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If you're getting ready to or are already in the process of planning your wedding, you've come to the right place! DJ Josh, owner of Highlight Weddings & Events, interviews other 30A wedding pros to offer insight about how to make your wedding a highlight!

If you're getting ready to or are already in the process of planning your wedding, you've come to the right place! DJ Josh, owner of Highlight Weddings & Events, interviews other 30A wedding pros to offer insight about how to make your wedding a highlight!


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If you're getting ready to or are already in the process of planning your wedding, you've come to the right place! DJ Josh, owner of Highlight Weddings & Events, interviews other 30A wedding pros to offer insight about how to make your wedding a highlight!






Your Destin Bachelorette & Bachelor Party Essential!

Destin is a GREAT place to have your wedding. It's also a great place to have your bachelor or bachelorette party. But if you're having your bachelorette or bachelor party during the Emerald Coast's busy season from March to October, Destin is also GREAT for traffic. So, why add that to your hassle? Go with Destin Tiki Bus, instead! Seating 10 people comfortably, it's perfectly suited to accommodate your wedding VIPs and allow everyone to just enjoy themselves for the party (or even the...


Create Your Ceremony's Atmosphere

There's a level of refinement that is associated with string instruments. They bring a feel of extra polish and panache when you see them but hearing them live their distinct quality transforms the environment that their sound fills. On this episode, DJ Josh from Highlight Weddings and Events chats with Ayla Green, owner of Bow Tied Music, about what an event with having them providing the soundtrack for your day. She shares, "Why Bow Tied?" What sets them a part from other potential live...


Make Your Wedding Abstract!

DJ Josh is all about adding unique touches to your wedding. What would be more unique than having a live painter capture your day invoking the emotions and the vibes from it as it is unfolding. Well, his guest today, Maxine Orange, from Abstract Bridal Portraits, does just that! If you've never been at an event with a live painter, it's something that just elevates the experience. Plus, getting a portrait done on the first day of the rest of your life seems pretty cool right? As they...


Gulf Panoramic Views for Your Pensacola Beach Wedding

The cool thing about the Emerald Coast is there is a wide range of locations to choose from. From Panama City to 30A to Destin to Pensacola, can find what fits your style for your wedding perfectly. Today, DJ Josh from Highlight Weddings and Events chats with Michelle Wardlaw from Pier Suite. One of the defining features that Pier Suite has is it is the only wedding venue on Pensacola Beach that has a panoramic view of the Gulf! In addition to giving you a mental image of what to expect,...


Lessons I Learned From My Wedding

The cool thing about being a wedding professional is oftentimes you've had the experience of having your own wedding. DJ Josh has chatted with several wedding company owners that found their own found their company based on their own wedding experience. He didn't establish Highlight Weddings & Events directly because of his wedding experience but his wedding provided him with some lessons that he's learned as he looks back on it through the lens of his 7 years of wedding DJ experience. He...


Your Best Yes At Watercolor Inn & Resort

There are just some venues that are indescribably beautiful. Each moment captured is picture perfect wherever you are at the location. Watercolor Inn & Resorts is one of those venues. This week, DJ Josh from Highlight Weddings & Events got to sit down with Holly Odom, the Wedding Sales and Service Manager there to share more about what makes Watercolor so special. Spoiler alert: it's not JUST the picturesque backdrop they have. The culture there is one that will find a way to make your time...


Expertise While Planning YOUR Wedding

Sometimes there is a fear with couples that are considering hiring a wedding coordinator. As a bride, you may worry that once you hire a coordinator, you won't get to DO #allthethings that are the fun parts of the wedding planning process: picking out all the pretty design elements, putting together the invitations, all the Pinterest-type things. Jillian McCarthy from Jillian Rose Events understands that. She's planning her own wedding right now! DJ Josh sat down with her and she took the...


Your Wedding Weekend with SunQuest

For those who know, SunQuest Cruises is synonymous with their beautiful three-deck yacht, Solaris. But, SunQuest is more than just a pretty boat! DJ Josh got to chat with Kristi Summerlin from SunQuest Cruises and she shares how they can literally take care of your entire wedding weekend turning your destination wedding into a full-blown vacation. In this episode, Kristi lays out what your wedding weekend could look like! They also talk about their mutual experience at UWF, the amazing food...


Arrive At Your Wedding in Southern Comfort

Today, DJ Josh gets to chat with Chris Hudson from Southern Comfort Services, a true black car transportation company in the Destin and 30A area. What's a true black car service? And what can Chris' team can provide for your wedding? Give this episode a listen. In it, you'll hear about their common background (both veterans), their similar day-off routines, as well as everything you need to know when booking transportation for your next event! Make sure to click that subscribe button, so...


