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Dating stories of a bipolar divorcee and her friends. Plus how it led to a journey of rediscovering my self worth and value.

Dating stories of a bipolar divorcee and her friends. Plus how it led to a journey of rediscovering my self worth and value.
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Dating stories of a bipolar divorcee and her friends. Plus how it led to a journey of rediscovering my self worth and value.






The Bora Bora Lies

Well we had to catch up on the end of the Bora Bora relationships and his lying, cheating, self. How do you trust again after lies girl- just go slow and take your time. Slow down your dating experiences and listen to that gut feeling and the red flags.


Know your Value through the hetic part of life and dating !

This episode is a little bit all over the place just kind of catching up on life and what has kind of happened since the last episode with Bora Bora guy. Also, learning how to value yourself and enjoying life. Ladies don't let a man steal your joy or value!!


Bora Bora Guy

Ladies value yourself and show who you are and don't let anyone change who you are! Mr. Bora Bora and the beginning of the story. We shall see how this turns out.


Mr. Escort Part 2

Oh no he didn't!! He came back around for a few more things. I totally don't understand the methods to some guys sometimes but they do make it comical for this podcast don't they!! So make sure you listen to the first episode first and hear part two here!!


Mr. Escort

Physical attraction is an important part of dating!! I know people get mad and say why does it have to be like that and get to know me. You have to be physically attracted to a person first before anything else. That is just how the world works not just online dating but in real life too. So I didn't pay attention to who I was swiping on because he was hot! I didn't read anything that he wrote. Little did I know that he was an escort. What?? Yep that is the truth!!


2019 Dating Terms

The bullshit dating terms of today!!


Unicorn Update

part two of the unicorn-- new details!!


Post Divorce Feelings/ Dating Emotions

Sometimes we just have to feel the emotions. Sometimes we second guess ourselves. Sometimes we think we made a mistake. Know your value and what you want.


Ryan introduction.

Why is it that the guy that is wrong for you is the guy you just can't get out of your head? Does anyone else have this problem?? I mean the one that you know is all wrong for you is the one you want, our brain just likes to jack with us. I met this guy who we texted and talked on the phone a ton for a couple of days and it was so intense that we had to meet earlier than we planned. He even drove all the way to me and made the effort right away. That is a whole other point like why do guys...


Mama's Boy

How far is too far when it comes to a mama's boy?


The Catfishing Firefighter!

So we all remember that show catfished. I didn't think that would still be a problem dating in 2019 but here we are. You would think with modern phones that people would know your going to get caught so what is the point? Also, if you are on a dating site then aren't you looking for someone. When they see you there are going to see you are not the same person. Unless you just want a bunch of first dates, because if you lie then no one will go on a second date with you. Plus why do people...


Tinder Kidnapping

So you never know who you are going to meet at a bar. You look across the room and see a guy your attracted to so you decided to suck your drink down to go to the bar and order another while he is there. You need a way to strike up a conversation so you tell him he has a nice shirt and he tells you he likes your hair. Then you start talking. Your think I hope we exchange phone numbers. You have no idea that you don't but then you totally run into him randomly another night on a street...


Mr. Clean and the raw truth!

How I ended up in this position to even be able to start dating. After several months of therapy and trying to make myself happy and what I wanted out of life. I finally come to the conclusion that I wanted a divorce but I knew I had been down that road before and that he would never accept that. We had separated once before but he was at the house everyday. I had asked for a divorce and his answer was always you don't want to divorce me and I am not giving you one. In his defense I often...


The Unicorn!

The Unicorn of Tinder! Why are guys so shady sometimes? So I mean we know tinder is what it is right. Which is one reason I don't really use it often. So I was bored one day on my lunch break at work and decided to get on it. Matched with this guy who was apparently less than a mile away. So we started talking and well little by little we realized that we lived a couple miles away from each other. Then we realized we worked a couple miles away from each other, but wait we actually worked...


Introduction to The Dating Chronicles

What The Dating Chronicles is all about...the start of this why and how I got here! A mom of three and with the same man for 12 years. We were married for 9 years and I was planning our vow renewal anniversary trip to Bora Bora in September for 10 years. Little did I know that I wasn't going to make it and that my life was going to end up in divorce this year. I was also recently diagnosed bipolar, which now I can look back and see all the signs since 16. I was always just diagnosed at...