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The podcast where bromance becomes bromosexual! STEAMY STORIES is a collection of short, sexy gay m/m romance stories told playfully.Steamy Stories is a monthly m/m fiction podcast—written by award-winning filmmaker and writer JC Calciano. #lgbtq, #gaypodcast #romance #mmfiction #gayfiction OFFICIAL SITES:

The podcast where bromance becomes bromosexual! STEAMY STORIES is a collection of short, sexy gay m/m romance stories told playfully.Steamy Stories is a monthly m/m fiction podcast—written by award-winning filmmaker and writer JC Calciano. #lgbtq, #gaypodcast #romance #mmfiction #gayfiction OFFICIAL SITES:


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The podcast where bromance becomes bromosexual! STEAMY STORIES is a collection of short, sexy gay m/m romance stories told playfully.Steamy Stories is a monthly m/m fiction podcast—written by award-winning filmmaker and writer JC Calciano. #lgbtq, #gaypodcast #romance #mmfiction #gayfiction OFFICIAL SITES:




25. Secret Office Crush

5/10/2022 SECRET OFFICE CRUSH Season 4 - Episode #25 SUMMARY: The new office hunks tussled hair, bedroom eyes, and muscular body was all too much for Derek to handle. He knew that his dirty daydreams would one day get him into trouble. What he didn’t know was that today would be the day. * Steamy Stories Official Website: ABOUT STEAMY STORIES: Steamy Stories podcast is a mm romance fiction podcast. They are sexy, short gay stories told playfully. The podcast...


24. Mile High Club

4/12/2022 MILE HIGH CLUB Season 3 - Episode #24 SUMMARY As Forrest embarked on a first-class transcontinental flight to France, Little did he expect that the plane captain would be a sexy, buff Frenchmen. Once everyone was sound asleep over the Atlantic. The Captain gave Forrest a private tour of his cockpit. 😳 JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER: OUR STORE: OUR BOOKS The 10 Year Plan (Amazon) Revenge of the BROBOT (Amazon)...


23. School of Rock

3/13/2022 STEAM ROOM CONFIDENTIAL - Buy Now - School of Rock Season 3 - Episode #23 SUMMARY Tyler dreamt of being a rock star. Playing guitar was his passion, but sadly, life had other plans for his career. One day, while passing a pub, he heard the hard-hitting sounds of a metal guitar. From that day he was hooked. He couldn't decide which turned him on more. The shredding of a killer riff, or the crazy-sexy lead guitarist of the band? One thing was certain-...


22. eCUPID 2.0

2/8/2022 eCUPID 2.0 Season 3 - Episode #22 SUMMARY Jimmy started his day as usual –Single. When a mysterious app called eCUPID notified him with the promise of finding him true love, he couldn’t help but accept the terms and conditions. Suddenly his life has been taken over by the gadget, and things would never be the same for him. Mysterious packages, strange people, past relationships were resurfacing… Was the app working in his best interest to find him love, or was this all some...


21. Baywatch Bro

1/8/2022 BAYWATCH BRO Season 3 - Episode #21 SUMMARY Flipping burgers wasn't Dane's idea of the perfect summer job. He figured that he'd never meet anyone working in a greasy spoon. Things changed when the head lifeguard, Lawrence, ordered delivery from the unassuming food stand. Dane soon looked forward to dropping off lunch at the beach to the sun-dipped Adonis every day. Who could have expected that the hunky lifeguard hoped that Dane was on the menu? JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER:...


20. Sexy Santa

12/14/2021 SEXY SANTA Season 3 - Episode #20 SUMMARY Christmas was Dax's favorite holiday. Each year, he looked forward to leaving New York City and heading to the country to spend it with his family. Now, a freak snowstorm stranded him in Manhattan. It seems that Dax isn’t going home this holiday. Perhaps Santa has something else in mind for him this year? Dax is about to get a package that comes with six-pack abs and bulging biceps. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER: SHARE...


19. The Sexy Soap Star

The Sexy Soap Star Season 3 - Episode #19 SUMMARY Boyfriend troubles! It's been some time that Hudson caught his ex-boyfriend cheating. Currently broken up –He hasn't had a chance to move out. Finally, It's time to get a place and find a place and some new furniture. When Hudson stumbles across a Beverly Hills garage sale he comes across more than a great bargain, but the sexiest soap opera star he's ever laid eyes on! JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER: SHARE THIS EPISODE:...


18. An Unexpected Guest

An Unexpected Thanksgiving Guest Season 3 - Episode #18 SUMMARY Everyone's set for the perfect Thanksgiving celebration until Sis shows up with a hunk for dinner. Can Taylor concentrate on the turkey when all he could think about is feasting on the stud sitting across from him? The Steam Room Stories bros have cooked up an extra special STEAMY STORIES podcast episode for you this holiday. Hold on to your giblets because this one may cause you to spill your gravy! This year's Thanksgiving...


17. The Muscular Mechanic

The Muscular Mechanic Season 3 - Episode #17 SUMMARY Dawson packed his bags and head out east on a quest to find inspiration for his great American novel. A quick bite at the local truck stop led to a chance meeting with a hunky stranger named, Leo. This remote encounter with a rugged stud provided just the adventure he needed for his book! JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER: SHARE THIS EPISODE: OUR STORE: OUR BOOKS The 10...