Your Bridal Gown Experience With Margaret Ellen Bridal

It's the beginning of 2021! As most of you probably know, the holidays are also engagement season and that means that this is the time of year when wedding planning begins in full force. One of the first major things to check off a bride's list is saying "Yes" to the dress. DJ Josh thought it would be the perfect time to talk to Maggie Matthews from Margaret Ellen Bridal, because, admittedly, he doesn't have any experience in bridal gown shopping. Maggie shares her passion for creating the...


Season 2, Episode 1

Welcome to the first week of 2021! Saying that DJ Josh is excited (and relieved) that we are now in 2021 is an understatement. In this episode, he shares his 2021 resolutions, his word for the year, some cool stats (most downloaded podcast, city with the most listeners, how many hours of content). If you want to follow and be up to date on non-podcast things (like Spotify playlists and recorded mixes), follow Highlight Weddings & Events on Facebook or Instagram for the latest updates as...


2020 Thank You's and Wedding Recap

The end of the year has always been a time for reflection for DJ Josh, owner of Highlight Weddings and Events. 2020 is no exception (even if it may not have been the best year in recent memory...) Be prepared for ALL THE GRATITUDE. Here's to a happy new year and a much better 2021 than the 2020 we've all had to endure. The intro and outro for this Highlight Weddings & Events Podcast were both edited and produced by DropHouse Voiceover Production Studio and Tony Tee Neto, Voiceover Artist &...


Your Wedding's Harbor Sunset Backdrop

Positioned perfectly on the Destin Harbor, The Emerald Grande captures the daily picturesque sunsets there! It also has to be one of DJ Josh's favorite Emerald Coast wedding venues, so he was excited when he got the chance to chat with Emily Buckley, the banquet manager there. Emily shares how she worked her way up through the organization, all of the different venues (yes, venues plural!) that The Emerald Grande offers couples for their wedding, as well as how she arrived in this...


How About Some Joy From Mingle 30A?

One of DJ Josh's favorite parts of working in the wedding/private event industry is having so much beautiful aesthetic incorporated in each event. This week's guest, Rebecca Cross from Mingle 30A, helps to wow clients and their guests by decorating using balloons! It's a hot trend on the Emerald Coast that even COVID-19 couldn't cool down. And, it just might be right for YOUR wedding or event. DJ Josh and Rebecca talk about her serial entrepreneurship because even though she has "retired",...


Go With The Glam Squad For Your Wedding

The way a wedding event team is comprised, you don't always get to meet the other members of it. That's the case with DJ Josh and Brittany Sigler, owner of Destin Mobile Makeup Box and 30A Mobile Makeup Box. He has been a part of numerous weddings with her but they hadn't ever chatted until this episode! Brittany shares how her passion for being a bridal hair and makeup artist means that she wants to make the bride's experience second to none ensuring that the party starts BEFORE the...


Add Charcuterie To Your Wedding Experience

Charcuterie is a new trend as a unique experience in its own right. But have you considered incorporating it as part of your wedding? Whether it's part of your Rehearsal Dinner, preparing for the big day, or even having it as part of the Reception, charcuterie is a great accent for any occasion. Fortunately, the co-owner of The Blue Magnolia, Nathalie Barreto, sat down and shared with me how her and her father, George, started their company during the COVID-19 quarantine period. In addition...


Consider Keeping Your Wedding Intimate!

On today's episode, you may recognize my guest from Episode 7 when we talked about how to find the right wedding coordination for your big day. (If you haven't checked it out, yet, you should ;) ). However, we aren't talking about wedding coordination today but a unique concept to the Emerald Coast: micro-weddings. Since Avis Glenister is what I like to call a serial wedding entrepreneur, it didn't surprise me that she would create a new wedding concept for the Emerald Coast while we were...


Why a Flower Farm Might Be Right For Your Florals

So, I'll be honest. When I was in the wedding planning process, flowers weren't really a big deal to me. What can I say? I was the typical groom. But, ladies, I understand. Especially if photographs are a big priority to you, flowers mean EVERYTHING! Well, fortunately for me, I got to be schooled on all things florals by Kerrie Brogdon from KB Farms Cut Flowers. Not only that but we also talked about how she and her husband came to owning KB Farms, how they've been able to adapt and make it...


Relax and Eat Cake

Social Media is a wonderful thing. It brings people together from all around the world. It also allows you to "meet" people in your local area that you never came across before, especially those in your industry! This is the case for this episode with Mallory Archer, the owner of Relax and Eat Cake. I haven't met her in person but we have Insta-met, so that counts for something! As you can imagine, Mallory is a wedding and private event cake baker. Since I don't often get a chance to chat...


Have A Wedding With A Vue

When you think of having a destination wedding on Florida's Emerald Coast, you probably envision your venue on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. If that's the case, you need to check out Vue on 30A. With its floor to ceiling windows and how far it sits above the beach, this is a wedding to definitely consider. This week, I got the chance to chat with Anna Parish, Vue's Private Event Director. I've had the pleasure of working with her several times but it was so nice to just chat...