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A Stent In Time

A Stent In Time by Bill Allerton


Richard Hennessy, Hypnotherapist

Hi. This is an in-depth interview with Richard Hennessy, Proprietor and founder of Focused Hypnosis in Sheffield (Website here: https://sheffield-hypnosis.co.uk/). Richard shares his experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for this branch of alternative therapy and explains why it is rapidly gaining popularity due to its undeniable track record as a force for good and as a readily accessible vehicle for life-change on a personal level.


Burngreave Messenger

Hi, this is Bill doing his bit for the community. The community in question is Burngreave, an ethnically diverse area right in the Heart of our Fair City of Sheffield. Burngreave Messenger are the local community newsletter who seek to add podcasting to their repertoire. Never being one to refuse an opportunity to spout in public, I agreed to help my good friend Angela Robson by taking down some techie equipment and talking their hind legs off for an hour. This podcast contains many of the...


New Jersey Turnpike: Side 2

Hi. Side two of 'Turn the Page' by New Jersey Turnpike, a real blast from 1976! Enjoy again...


New Jersey Turnpike: SIDE 1

Hi. This is side one of the 'Turn the Page' album produced by New Jersey Turnpike in 1976. I bring you this as an echo from my past, along with that of many others, because we are all coming of an age now where these bands and songs are in danger of being forgotten. Never thought of myself as an 'Endangered Species' before. I wonder if the Tiger or the Mountain Gorilla ever share that thought... Enjoy again... and again... and again...


Watch & Wait: 3: Red Stripe Candy

Hi. Red Stripe Candy is my contribution to the Watch & Wait anthology. I have to say that of all the stories I have ever written, this one, certainly, if not the best, I consider to be in the top 3. It is a light fantasy along the theme perhaps that when you have just made yourself comfortable, someone always comes along and tips you out of the chair. No, perhaps the story is deeper than that. I hope you find it so anyway. Thanks for being here, Bill Allerton


Watch & Wait: 4: Out Of Her Mind by Danuta Reah

Hi. Danuta Reah is a multi-award winning crime writer. Much of her work is set in South Yorkshire so just like the rest of us here, it stands for no nonsense!



This track is 'Cheval'. 'Cheval' is the old french word for 'Horse'. Used today it describes a tall, slender mirror that stands free on four feet. Sometimes those feet can be very ornately carved, like the proud horses in the story. The story is about how we begin as a child with an open mind to the magic in our imagination, then as we grow older and have more responsibility we begin to lose touch with it. But don't worry, as we get older still our imagination finds ways to reconnect us with...


Bill @ Sheffield Live!

Hi. This is an interview with myself! Actually, The Urban Tiger was interviewed on Sheffield Live!, a local radio station in my home town, by Jane Armstrong and Chad Bentley. Learn a bit more about me... I learnt a bit more about myself during the interrog... sorry, interview. And we had more than a few laughs along the way. This track is released on my birthday! Merry Christmas from me and Nell!


Watch & Wait: 5: Mariana & The Merchild by Caroline Pitcher

Hi, this is another track from the Watch & Wait anthology of short, gifted stories. This one is from Caroline Pitcher, children's author of great renown and author of 11 o'clock Chocolate Cake, also featured on Urban Tiger Radio. This story is about the sea, so immerse yourself...


Bryony Doran and Isabel Palmer 'Home Front' Poems

The War Poetry of Bryony Doran and Isabel Palmer from their anthology, 'Home Front', as interpreted by Radio 3. Home Front (Buy it here> http://amzn.eu/d/0XMZ8dz ) is an anthology of four poets, two American, Jehanne Dubrow and Elyse Fenton, and two British poets, Bryony Doran and Isabel Palmer, writing their way back to sanity after their loved ones went to war. Powerful and moving words.


Watch & Wait: 2: Berlie Doherty

This is the second track from the Watch & Wait anthology we published on behalf of raising funds for Lymphoma Action, as they now like to be called, and is a tale of people struggling to cope with their own human frailty in adverse situations, overcoming their fears and finding that in courage, there is a great freedom.


