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Stephen Jones, Owen Slot and a selection of rugby personalities provide insight and analysis on the latest events in the game, including big name interviews and forthright analysis.

Stephen Jones, Owen Slot and a selection of rugby personalities provide insight and analysis on the latest events in the game, including big name interviews and forthright analysis.
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Stephen Jones, Owen Slot and a selection of rugby personalities provide insight and analysis on the latest events in the game, including big name interviews and forthright analysis.




The reason Eddie Jones can't be honest about Cipriani

Alex Lowe welcomes Paul Grayson, Alan Dymock and Stephen Jones to debate the exclusion of Danny Cipriani, whether new defence coach John Mitchell is Eddie Jones' successor and was Leicester vs Worcester the game of the season?


Why New Zealand defeat gives the rest of the world hope

PLUS Was Will Spencer correctly sent off, is this the best ever start to a Premiership season, will Argentina be as formidable in 2019 as they were in 2015 and is there cause to ban "jackling" and bring back rucking? Stephen Jones welcomes Stuart Barnes, Steven James and Alex Lowe for a lively half hour of debate.


Special: is Rugby safe to play?

In a Ruck Podcast special Owen Slot debates the big questions around safety in the game: is rugby is too dangerous, should my kids be playing rugby, what is tolerable risk, what could be done to make rugby safer, and if you tinker with the game, could you destroy it? He's joined on the panel by Alistair Hargreaves, former Saracens player who retired early after a string of concussions, Sam Peters, Sunday Times journalist, who has continually highlighted the dangers of concussion in rugby...


Welcome back Bristol

Owen Slot welcomes Stuart Barnes, Stephen Jones and Adam Hathaway to review the opening week of the domestic season. They reflect on the superb occasion at Ashton Gate, suggest different teams as the stand out side from week one, before comprehensively reviewing every fixture, including troubling times for Bath. Later the panel bemoan the lack of competition in the Pro 14 before analysing the amount youngsters are playing as teenagers before finishing with a brand new "God of the...


The Premiership Preview

The Ruck returns as Stephen Jones welcomes Owen Slot, Alex Lowe and Alan Dymock. The panel comprehensively preview the new Premiership season and form agreement on the winners and who will be relegated. There's also a look ahead to the Pro 14, and whether France are stealing a march on England by playing their young players sooner in the Top 14. Finally there's disagreement about the biggest issue facing the game, a summer holiday round up and the vital selection of The Ruck's first "God...


Special: alcoholism and addiction in rugby

Rugby World’s Alan Dymock hosts a podcast on a delicate subject: some rugby players’ struggles with alcohol misuse and addiction. Joined by Owen Slot and Alex Lowe, and aided by a host of telling interviews including Jason Robinson, the team pick through the issue and consider what help is and isn’t out there for athletes with these or similar mental health issues. Listen to one medic explain how some players struggling with addiction issues have been listed as having had a chronic injury...


The Ruck on Tour: third test recovery

Recorded in Camps Bay, South Africa, Stephen Jones and Owen Slot conclude season two of The Ruck by reflecting on England's final test victory, their favourite moments of the tour and find out whether Stephen managed to keep both of his shoes this time.


The Ruck on tour: Eddie Jones must admit flaws and change

Recorded in South Africa, Owen Slot and Stephen Jones dissect another chastening test for English rugby, assessing where the key problems lie. They point to Eddie Jones over complicating things in the England setup, the need to bring experienced players back to all positions and both have their say on the misconception the press is loving the English downturn.


The Ruck on tour: England's nightmare continues

Recorded in Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa. Stephen Jones is joined by Owen Slot, Nick Cain and Stuart Barnes. The panel review an astonishing first test and ask why England still can't handle an increase of pace, how South Africa's pragmatic selection helped them enormously and what changes England have to make?


Ben Ryan Interview Special

Stephen Jones speaks to Ben Ryan, coach of the Fiji 7's team who Olympic gold in Rio 2016. They cover the challenges of working in a different culture, how the RFU machine led Ben to become a "poor version of himself", why other teams were overtrained and too serious, how rugby is making mistakes other sports did 30 years ago and why he'd love to improve rugby in state schools.


Gustard's vote of no confidence in England

Stephen Jones welcomes Alex Lowe of The Times, Adam Hathaway from various tabloids and Duncan Bech from PA. The panel bring you incisive royal wedding analysis, before focusing on the strange timing of Paul Gustard's move to Harlequins, with England 15 months out from a World Cup what does it say about morale, does it reveal a vote of no confidence, and who should replace him? There's also a full review of the Premiership/Pro 14 and preview of the finals.


A golden age for Irish rugby

Stephen Jones welcomes Owen Slot, Alan Dymock and Peter O'Reilly. The panel review the Champions Cup final, discuss Danny Cipriani's move to Gloucester, preview of the semi-finals of the Pro 14 and Premiership before trying to make sense of Eddie Jones' England squad.


The Ruck Awards

Owen Slot welcomes Adam Hathaway and Alex Lowe. Who will Eddie Jones pick as the tour attack coach, who makes Alex Lowe's Premiership team of the season and who will take home a coveted Ruck award?


Women's Rugby Special

Stephen Jones welcomes three titans from Women's rugby for a special extended episode: England's leading cap holder Rochelle Clark, Wasps Ladies coach, Giselle Mather and former England international, Catherine Spencer. They pay tribute to the retiring Danielle Waterman and assess her record for England. Then the impact of the Tyrrell's Premier 15's is debated as well as a full review of the final, also why it's time not money the game needs to progress to the next level and why referees...


A dip in European quality and the end for Hartley

Owen Slot welcomes Sunday Times writer Chris Jones and former Harlequins, Saracens and Melbourne Storm boss, Mark Evans to discuss the week in rugby. They debate: Has the quality of the European club game decreased this season, are we seeing a French resurgence, is time finally up for Dylan Hartley and who should England take to South Africa?


Harlequins boiling frog problem

Owen Slot welcomes The Observer's Michael Aylwin and Rugby World's Alan Dymock. The panel discuss: the top fifty young players to watch, the rules suiting rugby's image over safety. The 'boiling frog' problem with struggling Northampton and Harlequins and are English coaches struggling to take the step up to Director of Rugby? There's also a comprehensive preview for the European semi-finals.


Struggling Giants.

This week Owen Slot ls joined in the studio by Chris Jones (Evening Standard), Tom Hamilton (ESPN) and Stephen Jones (Sunday Times). We hear about some of the problems facing England’s top teams, talk about selection and wannabe new players. And Love is in the air.


Rugby Economics and Fly-Half Targeting?

Stephen Jones is Joined by Al DImmock (Rugby World), Nick Cain (The Rugby Paper) and Adam Hathaway (The People, everywhere). We hear about Saracens, Fly-half targeting, the European Challenge Cup, the economics of the premiership, and ring fencing - are teams trying to pull the drawbridge up behind them? Should cities that are awarded major sporting events be prohibited from profiteering?


European preview and injury crisis analysis

Stephen Jones is joined by Adam Hathaway, Sam Peters and Alex Lowe to discuss which players England should take to South Africa and who will progress from the European quarter finals. In the final section (26:11) the panel discuss the latest injury findings and whether rugby is shying away from a crisis.


More nations analysed and the story behind a Spanish shambles

Owen Slot welcomes Alex Lowe, Stuart Barnes and Al Dymock to answer who made the greatest step forward in the six nations, why Ireland will improve further and why Wales should be delighted by second place. Finally Al Dymock tries to explain the shambolic scenes at Belgium vs Spain as World Cup qualifying descended into farce.