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Stephen Jones, Owen Slot and a selection of rugby personalities provide insight and analysis on the latest events in the game, including big name interviews and forthright analysis.

Stephen Jones, Owen Slot and a selection of rugby personalities provide insight and analysis on the latest events in the game, including big name interviews and forthright analysis.
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Stephen Jones, Owen Slot and a selection of rugby personalities provide insight and analysis on the latest events in the game, including big name interviews and forthright analysis.




Club culture sinking Leicester and Wasps

Stephen Jones welcomes Owen Slot, Steve James and Mark Evans to review another entertaining weekend of rugby in Europe. The panel debate: is the money so big in the Premiership and Top 14 big sides are focusing more domestically than on the Champions Cup, can the demise of Wasps and Leicester be explained by club culture, and how do the Welsh sides fight back? There's also a bizarre selection for the "God of the week".


The end of relegation

Owen Slot is joined by Alex Lowe, Ben Ryan and Nick Easter. Ring-fencing looms. With so many teams in the relegation fight, will the Premiership scrap relegation, perhaps as early as this season or should they maintain the current structure? (starts at 24.23) PLUS Ben Ryan outlines problems with the RFU's coaching pathways comparing with other approaches around the world as Nick Easter details his experience in South Africa as a young coach and the panel debate the best way to develop...


Autumn's Real Winners and Losers

Stephen Jones is joined by Al Dymock, Nigel Botherway and Owen Slot in the studio to take a look at the state of rugby worldwide. We assess the current state of England, Wales, Canada, Scotland and send a love letter to Fijian rugby. We talk about the complexities arising from the forthcoming rugby world cup and Olympics and ask is the Six Nations going to be one of the best in recent memory?


Ireland and England were playing different sports

Owen Slot welcomes Michael Lynagh, Adam Hathaway and Stephen Jones to discuss another thrilling weekend of internationals. The panel exalt Ireland's superb performance and unpack where the All Blacks go from here with Adam contrasting certainty with the Irish starting line up against the question marks against almost every English position. Owen and Stephen disagree whether England have made any progress since they "fell off a cliff" earlier in the year. Also Michael assesses Australia's...


What goes around comes around for England

Was it a try or not, why didn't England take the points in the second half, what does a win over Australia win mean for Wales, and can Ireland beat the All Blacks? Alex Lowe welcomes Stuart Barnes, Paul Grayson and Dan Lyle to discuss all this and catch up with England Women's captain Sarah Hunter.


England's Elliot Daly Problem

Stephen Jones welcomes Owen Slot, Stuart Barnes and Sarah Mockford to pour over the weekends Autumn Internationals. Including full analysis of South Africa's dreadful decision making, England's hopeless first half, and which side our panel would rather take to the World Cup. The other internationals are scrutinised before there are suggestions for changes against New Zealand. Finally England women's captain Sarah Hunter joins the studio to assess the forthcoming tests which are being...


Sam Warburton Interview Special Part Two

Stephen Jones continues his conversation with former Wales captain and new Times columnist Sam Warburton in part two of this special episode. Sam candidly reveals his thoughts on the game including, why rugby will never be fully safe, why players should be limited to 25 starts a season and why mentally it's so tough to play all the way into July. He also reveals how a Man Utd game helped him deal with social media pressure and why he's now relishing his role as pundit.


Sam Warburton Interview Special Part One

Stephen Jones sits down with former Wales captain Sam Warburton to discuss his life in rugby and how he’s coping without the routine and structure of the game. They also cover why England shouldn't panic, the guilt he felt whilst playing and how he rates the major nations ahead of the Autumn Internationals.


Why Christian Wade is "peeing in the wind"

PLUS plaudits for Newcastle and why the All Blacks are "sandbagging". Owen Slot welcomes Adam Hathaway, Al Dymock of Rugby World and Liam Napier from the New Zealand Herald. There's a review of the weekends European action, a full analysis of New Zealand from Liam, including the suggestion the All Blacks, are not implementing their full game plan for fear of showing their hand early. They also discuss Christian Wade's long odds of learning the "playbook mentality" as he departs for the...