Pearl 7: Stephen Mellor in conversation with Urban Tiger Radio

Hi. I'd like to introduce you to a superb new writer, Stephen Mellor. Stephen's prose is strong, muscular and his narrative is compelling in the extreme. Stephen came third in the 2018 Novel Slam at Dinas in Sheffield organised by the Sheffield University and guess what? He won me as a prize! Prize what I'm not sure, but I'm sure you'll tell me. Meanwhile, sit back and listen to Stephen and his recent work. Cheers, Bill Allerton


Watch & Wait: 1: Angela Robson

Hi. This is the first track from a new album/playlist from an anthology of short works by twenty known/unknown authors. These stories were gifted by the authors in aid of The Lymphoma Association. https://lymphoma-action.org.uk/ We raised £1200 on the launch night alone. These stories are on here for download or live listening. If you feel you wish to donate, please follow the link to the Lymphoma-Action site and contribute there. Then we'll know that all our hard work was not in vain....


Pearl 6: Eleonora Mignoli in conversation with Urban Tiger Radio

VISIT Eleonora here> https://www.eleonoramignoli.com/ Eleonora Mignoli is an Italian writer based in Sheffield. I came across her work at the 2018 Novel Slam supported by the University of Sheffield. The standard was very high again this year and Eleonora was a worthy participant, beating most of the stiff competition with her new novel, 'Oneirika'. Set in Japan, Oneirika is the name of a game where Players compete in the land of their dreams. Eleonora is also multi-faceted, as you will hear...


11 O'Clock Chocolate Cake by Caroline Pitcher

A link to this book on Amazon here> http://amzn.eu/d/dtJSp5G A truly amazing 'pull-you-along-at breakneck-speed' book for early teens from a consummate, internationally published expert in the genre! Also includes easy-to-make recipes for Emma Peek's favourite midnight snacks, including the title one of '11 O'Clock Chocolate Cake' Amazing book. See it! Read it! Eat it! Enjoy my cover design! Buy it for your kids at Christmas or for their Birthday! (Bill Allerton)


The Jewellers Skin by Ruth Valentine

Hi. The first book ever published by Cybermouse Multimedia.com is here! > http://amzn.eu/d/g8z9cDx The link takes you to The Jewellers Skin, an amazing exploration of the way we treated people with a mental disability between the first and second world wars, and the convenient ease with which they were used to sweep unwanted people out of the way into obscurity.


Requiem by Berlie Doherty

Hi. This wonderful novel by Berlie Doherty was re-published by Cybermouse Multimedia in 2014 and published again in 2018 by 'BillyWorks'. The book is available here on Amazon> https://amzn.to/2J7UDLv and I would urge you all to buy this for your most discerning friends. Superb book, and truth rings through it with the clarity of a church bell... (and my cover isn't too shabby either! Bill)


The China Bird by Bryony Doran

Hi. This is an excellent Christmas or Thanksgiving present for the more discerning reader. Buy it from Amazon here> https://amzn.to/2P02Jey or visit Bryony's own site here> https://www.bryonydoran.com/ Meanwhile, let's hear what The Book Bag website has to say about it... "The China Bird is a delicate novel. Not over-emotional, it hovers like an insistent moth around the edges of your consciousness, quietly insisting that you turn just one more page. Spot-on characterisation ensures you will...


The Fox & The Fish by Bill Allerton

A link to The Fox & The Fish on Amazon> http://amzn.eu/d/hgGz49V "...only the truly intelligent can enjoy the sumptuous good humour of this book..." 'Titus A. Phorskin' (Tailor to The Emperor) "...prose as rare as a Yorkshire Banjax..." (Donegal Heritage Museum) "...if you don't laugh out loud at this, you need a stent fitted in your Humerus..." NHS Humour Resources Dept. And now the REAL reviews: "...the writing is so original and the dialogue so inventive and funny it cracks me up. It's...