into You. Fern, from Hastings, UK, and a regular contributor of Kelly and Company, welcomes guests to share in honest discussions about relationships and dating.

Dating and relationships: are they dreams come true or living nightmares? That’s the question Fern Lulham, who is blind, asks each month on Into You. Fern, from Hastings, UK, and a regular contributor of Kelly and Company, welcomes guests to share in honest discussions about relationships and dating.






Dating and relationships: are they dreams come true or living nightmares? That’s the question Fern Lulham, who is blind, asks each month on Into You. Fern, from Hastings, UK, and a regular contributor of Kelly and Company, welcomes guests to share in honest discussions about relationships and dating.




Breaking Down Boundaries

This month, Fern chats with relationship expert and author Tracy Dalgleish all about the social media buzzword "boundaries," and what it really means in modern-day romance. Are boundaries akin to angry, scary school rules, or could they actually help us to build healthier, more loving relationships? How do you know what YOUR boundaries even are? And, once you know, how do you go about addressing them with your partner? Find out the answer to all these questions and so many more in this...


Relationship Rifts Resolved

This month, join Fern as she continues her chat with relationship coach and TikTok sensation Jacob Lucas. On this episode, Jacob shares how your location could be a factor in how easy it is to resolve an issue, and explains how to make amends after a heated disagreement with your beloved. If you're sick of getting sucked into the same old argumentative cycles of pointing the finger, it's time to put your foot down and change the conversation. Jacob gives practical strategies, tips and tools...


Dating Disagreements

This month, Fern chats to professional dating coach Jacob Lucas. With over 600,000 followers on TikTok, you could say Jacob knows a thing or two about attracting people and keeping them interested! The topic up for debate on this episode is arguments and how to have less of them when comes to your love life. Join Fern and Jacob for a light-hearted look into why we argue, how to defuse a heated discussion and when to have your cake and eat it too! All that and so much more, making for an...


Recognising Your Own Red Flags

This month's episode of Into You is Part 2 of our exploration into red flags in relationships. Fern continues her conversation with liscensed psychologist, founder and director of Behr Psychology, Dr Jessica January Behr. Jessica shares why being too quick to spot red flags in others can end up hurting us, how we can identify and start to work on our own potential red flags, what red flags can teach us about relationships and so much more! If you love self-reflection and getting insight into...


The Dating Snags of Red Flags

On this month's Episode of Into You, Fern chats to licensed psychologist, founder and director of Behr Psychology, Dr Jessica January Behr. Jessica explains what red flags actually are, what they can teach us about ourselves and whether there is any hope that the red flags we spot in our potential partners might ever change. If you've been struggling with troublesome behaviour when it comes to your relationships - either from someone else or indeed yourself - Jessica will help you start...


Attraction in Action

This is part two of our conversation with Dr James Jackson - a psychology researcher and lecturer on how hormones shape our bodies at Leeds Trinity University. James shares what online dating has done to attraction, whether marriage could be beneficial to your long-term health and if we can MAKE somebody become attracted to us. The sparks are flying, the chemistry's electric and you won't want to miss out! Find out more about Dr. James Jackson


The Anatomy of Attraction

On this month's episode, we dig deep into the mystical phenomenon known as human attraction. I speak to Dr. James Jackson - a psychology researcher and lecturer at the Leeds Trinity University, who reveals why we are attracted to certain people more than others and what is going on inside our bodies at the time. James shares how tricky attraction can be and why so much of how we behave when it comes to attraction is completely unconscious and out of our control. To learn the secrets of...


Supporting An Anxious Partner

On this episode of Into You, I talk to content creator, Trey Beckham, who runs a YouTube channel with his girlfriend, Alyssa. Alyssa has had anxiety since the start of their relationship five years ago and Trey talks about what this has meant for him and for them as a couple. Trey shares what Alyssa's anxiety has taught him and offers advice on the do's and definite don'ts to anyone trying to support an anxious partner. Whether you have been affected by anxiety yourself, have ever loved...


Dating Anxiety Diary

On this episode, Fern chats to writer and YouTuber Lauren Rose, who has battled with severe anxiety, including agoraphobia and panic attacks, for many years. Lauren shares how anxiety has impacted her love life, giving tips on how to deal with anxiety when dating and opening up about some of her worst fears about the early stages of being in a relationship. She speaks openly and honestly about what having anxiety feels like and what has helped her to cope and build a long-term, lasting...


