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RSR's List of Scientists Doubting Darwin

* Nobody Doubts Darwin They Say: Nobody qualified, anyway. Certainly no scientists! This week celebrating Darwin Day the Pew Research Center claimed that evolution, "is accepted by virtually all scientists" and a while back PBS promoted their series, "Evolution" claiming likewise that, "Virtually every scientist in the world believes the theory to be true." Taking that even further, theoretical physicist (emphasis on the theoretical) Lawrence Krauss told RSR that biological science cannot be...


RSR's List of Transient Lunar Phenomena (updated)

* Cold, Dead, and Inert: The laws of physics and the inexorable move toward equilibrium led Michael Seeds, popular textbook author of the 1997 Foundations of Astronomy, to write, "The Moon is now a cold, dead, geologically inactive world." Except that it's not. The following list gives an overview of the various kinds of transient lunar phenomena (TLP). Hundreds of events that last for only a short time, especially as compared to the moon's claimed 4.5 billion year existence. Similarly, a...


RSR's List of Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP)

[Program Note: China's announcement that the Moon's far side is 30 degrees colder than the near side has prompted Bob and Fred to postpone till next week discussion of the three remaining news headlines from last week's broadcast.] The laws of physics and the inexorable move toward equilibrium led Michael Seeds, popular textbook author of the 1997 Foundations of Astronomy, to write, "The Moon is now a cold, dead, geologically inactive world." Except that it's not. The following list gives...


Earth's "oldest" rock found WHERE? (and other affirmations)

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams begin with six science news headlines. (Midwest freeze, earth rock on the moon, furthest galaxies twice their previously estimated "impossible" size, plants beneath arctic ice, animals under antarctic ice, and what lies beyond New York and Viriginia's murderous abortion laws.) These reports tell us much about the world we live in and where it's come from and where it's all headed. * Our Annual Telethon: The guys also announce the launch...


Quantum biology: Our seemingly impossible sense of smell

Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart continues with a second show discussing the growing field of quantum biology with Brian, an information systems guy with one of the world's major institutions who earned a double-major in both mechanical engineering and physics from Iowa State University. This engineer argues that some of the extraordinary abilities of biological organisms go beyond what seems possible from standard chemistry and physics. Quantum mechanics, astoundingly, enables dogs to...


Top Mathematicians: Ants & Bees, Mold & Amoebas

Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams celebrate the stunning mathematical capabilities, some faster than a supercomputer, of ants and honeybees and slime mold and amoebas. Arguing that such accomplishments in mathematics, a field that is non-physical, could not have originated through physical means, the guys celebrate this evidence for the brilliance of our Creator God and they predict, as of January 18, 2019, that some of these abilities will be found operate using quantum...


RSR & Nathan from Georgia on Creation and Evolution

Get Tickets! The Moses sequel to Patterns of Evidence hits theaters nationwide March 14, 16, & 19! So RSR urges you to watch the trailer and get tickets early, for yourself and friends, because if it packs theaters like Patterns did, it may sell out at many of the 900 screens where it's showing! Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart concludes his enjoyable conversation with listener Nathan, who has great questions about creation and evolution. And in case you've missed RSR's flood...


14-year-old Nathan from Georgia calls RSR

Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart has an enjoyable conversation with a young listener, Nathan, who has plenty of questions about animals and the claims of evolutionists.


What did one plant say to the other plant?

Real Science Radio presents the ability of plants to communicate by wire and wirelessly. Bob Enyart and Fred Willians celebrate the discoveries described by Dr. Jeffrey P. Tomkins, of the Institute of Creation Research, about how plants communicate, and why that ability could not originate without a Designer. * Trading Genesis: As filmed on the Pepperdine Campus...

RSR: The Star of Bethlehem

* Boulder, Colorado's Planetarium Show on Christ's Birth: For Christmas Eve, we're enjoying this Real Science Radio rerun about the University of Colorado's Fiske Planetarium presentation of a live program, The Astronomical Star of Bethlehem, by amateur astronomer Gil Buller. From the planetarium's website, "This exciting program examines the sky at the time of the birth of Christ to see which astronomical phenomenon may have been the Star of Bethlehem." * Orbital Mechanics Help Identify...