Rugby League of Nations makes little sense

Stephen Jones welcomes Mark Evans, Sam Peters, Alex Lowe to discuss Freddie Burns' shocking error, the tackling laws of the game and to review the Heineken Champions Cup first round. Then a look at the proposals for Rugby's League of Nations before debate around Eddie Jones' latest England squad and another selection of The Ruck's "God of the week".


Who would admit cheating to the ref?

Owen Slot welcomes Stuart Barnes, Chris Jones and Al Dymock. The panel look at the battle at the bottom of the Premiership with the top two seemingly in a class of their own. They also question the weaknesses with New Zealand after South Africa's performance and as the Heineken Champions Cup approaches, can anyone see beyond Leinster or Saracens? Finally after Billy Vunipola's sportsmanship at the weekend who else in rugby would own up to the referee?


Rob Horne interview: dealing with paralysis and early retirement

This weekend Northampton face Leicester at Twickenham in aid of Rob Horne. In this special episode, Owen Slot meets Rob to discuss his life changing injury. The former Australian international speaks about choosing to adopt a positive outlook after his paralysis, how it was helpful he was never given false hope and despite chronic pain, how he's grateful to rugby rather than resentful.


Bath tell Premiership they're not good enough

Stephen Jones welcomes Owen Slot, Alex Lowe and former World Cup winning player, Danielle Waterman. They cover the fallout from Bath resting players, whether defensive coaches need to do more to earn their money and is the Premiership too predictable at this stage of the season? There's a full review of the Premiership weekend before Dannielle expands on what professional contracts will mean for England's Women.


The reason Eddie Jones can't be honest about Cipriani

Alex Lowe welcomes Paul Grayson, Alan Dymock and Stephen Jones to debate the exclusion of Danny Cipriani, whether new defence coach John Mitchell is Eddie Jones' successor and was Leicester vs Worcester the game of the season?


Why New Zealand defeat gives the rest of the world hope

PLUS Was Will Spencer correctly sent off, is this the best ever start to a Premiership season, will Argentina be as formidable in 2019 as they were in 2015 and is there cause to ban "jackling" and bring back rucking? Stephen Jones welcomes Stuart Barnes, Steven James and Alex Lowe for a lively half hour of debate.


Special: is Rugby safe to play?

In a Ruck Podcast special Owen Slot debates the big questions around safety in the game: is rugby is too dangerous, should my kids be playing rugby, what is tolerable risk, what could be done to make rugby safer, and if you tinker with the game, could you destroy it? He's joined on the panel by Alistair Hargreaves, former Saracens player who retired early after a string of concussions, Sam Peters, Sunday Times journalist, who has continually highlighted the dangers of concussion in rugby...


Welcome back Bristol

Owen Slot welcomes Stuart Barnes, Stephen Jones and Adam Hathaway to review the opening week of the domestic season. They reflect on the superb occasion at Ashton Gate, suggest different teams as the stand out side from week one, before comprehensively reviewing every fixture, including troubling times for Bath. Later the panel bemoan the lack of competition in the Pro 14 before analysing the amount youngsters are playing as teenagers before finishing with a brand new "God of the...


The Premiership Preview

The Ruck returns as Stephen Jones welcomes Owen Slot, Alex Lowe and Alan Dymock. The panel comprehensively preview the new Premiership season and form agreement on the winners and who will be relegated. There's also a look ahead to the Pro 14, and whether France are stealing a march on England by playing their young players sooner in the Top 14. Finally there's disagreement about the biggest issue facing the game, a summer holiday round up and the vital selection of The Ruck's first "God...


Special: alcoholism and addiction in rugby

Rugby World’s Alan Dymock hosts a podcast on a delicate subject: some rugby players’ struggles with alcohol misuse and addiction. Joined by Owen Slot and Alex Lowe, and aided by a host of telling interviews including Jason Robinson, the team pick through the issue and consider what help is and isn’t out there for athletes with these or similar mental health issues. Listen to one medic explain how some players struggling with addiction issues have been listed as having had a chronic injury...


The Ruck on Tour: third test recovery

Recorded in Camps Bay, South Africa, Stephen Jones and Owen Slot conclude season two of The Ruck by reflecting on England's final test victory, their favourite moments of the tour and find out whether Stephen managed to keep both of his shoes this time.