Festive Romance Unwrapped

In this month's episode of Into You, we take a good look at the psychology behind love during the holidays. Clinical psychologist, relationship expert and author of Date Smart: Transform Your Relationships and Love Fearlessly, Dr. Carla Marie Manly, talks us through such issues as how to celebrate being single this holiday season, what strategies work best for a day at the in-laws', whether to avoid a break-up until after the holidays or simply bite the bullet, and helps us navigate the...


Getting Attached To Your Match

This month on Into you, we are delving deep into the psychology of the relationship world as we ask: "What is your template for love?" Psychologist, author, blogger and lecturer Aimee Daramus discusses attachment theory and what it might mean for your love life. Find out which attachment style you have, how it impacts your relationships and what you can do to overcome any issues this might be causing. Aimee also tells us how talking about somebody's childhood memories on a first date could...


Long Distance Love Laid Bare

This month on Into You, we dive deeper into the science of long-distance dating as Fern chats to psychologist, relationship coach and family therapist, Elena Semenek. Elena explains why someone may be drawn to a long-distance relationship, the hardest part about being so far away from your partner from a psychological perspective, and shares her six stages of long-distance relationships. Down-to-earth, honest and passionate, Elena's words will help you to decide whether long-distance love...


Long Distance Love

On this month's Into You, we're asking the question, "Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?" as we find out what it's like to be in love with someone who lives far away from you. I chat to Leo (from France) and Kyomi (from Peru), about the long-distance relationship which started when they met via a language exchange app called Tandem. Leo and Kyomi share what it was like when their first meeting was rudely interrupted by the pandemic and how they kept their long-distance love...


The Science Behind A Toxic Mind

In the final of our three-part series on domestic abuse, Fern speaks to psychologist and researcher Dr. Dina McMillan to uncover the science behind toxic relationships. Dr. Dina shares why people become abusive, what to look out for in a potential partner and offers some tips and tricks she has used in dating in order to avoid getting involved with an abusive person. Dr. Dina's passion for spreading the message about abuse and helping people find happy, healthy relationships is infectious...


When Silence Hides Violence

In this month's episode of Into You, I speak to TEDx speaker Andrew Pain, a male victim of domestic violence. Andrew shares his story of hiding the emotional and physical abuse he was facing at the hands of his ex-wife, how he believed he needed to "man up," and why he feared leaving the relationship may mean losing his children. Andrew highlights the importance of boundaries in a relationship, and why having people you trust who can offer you an outside perspective can be crucial. He also...


When Love Turns Lethal

This month on Into You, we're getting serious as we delve into the dark depths of domestic abuse. I speak to two-time TED speaker and the author of Crazy Love, Leslie Morgan Steiner, about the roller coaster romance she had with her abusive ex-husband. Leslie was beaten, strangled and held at gunpoint on numerous occasions by a man who claimed to love her. She tells the story of how she fell into this relationship, how the abuse unfolded and what made it so hard to walk away from. Leslie...


Disabled Dating

Kelsey's YouTube channel: Liz Mazur


Disability Kissability

What is dating like when you have a disability, and what lessons can we all take from that - disabled or not? In this episode of Into You, we're talking about a topic which, (as a blind lady myself) is close to my heart: dating with a disability! I chat with mental health advocate and vlogger Paige, who has been a life-long wheelchair user, and model, actor and personal trainer Julian, who was born with only one arm. We discuss everything from disclosing your disability to maintaining...


Ghosting with Renee Slansky

Fern chats with dating expert Renee Slansky about her professional take on ghosting. We explore how people are affected differently, how to know when it's time to give up on someone, and how we get stuck in a haunted house of our own making by refusing to let go of somebody who has ghosted us. Whether you've experienced being ghosted, know somebody who has, or share a fascination for dating dynamics, this is a must-hear episode guaranteed to blow away the cobwebs and leave you in high...


Haunted Hopes and Gorgeous Ghosts

In this episode, we tackle the topic of ghosting - when someone you are dating unexpectedly disappears without a trace! We explore the psychology behind ghosting, why people do it and how it can have an impact on both parties. I speak to Stephanie DeLacy, (a top rated writer from New York) about her many experiences of being ghosted, how she was impacted by the sudden disappearance of men she had been dating for some time and what happened when she reached out to confront one guy who had...