Dr. Silvia on the Tall el-Hammam Destruction Event

What destroyed the Bronze Age city of Tall el-Hammam? As currently estimated, this happened 3,700 years ago. A popular hypothesis by archaeologist Phillip Silvia (as reported by,,,,,, etc.) suggests that a meteoroid's aerial explosion may have destroyed this ancient city just east of the northern shore of the Dead Sea, a possible site for the biblical city of Sodom. Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart...


Real Science Radio Doubles Down on the Gap Theory

* See RSR's List of Gap Theory Consequnces: Below. Bob Enyart and Fred Williams, discussing the idea that the Bible indicates that a long period of time passed between the first two verses of Genesis, quickly list the consequences of what's called the Gap Theory. (They very briefly do the same for the competing Day-Age Theory.) What isn't always presented upfront is that as supporters try to maintain old-earth creation views, they then must rearrange the order of those days (since their...


Real Science Radio on the Gap Theory

Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss the idea that the Bible indicates that a long period of time transpired between the first two verses of Genesis. The guys first give a quick overview of the competing Day-Age Theory and then discuss the implications of the Gap Theory. * The Day-Age Theory Consequences: The initial presentation of Day-Age might seem reasonable, that the word "day" can mean a long age and so Genesis accommodates an old earth. What isn't always presented upfront however is...


Fountains of MAGMA (?) of the Great Deep. Huh?

* First Shocking Thing First: Before getting to the sad shocker of today's program, that creation groups are reinterpreting the "fountains of the great deep" to refer not to water but to volcanoes (?!), hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams report actually shocking science news about how far a hundred watts of energy will take your brain (and body), about our ability to see a single photon, and about crocodiles eating fruit! Real Science Radio today also airs audio from infamous...


Meteorites with diamonds in them had to come from...

* Another WWB Discovery: RSR hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams discuss yet another WWB discovery, diamonds in meteorite fragments! While dismissing the popular notion of a large exploded planet to explain these diamonds (not enough solar system debris; gravity likes to keep planets together; Genesis reports a catastrophic event on Earth and not elsewhere), the guys explain how the fountains of the great deep launching debris into space beat up the moon and the rocky planets, explains...


Dust (Bunny) Satellites & The Sound of the (Grammar) Police

Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart presents the latest astronomy discovery of two dust satellites orbiting the earth and the latest linguistic discovery of the ongoing deterioration of all human languages. Regarding the dust, see the temporary dust clouds being held in space in Earth's Lagrange points! (See also!) * Malibu Burning: There is a battle to save Pepperdine University from the devastating California fires. Please pray for those losing their homes and...


RSR: How the Flesh is like Gravity

* The Flesh: Just as gravity affects our physical universe, our flesh affects our spiritual lives. On this special edition of Real Science Radio, we present a previously aired episode of Theology Thursday. * Trading Genesis: Check out Bob Enyart's theistic evolution presentation in Malibu: * From the RSR Email Inbox: Forwarded conversation Subject: Guys, this email thread btw some guy Ken and me re dino bones cracks me up... ------------------------ From: Bob Enyart...


That Moon Just Won't Go Away!

* How'd that Moon Get There: Evolutionists have five failed theories on how the moon formed, and none of them will go away because they're all so problematic that the question is, Which one is the least bad? * Time & God: Bob Enyart and Fred Williams also talk about Real Science Radio's #1 ranked Google article for: Is God outside of time? A large excerpt of that piece has just been published on another leading creation website. * Turns Out that Pigeons are Way Smart: We all know about...


Vatican Arrests of ARTL Paesanos; Vortex Rings & Pocahontas

* Italy Recovering: Begiining at seven minutes into today's broadcast (which airs on America's #1 most powerful Christian radio station), American Right To Life spokesman Bob Enyart debriefs Fred Williams on our just-completed Bible Tour of Israel: When in Rome, Do Romans. Regarding the unholy Roman Catholic Church which was on full display during our trip, hear about: - the arrests at the Vatican of Ken and Jo Scott (see below) - the Vatican hypocritically using a wall to keep out...


RSR's List of Scholars Doubting Darwin

[While Bob Enyart is traveling to Italy, please enjoy the rebroadcast of this RSR program.] * Nobody Doubts Darwin They Say: Theoretical physicist (emphasis on the theoretical) Lawrence Krauss told Real Science Radio that, "all scientists are Darwinists." However, he forgot Ben Carson. When you hear consensus, consensus, you might have reason to doubt the consensus. And aside from Carson, there are about twenty highly-credentialed anti-creationists at The Third Way who, regardless,...