Season 3 announcement

Season 3 of STEAMY STORIES is just around the corner. Join Casey as he's joined by the Steam Room Stories studs Ray and Tyler to prepare for the next set of stories! ] See how STEAMY STORIES podcast's stories are inspired. written by JC Calciano, narrated by Casey Alcoser, Instagram / Twitter - @steamypodcast Support the show (


16. A Happy Birthday

SEPTEMBER 28, 2021 A Happy Birthday Season 2 - Episode #16 SUMMARY Riley wasn't looking forward to turning forty. He was still single and had never quite gotten over his first love; his straight best friend, Cole. This year, an expected phone call from Cole inviting him over for dinner caught him by surprise. Of course, he declined the invitation, but eventually, curiosity got the best of him. Is he still with his wife? Does he still look as good as he did in college? Riley knew he...


15. The Hopeless Romantic

SEPTEMBER 15, 2021 The Hopeless Romantic Season 2 - Episode #15 SUMMARY As Casey’s eyes adjusted to the light and steam, he could make out the figure of a muscular man getting out of the whirlpool. The man had long wet hair that draped over his shoulders as he casually dried the rest of his defined, sculpted body. Was it the heat from the sauna or the sight of the stranger before him that made him light-headed? JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER: SHARE THIS EPISODE:...


14. The Aussie Actor

AUGUST 31, 2021 The Aussie Actor Season 2 - Episode #14 SUMMARY James was happy being the only guy in acting class. He enjoyed being the stud all the girls desired. All that suddenly changed when a hunky Australian actor joined the group. James wanted to know if this guy was straight, bi, or gay. Luckily, the instructor paired them up for a scene to perform in class. James decided that not only would he pick the material they'd prepare to present to the teacher, but he'd make sure it...


13. A Charming Prince

AUGUST 17, 2021 A Charming Prince Season 2 - Episode #13 SUMMARY Holt had just arrived in Los Angeles to attend law school. He decided to blow off some steam and visit Disneyland before his classes started. Holt knew that Mickey Mouse and Goofy to be there to greet him, but he certainly didn't expect Prince Charming to ask him on a hot date and sweep him off his feet. BONUS! This episode features a special guest appearance by actor, Houston Rhines. JOIN OUR NEWSLETTER:...


12. An Appealing View

AUGUST 02, 2021 An Appealing View Season 2 - Episode #12 SUMMARY Casey couldn't believe it when his best friend Deidra insisted he go out on a date with her landscape architect. He was done dating and certainly not interested in driving down to the beach just to meet some stranger. But Casey knew it was easier to say yes, and just do what she said. When his date, Raphael, opened the door to his grand villa that overlooked the ocean, he was breathless at both the view of the water and...


11. The Randy Repairman

JULY 19, 2021 The Randy Repairman Season 2 - Episode #11 SUMMARY John worked from home. When his computer failed to connect to the internet one morning, he called a repairman to fix it. Who showed up at the door was more than he could have expected or hoped for! Was he being punked? This man was gorgeous! John knew that all he needed was the installation of a simple router, but he wasn't going to let this hunky repairman get away without making a few extra "house calls." JOIN OUR...


10. Dream Man

JULY 6, 2021 Dream Man Season 2 - Episode #10 SUMMARY As Blake drove his convertible Jeep down near the beach, he thought he spied his best friend nearby. Rather than his buddy, it turned out to be a stone-cold stud instead. Instead of the mix-up turning embarrassing, it somehow evolved into drinks and much more that night. Blake was shocked that the evening somehow turned into a racy rendezvous since he had never been with a man before. Was the whole thing in his head? Did this hot,...


9. Farmboy in Brooklyn

JUNE 23, 2021 Farm Boy in Brooklyn Season 2 - Episode #9 SUMMARY Bryce couldn't wait to start his career as an artist in Brooklyn, NY. When he finally arrived in N.Y. and moved into a brownstone with a handsome Greek bouncer, he had no idea that he'd lose his heart to him. How would Bryce deal with being in love with someone already in a relationship? Watching him with his hunky boyfriend was too much to bear. Bryce needed to decide what to do, and it seemed like leaving was his best...


8. The Movie Star

JUNE 7, 2021 The Movie Star Season 1 - Episode #8 SUMMARY Todd always dreamed of moving to Hollywood, California, and working in the movie business. When he finally got his big break, he would have never have dreamt it would be for Sam Sterling, the biggest star in the world! Now Sam's personal assistant, Todd went everywhere Sam went. The two men became very close throughout their travels together. So close in fact, that it became difficult to tell where their business relationship...


7. My Boyfriend's Brother

❤️ Support the show ( 12/24/2021 MY BOYFRIEND'S BROTHER Season 1 - Episode #7 SUMMARY Evan couldn’t believe it when his boyfriend Durio broke up with him via text. He wondered if everything was okay with him since it was so out of character for someone as sweet and thoughtful as he was to do something so cruel. Evan was convinced that something must be wrong at home for his boyfriend. He knew that he kept his family very private. Perhaps he was...